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    There's not much to say. I'm pretty boring.
    [*]I like makeup
    [*]I like looking good

    ....and that about covers it.
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    So far I'm satisfied but I'd like to have:

    [*]a good bronzer
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    Hopefully....I'll have a Mercedes Soon.
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    Mini's First Time
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    mid 90's hip-hop
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    [*]Animal Farm by George Orwell
    [*]The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
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    [*]Black Radiance
    [*]Estee Lauder
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    That's the thing...I'm really not an interesting person.
  1. its very classic. that's a look i would want to try on myself. any tips/techniques for blending?
  2. Originally Posted by Saja Thats almost as bad as when I walked by Miss Tean the other day, and they had one of those bathing suits on display that have the sides cut out.....and low cut....damn skimpy. IF a teen needs nair, they can use the reg stuff. No need to market it to children so that they THINK they need it (but thats the whole point of the marketing isnt it, arg) good point
  3. Face: Dove, Avon Mascara: Almay Foundation: Revlon colorStay, maybelline Eyeshadow: NyX, Eye primer: mary kay Liquid Eyeliner: Avon, L'oreal Lipliner: Rimmel Lipstick: avon, l'oreal
  4. Originally Posted by internetchick With so much information and videos free on the internet I find it hard to shell out money for the books. They would have to have some really great information, even then I would probably look for it at half price books. i agree i went to my a borders bookstore and spent hrs flipping through some of the books and to me i haven't seen anything so WWOW i can't do it....i had a handy notepad for notes though usually i flip through cotoure magazines like vogue or harper's bazaar for inspiration
  5. how much is it? i'm guessing 60-ish
  6. i actually need new blush i'll consider that
  7. you would look so cute in victory rolls! do that
  8. Originally Posted by mrs.jones1217 Highlighting kits are essentially bleaching kits. By leaving it on that long, you got to the lightest level that bleach would take you. exactly....i've heard poor reviews about nice n easy anyway lol
  9. are the extensions human hair or synthetic synthetic hair CAN NOT BE NEAR WATER OR HEAT (it will frizz tangle and become a poofy mess) human hair you can treat just like human hair...so try using a straightening balm wax on the ends and straighten with a quality straightener
  10. wow....i remember on fit club she actually put the work in to lose the weight....hopefully that same motivation will help her get through this too
  11. Originally Posted by MissXXXrae aww thanks girls! I do feel better about myself though. When you see results it just makes you want to work harder and see more!!!!! here is a picture of my fiances abs http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w...ABS-3-8-08.jpg I have a lot of work to do lol!!! o wowwwwwww
  12. Originally Posted by La_Mari I always wondered why doctors didn't use fat from other parts in the body instead of stuff implants... or would it not work? i know doctors do that for a butt job...its called fat grafting...a lot of video models get that done to improve their rear end but i've always wondered why it wouldn't work for breasts...which are mainly fatty tissue?

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