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  1. I am so sad. I just went to the Lumiere forum on Delphi and there is a post saying that the forum will be closing as of Friday. I'm not sure why, but I wish it wasn't going to close. Lumiere is my HG and I love going to the forum. Christy
  2. Okay, I thought that Lumiere was my HG, but I'm not so sure now. I am really liking the Lauress (the new formula, I haven't tried the old one yet). It seems to cover better, last longer and has a "glow" to it. I got a compliment on my makeup today, and that is the first one since I've been wearing MMU. So, what does everyone else think of Lauress? Christy
  3. LisaLu That was a great article too. It just so happens that I have been considering Botox lately. Something I never would have thought I would do. I've hit that age where everything is changing, just a little, but it is getting my attention. That's what sparked the trip to the derm in the first place, was all the issues I see coming up with my skin. Acne was just one of them, and it isn't really that bad. Just a few here and there, and it seems like little bumps that must be whiteheads that just kind of stay on my cheeks but don't turn into anything. Oh well, that 's probably more info than you wanted! LOL! Are you offering 50 samples for 10 dollars on your site? If so, how do I access it? That sounds like a wonderful deal! Christy
  4. Thank for the link to the article. It was very informative. My derm didn't explain it well enough to me. She didn't tell me to wait 30 minutes after washing to put it on, and she didn't recommed using it every other day at first. I guess they are just so busy, and they think we already know this stuff. Thanks for all your encouraging words. I did call the nurse and she said this peeling and redness should go away in another week or so. That's good, but putting on makeup for the next week will not be fun! Christy
  5. Hoozey, I've done the same thing! I use AO sept solution, it is a hydrogen peroxide based solution. I switched to it about 6 months ago because I was told by an optomitrist that it would help with the "film" that I get over my lenses from time to time. I don't know if it is allergies or what, but I have to take them out and clean them constantly. But since I've been using the AOsept system it is much better. When you put that solution in your eye it feels like you are going to just die right there. Like you said, you can't even get your eye open to get the contact out, and talk about tears streaming down your face ! I was running late to meet my family at a movie (been planned in advance, couldn't miss it) and that happenedl. Once I stopped crying, I just put on my glasses (yuck) and went to the movie with red, sore eyes and glasses and hardly no makeup on by then. I've been very careful since then to not do that again...knock on wood! Christy
  6. My dermatologist just put me on Retin-A and clindamycin for acne. I've only been on it for a week, but my face is peeling and dry. When I put on my MMU it flakes and my skin is so dry. Is anyone else on Retin-A, and how do you keep your skin from flaking (especially when you put on your makeup)? I'm hoping it will get better soon, but until then, I'm frustrated. I tried using a primer this morning, and it helped a little, but not much. Christy
  7. Thanks to all of your input, I placed an order for about 8 eyeshadows from MAC today! Let's see if I can remember the colors - Shroom, Retrospect, Trax, Woodwinked, Vex, and a pink one and olive one that I can't remember the names of. I'll let you all know how I like them when they get here! And, thanks again! Christy If anyone else reads this and hasn't made any recs yet, go ahead and tell your faves, because I will probably be ordering more.
  8. I had at first thought I would go to the MAC site. 'then I found gloss.com who are offering free shipping this week for all MAC powders. So, I knew about MAC, if 'Gloss.com sells MAC amd offers free shipping I think I will go there. I was also wondering if their are any discount or coupn codes at any of the sites you frequent, Please treat me kindly with my newbie status. {LOL_How long does it last around here} I;'m not really newbie to all makeup. I've worn it for years, mostly wal-mart stuff and the beauticontrol that I bought from my sister for 1 0 years! Never changed that lipstick shade in 10 yearsl Now that is just pathetic I guessl Sorry this post is rambling on and on Iam supposed to be asleep right now. I take something in the evening to help me sleep better, but sometimes it has the opposite effect and I'll be up all night. But I am under the influience of my pill that should have me snoozzzzing away. So if this post is a little strange, I'll reread in the morning and delete it.:handkuss:
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