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  1. Is anyone having an issue getting the last third of product out of the new The Supernatural mineral container with the brush in the lid!??
  2. Thanks for multiple options StereoXGirl!! I don't smoke, but since it's a common area that wrinkles with age, I want to do whatever I can to prevent them. InternetChick - I hadn't heard of Lip Spackle, but when I looked it up it looks like just a primer that conditions, right? Have you tried it? I have a couple of lip primers and they are great for not letting gloss or lipstick feather and/or fade. But I think I am looking for something more like a treatment that might specifically help prevent wrinkles around the mouth.
  3. What do you use to prevent or improve the tiny lines around the mouth? I have and use lip plumpers, but I want to do what I can to prevent more wrinkles around my lips, so I have been looking for a good anti-wrinkle lip treatment, but have had a hard time finding one for that purpose. Mostly I am finding lip treatments for dry, cracked lips, etc... Which is not a problem for me. I've even thought about just using my eye cream!!! LOL!! You girls have any suggestions??!!
  4. Eh, I like how it looks with certain designs, but definately not all. I also think too many guys would get this and if they don't get the regular trims to keep it looking nice. it will look scruffy and weird.
  5. Here's my 2-cents worth! When I'm working out regularly, I have a protein shake just following a work-out. I usually use a whey protein myself. However, when I am trying to adjust my diet to decrease caloric intake, I drink the SlimFast shakes (milk chocolate and vanilla are my faves!) with a healthy snack (some of my favorites are: cut fresh fruits and veggies; or a piece of whole grain bread with peanut butter; or pita chips and garlic or sundried tomato basil humus; or sundried tomato tortilla filled with sweet and spicy or herb & garlic tuna {the ones in the packets} with packaged salad mix, cut red and yellow peppers and a honey mustard or vinaigrette dressing). This works well for me to not feel sluggish and it curbs my appetite for a couple of hours. I also use ground flax seeds. I buy the whole seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder daily (I read they don't stay fresh very long after being ground and this was the suggestion for the best way to keep them fresh). They are a great source of fiber, to aid in elimination (wink, wink), and they also help you feel more full (which is somewhat typical for any fiber source from what I understand). So, like I said, there's my 2-cents worth! LOL
  6. Kerastase Oleo Relax line!!! It's definitely my HG!!!! Yes, more expensive. But honestly, it's so concentrated, a little bit goes a long way. I also don't shampoo regularly. But when i do, it's Oleo Relax FOR SURE!... My mom and I both use this line and have had amazing results, so we go in together on the PRO size bottles. (strawberrynet has been a good one for the hair masque and I shop around online here and there for the PRO size shampoo) This helps get it closer to the cost of some other salon products. Other than that, I've had great luck with the Catwalk curly styling products and Aquage Sea Salt spray and their shine spray. But I learned SOOOOOOO much about how to work miracles with my hair from the naturallycurly site too! YOU WILL DEFINITELY FIND WHAT WORKS FOR COARSE HAIR THERE, I did. Have fun!!
  7. I just saw these in the Bliss catalog and am curious too! Has anyone tried these?????
  8. I have a Pocket PC that I use for the MP3 player and syncing my calendar and contacts in Outlook. The cell phone I have, LG VX8300, syncs with the Outlook calendar, but not contacts and the screen is too limited to use the calendar well. Also, it turns off the bluetooth capabilities when I am using the MP3 player. Which is stupid!! Especially since I play the MP3's on my car stereo and I use my phone over bluetooth through the car stereo too! So, I'm able to upgrade my phone and I'm looking for one that can do all of the above mentioned things. ANY SUGGESTIONS would be helpful!
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