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  1. Max Factor 2000 calories
  2. Never go to bed before i wash my face Even if i get drunk..
  3. If you are just learning MU, I would suggest Powder foundation. (the one u apply with a sponge) it will give the coverage u want. Liquid is hard to apply for beginner and also less coverage. after i am done with my liquid i am going back to powder.
  4. Oh man.. i used to wear only red lip sticks.. From Cherry red to Wine Burgundy color.. Then nude lips were in.. and then lips gloss.. I threw every red lip stick away.. and Now i want to wear it again..T.T
  5. Well i love them.. I saw white one in a commercial, and i love them too.. (i think because its christian Loubotin..i totally wanna buy any CL shoes anyway) bowling shoes on high heel are soo in this fall..
  6. Since my lips are super dry, I have to put Eucerin Aquaphor on my lips even in the summer. So naturally I avoid to put lipstick even lip gloss because it makes my lips even DRIER! Lip glosses are often sticky, it kills my lips. But somehow i have tons of lipstick ppl gave me, so i thought of making my own LIP GLOSS. I love putting on my lips since it doesnt dry my lips because I use tons of vaseline. Its like having Vaseline that has color. what you need are these: lip stick, vaseline, a case to put your own lip gloss( i use a sample case) a toothpick or something to mix, and a hair dryer. Optional: pearl or shinny lip gloss, this will give the shinny to it. Vitamin E capsule Make your own lip gloss 1. Cut some lip stick and put in the container with other ingredients. 2. Have the toothpick ready, blow the dryer on high to the container to melt the lip stick. stir with the toothpick to make easy to blend. 3. When everything is melt, leave it cool. and you have a great lip gloss that won dry out your lips!!
  7. I dont have to wake up early everyday, since i only work early on Tues and Thur, I can stay up late most of weekdays. But since my man has to do work early, I go sleep around 11, and i wake up around 7:50. How about you??
  8. shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SFP 36!!! its not greasy so its perfect for wearing it under the MU!! and gives good amount of protection too!!! I will def buy it again!!
  9. wendy29

    Dry lips!

    I am sorry to hear this.. I have very dry lips too.. Even when i use Moisturized lipstick.. its still dry.. So I gave up lipsticks or any lip products.. i only use lip liner for the color and vaseline. Draw the line with the lip liner and use lip brush or a finger tip to smooth out the vaseline it works well
  10. if you r asian, i totally understand why you wanna get rid of the freckles. I am also asian what to have clear white(its not about the color people! its about how perfect your skin tone is) skin too. I have tried so many remedis and facil products, no satisfing result. there is no other way than having laser treatment to get rid of the freckles. Putting and taking Vitamin C wont hurt. but if you want fast and perfect result, you have to get the laser treatment that's the only way
  11. Since i am planning my wedding, all my focuse is on wedding stuff. (sorry if i bug you all the time) we should totally have a wedding thread. anyway, I want to gather some idea for Bridesmaid gift. What have you recieved or given unique and practical gifts from/to your girlfriends? Thanks guys you rock!
  12. shower every morning. i cant stand the feeling of 'got out of the bed just now'
  13. i personally like the style of the dress.. I have couple of them haha I guess its not for her, and the shoes and bag.. big no no for me.
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