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    Hmm... not too interesting! I go to highschool at an AMAZING Christian school, and I play basketball and volleyball there... and I love Jesus!! :) I want to do some kind of missions work when I get out of highschool or college. I'm not exactly sure what God wants me to do yet. Maybe something with underpriviledged children. I also want to be a crime scene investigator or forensic scientist. Weird combination. Lol!!
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    Evangilism, Sports (except softball... I'm terrible at it..), food, kitties!!!, and curly hair; actually hair in general. I love doing other peoples hair!
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    *sigh* what do I NOT want? That isn't a very Christian attitude is it?? No, actually, I have been wanting to try some MAC eyeshadow stuff. It looks glorious!!
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    I don't drive. :( But when I do drive I want a lovely white Mustang with the stripes on the side. But since I'm not going to get that (my dad said I have to get a Hummer or a tank... lol) I want a black Chevy Trailblazer or a Grand Cherokee Jeep
  • My Favorite Movies
    A Walk to Remember! *sigh*
    Finding Nemo... Haha. LOVE IT.
    Facing the Giants
    When A Stranger Calls- AHHH!!!
    Hangman's Curse!!
    Pride and Predgice (sp?)
    Pirates of the Carribean
    Over the Hedge!
    One Night With the King
  • Favorite Music
    Pretty much just Christian music. I like country too.. sometimes. I LOVE Rascal Flatts!!!
  • Favorite Books
    The Hidden Faces Series. SCARY!
    Mitford series
    Todd and Christy Series
    Sharing Jesus Without Fear
    I Kissed Dating Goodbye (if you are under 18 and dating or single, read this. It's amazing)
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    I usually just buy drugstore makeup... I don't have a job so I don't have enough money to pay like 30 buckeroos for mascara and stuff... :(
    I like Mary Kay Sheer Pink Eyeshadow. lol.. random
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I'm in love with the Nintendo 64 game Zelda; Ocarina of Time!! LOL
  1. i have used the mary kay cleansing cloths and the equate brand, both with the same results. I love the fact that they are easy and smell good and take off all my makeup, but its odd that every time i try one i break out so bad and as soon as i stop the breakouts go away. Boo.
  2. The past few times I have tried those little dry cloths that you get wet and wash your face with, within days of using it I have had a giant spot on my face! Boo. Has any one else had any experience with that?
  3. Good luck everyone!!! It's so worth it still cleearrrr!!!! =]=]=] Im a fan of persa gel. although i save a whole entire dollar with the off-brand. =] now i just wash my face and go!! (with a light layer of persa at night when i feel like it or remember)
  4. Thanks everyone! =] Still clear! Today is a good day! I've just been washing my face with Cerave cleanser (similar to Cetiphil) morning and night and using Dove Deep Moisture Moisturizer. At night I use Persa Gel (off brand...exact same thing 2 bucks cheaper..hah) on my cheeks. About once a week (ish) I use baking soda, my cleanser, and warm water as a scrub. And that's all! It's Great! Pictures eventually...sorry... Thanks for reading and commenting!! Good luck with everyone thats doing Accutane!
  5. 2 weeks completely zit freeeeee.... wooooo!!! =] *knock On Wood
  6. Some of the reddness is fading.. the derm said that it will fade for the whole month... currently my skin is pretty much perfectly clear... .no actual spots at all. My skin is sort of discolored naturally..soo... but someone complimented me on my skin the other day... a first! =] the achyness and everything seems to be going away too!! i played volleyball for 7 hours the other day and i was fine! which is big for me.
  7. Okay yay! Thanks so much for your help. I have been off accutane for about a week and a half...so far so good... =]
  8. hm. thanks i have heard about the baking soda deal...is that what you do? does it work pretty good?? just for like getting flakes off....
  9. unbelievable. I got off the medicine on sunday. it was all good. wednesday i woke up and everything was fine. i took a two hour nap and had a HUGE spot on my cheek when i woke up that is just now starting to fade. sweet. love that. OKay its better now. The dryness on my face is definitly going away. I went to the derm and he gave me some medicine for my toes, haha, and gave me a perscription for tazorac for my face but i had tried that stuff before and it never did anything before so idk why it would help now... but its just a preventative...so idk. Someone gave me a recommendation for "Persa Gel"??? has anyone tried or heard of that?? Lately i have been washing my face with cerave cleanser and using zapzyt (an over the counter salacylic acid treatment) on the two spots i had, but today my face is good. yay. I haven't even had to use much moisturizer. which is big for me. does anyone have any good gentle facial scrub reccomendations? something that would NOT break me out..haha.
  10. Thanks Carolyn! =] Last pill last nightttttt!!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! =]=] I'll post pictures in a month... and let you know what the derm says tommorow....
  11. Yeah I'm not sure yet, I will let you guys know what my derm says on monday... i don't have to go back but he said call when I get finished for a follow-up plan... so ill post what he says!! carolyn, how clear has your skin stayed?? like does it come back really bad and go away...or...???
  12. Thanks!! =] I have 2 1/2 days left. WOO HOO!!! =] My skin still pretty much looks like it did up above, so i will post pictures in about a month, which is when the derm said that all the redness will fade. Thanks everyone for reading my log!
  13. Definitly go see what your derm says...even though accutane is realllyyy expensive (ask for the off-brand) and there are side effects, its SO worth it.
  14. I have 9 pills left! YAYYYY! =] It's gone super fast. Thanks everyone who read my log! Thanks for the advice, tips, and encouragement. Much appreciated. My current routine is: Morning: Wash with Dove Moisture Bar (I have decided i don't like this method as much as using a pump cleanser...i worry about the bar of soap having germs that im rubbing on my face!) Dove deep moisture moisturizer 40 mg. of Claravis (Accutane...generic brand) Night: Wash with Dove Bar Thin layer of Vaseline neosporin on the bad spots 40mg. of Claravis My derm. said i have to have one more blood test, which we are going to do soon, and then I'm done! He said he would give us a follow up plan, which I'm not really sure what that entails... but whatever. Side effects: (Overall...) Sore joints, achy back (boo.... =[ ) dry, scaly hands dry lips dry face, but not too bad This is super weird, but my derm had to give me medicine for my TOES!! Isn't that odd? I went to Mexico, and they started hurting like they were ingrown or something, then they started randomly bleeding on the edges, so we told the derm and he said it was an accutane side effect...odd. I am more tired/drained of energy than normal... I used to run alot, but during accutane, I couldnt...I would run a mile and almost throw up! And that's pretty much all my side effects!! nothing too awful at all! So i would totally do it again! Here are pictures: (ten days left until I'm completely finished) This is with no makeup on.
  15. I have about 25-30 days left. Right now the only thing bothering me is my back still. I play volleyball and after a game or practice I'm dying... but other than that and some chapped lips, this whole thing has been absolutely beyond worth it. Start of last month pictures BOooooo... can't get it to turn. Sorrry.

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