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    I love to shop, and I love makeup! So guess what I buy all the time?
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    I love my family, my best friend and her family, and our church. And I love learning how to apply all this makeup in new and different ways.
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    Marketing Rep
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    I want it all!
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    I drive a minivan, and somewhere under all my marketing work are three little children in carseats!
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    While You Were Sleeping
    A Walk on the Moon
    Under the Tuscan Sun
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    Flirt! from Kohl's
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    I am trying NOT to shop. Do you know how very difficult that is???
  1. Remember, there are three different parts to this slideshow! I broke it down, hope you all enjoy my silliness! This is a VERY basic how-to! Click on a picture to start the slideshow...let me know if it doesn't work and I will fix it.
  2. I love Flirt stuff. It is my favorite line because it is more affordable than others, but it has great quality!!!!
  3. Originally Posted by Jinx Was there any company you preferred? How did they pay; check, direct deposit? Was the pay reliable? Most importantly- did you have to wear a uniform?? UGH!! The thing I like about my nerch job is that I can wear any old thing but I know some merch companies require uniforms- ick, lol!! My absolute fave is ActionLink. They pay by direct deposit every two weeks. Some of the others do, too. A couple of them pay the following month for the work you did, but most pay within two weeks. ALL of the ones I worked for were very dependable, reliable, established companies. I never got screwed over with my pay! None of them required uniforms, but you just had to wear business casual clothes (like nice capris, slacks, khakis, and cute shoes.) It was all great. The other two companies are Campaigners and National In Store. If you DO sign up, please, please, please use SHERRY WALKER as your reference. Some of them pay like $30 if they hire you and I referred you, and I can DEFINITELY use the pay right now!!!
  4. Originally Posted by CellyCell I missed your humor, woman! Welcome Back! You are cracking me up, girl!!!!
  5. I am glad this hurdle is over and you have the security of knowing that you have a home to live in! I know that in a lot of cities, people whose homes aren't selling due to the bad market have actually been renting their homes out to prevent foreclosure! I noticed this recently when I took a trip to DC - a lot of them have "FOR RENT" signs out on the street but aren't listed on apartment sites or in the paper. So maybe when you get there you might find a home to rent when your new lease expires! There is always hope, right?!! Good luck to you! I am still unpacking from moving four months ago, and it SUCKS!
  6. Oh my goodness, what a sweet little peanut! Congratulations on being an aunt again! My sister had that too - she had an emergency c-section because she would have died giving birth. She had HELPP(?) syndrome, where your liver and blood pressure are all whacked out. Please, please, please share pictures. I can't wait to see your new nephew! I love new babies!!!
  7. Girl, I feel your pain! I have been on a no-buy for the last few months and it SUCKS royally! We are also in the process of buying a house, which means all that extra $$ went to pay off debt, blah blah blah. It is painful, actually physically painful, to walk through a store and not buy what I wanted because I am not spending $$. When I get in my house, and I start a new job, I am going to go on a shopping spree and treat myself. Right now we are on a budget so tight that my checkbook is screaming to be used more!!! This is so sad. I will hold your hand if you will hold mine!
  8. Geez, I like reading Ladies' Home Journal. That's because I'm an old fart! Just kidding. I don't read cosmo because of the sexual content...not because I am a prude, but because it makes me constantly measure my sex life with the stuff they talk about, and, well, I started feeling neglected. It's a vicious cycle, but anyway...I really do like reading In Touch magazine for the pictures of celebrities and their makeup. I feel bad for buying it, because I know I am paying $$ to those nasty paparazzi people who follow celebrities around, but one every few months is my guilty pleasure. Sorry, I just totally hijacked this thread with my meaningless response.
  9. Just tell them, "I need your vendor sign-in book." As long as you act authoritative, like you are used to signing in every day, they won't care. But if you say, "I need to look through your vendor book!" they will have a stroke and tell you now. :lol I worked for ActionLink, Crossmark, Spar, Retail Assistance, Strategic Merchandising Partners, and for some reason I am drawing a blank on the other two!!! Hmmmm.....CRUD! I can't believe this!!! Talk about memory loss!! That's what happens when you get old. I'll see what I can remember...
  10. I am SO TOUCHED that this was posted way back then!!! It means so much to me, even now, to see it! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I had a great day and was getting ready to move the next week. This was the only day that was "good" for several weeks/months, and now I know it is because so many of you were sending me well wishes. What sweethearts you all are!!!
  11. I am close to Tallahassee now!!!! I sure miss being a Bama belle, though!
  12. The only problem with mall stores is that a lot of them don't necessarily have the sign-in logs that WalMart does. I worked for Crossmark - that was a good one! I did get offered a job with P&G but their pay was really, really low and I had to turn it down. It was bad!!!
  13. My hubby is out of town and I am taking my kids out to dinner tonight. I wasn't going to put on makeup, but since I haven't posted a FOTD in MONTHS I will do one tonight! And I will dig out my green makeup and give it a whirl!!!
  14. That is so sweet, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes!!!! Arrrgghhhh!!! I love Patrick Swayze, and I am such a sucker for any man who would even learn a dance to make his bride happy! HOW GREAT!!!

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