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    I am a Taiwanese girl studying classical voice in NYC. Besides singing, I also love to play with makeup! Glitter and sparkling products are particularly irresistible for me.

    Makeup techniques for Asian features are quite different from those for westerners, so check out my makeup blog:
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    Gardening and gawking at lovely things XD
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    Voice student
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    Urban Decay Glitter Eye Gel
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    Mariah Carey
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    Majorca Majolica
  1. Not sure how many people have this problem, it could be more common among Asians. The back of my head is quite flat, so whether I wear my hair in a bun or ponytail or just let it hang down in sleek straight style, when I see a picture of the back of my head, it just look painfully flat. My mother has the same head shape and she cut her hair very short, it's the most awful look Here's my flat head: I am hoping that someone could suggest more options to deal with this kind of head shape other than extreme (and time-consuming) curls like this: Thanks!
  2. Could someone please share how to do this one? Like how many rollers to use and what size? And do you need to use styling product before or after the rollers? Thanks!
  3. As far back as I can remember, I've been wearing baggy ugly sweaters all my life This year I finally threw out all those sweaters. And a friend enlightened me that sweaters CAN be form fitting and chic. However I found that it's a problem shopping for new sweaters, I don't know where to find sweaters that can flatter my figure! Everything on Ebay looks either baggy or is in an ugly color! I've looked in Filene's basement but saw nothing of interest there. I would appreciate it very much if someone could offer suggestions on brands or stores. I live in NYC and my budget per sweater is under $40. Thank you!
  4. Originally Posted by pinksugar those are cute too. You look good in jeans, FULL STOP! lol. Thanks! A friend just shared a brand called Bongo, their skinny jeans look nice, you might want to check them out: Bongo Fab 5 Fit Originally Posted by La_Mari The only place I can find jeans to fit my height was @ a Charlotte Russe store. I bought 2 skinny jeans last year the dark/light wash. I don't wear them much, I need to scrunch them a little better and I'll love them! I just bought a pair of Opal flare from Charlotte Russe! The color is nice but unfortunately the legs are not snug enough. I even tried the soaking in the bathtub trick this evening hoping that would shrink them, waiting for them to dry now XD Charlotte Russe Refuge Opal Regular
  5. Originally Posted by pinksugar Charme, I think they look good! but they look VERY low rise and that would annoy me. The leg itself looks nice though, and just the right amount of scrunch at the bottom Hmmm, this pair was quite tight, it took some effort to poke my heel through the end, that's probably good for the scrunch effect. Low-rise seems to have become a major trend, most of the jeans I browsed in Bloomingdales today are low-rise ones. I tried on a pair of nice mid-rise jeans from 7 for all mankind, but it's a big bell bottom one. Do you like the flare style? 7 For All Mankind Bell Bottom in Iceland
  6. I tried on a pair of skinny jeans for the first time today, this is a J Brand Skinny Low-Rise Jean in Ink. Looks really horrid! O shaped legs need to stay away from skinny jeans.
  7. Good job on the foundation! The way to avoid having falling eyeshadow ruin the base makeup is to finish the eye makeup part first! After you make sure there is no loose eyeshadow powder left on the eyelids, you can then clean up the face and apply concealor and foundation. Avoid highlighting the cheeks since they are already prominent, use matte blush over them. Maybe try highlighting under her eyes and not to use eyeliner on the lower lid at all. Her creases look very low to me, the right one hardly shows at all. She has a natural dent over her eyeball though, in the picture you enhanced it beautifully. She may need fake lashes to open up her eyes more. The eyebrows do look a little unnatural, maybe try making them thicker? These 2 Asian stars also got a dent over their eyeball:
  8. I think Nicka K. is primarily sold in NYC, they have a sub-brand called Absolute, I love their glitter eyeliner! Can't beat the price! I have never tried their eyeshadows though.
  9. The lash snipping trick is one of the most popular beauty myths I guess XD But you have to undertsand that lashes are lifeless like your hair, your lash follicles will not "know" that you're cutting the lash tips, therefore they will not be stimulated to grow thicker longer lashes. People may think that the trick works because the lashes look thicker, but then the tip of the lash is always much finer than the rest of the lash, so if you cut off the fine tip of a lash that has not reached its final length, the thicker middle section will now become the tip, and as the lash goes on growing, of course it will look thicker! But the final length should be shorter than it could have been because the tip was snipped off. So don't wield a pair scissors near your eyes! Basically the thickness and length of your lashes are dictated by your genes, even applying lash tonic is unlikely to effect the growth(if it did that would have been cellular interference, wouldn't that be scary?). But on the other hand, keeping the lashes moisturized with beneficial ingredients could prevent breakage.
  10. Hmmm, it's actually the fashion in Asia to curl your lashes till they stand straight up almost parallel to your lids. It's especially necessary for creaseless eyelids if you want your lashes to be visible from the front, since at least 2mm of lashes near the roots will probably be invisible if you have fatty eyelids. Plus the gradual curve upward will eat away some more precious milimeters in the frontal view. So unless you have very long lashes (longer than 1.5cm), you just have to choose between having visible lashes in the frontal view and having lashes curving out in the sideview but invisible from the front.
  11. Here's my recital hair! I could only do the lace braiding around my front, it got too messy when I tried to do the back of my head so I twisted the end of the braid with the rest of my hair behind and secured it into a twisted ponytail. Thanks to you guys for directing me to the dreamweaving site!
  12. Thanks for all your replies! I think I figured out how to do the first one! I was practicing lace braiding for the first time tonight: But I guess the braiding has to be more irregular and loose to get that soft natural look.
  13. I would really like to wear this hairstyle for my coming recital on Saturday: My current hairstyle is like this: I also like this one and it seems to be more similiar to my haircut, but it's hard to tell how the braid goes from the picture. Could anyone suggest on how I might achieve either hairstyle at home? Thanks!
  14. I just got a call from Sephora, I won 2nd prize! Now I can go pick out $500 worth of Make Up For Ever products, woohoo! I wonder if the top prize winner and the other 2 2nd prize winners frequent Makeup Talk as well, would be really great to see their lash pics!
  15. I just bought one from Target today, and I have to say this gadget works great! Especially if you hold it at the end of your lashes and let it keep rotating, the lengthening effect is admirable! The problem is YOU CANNOT REPLACE THE BATTERY. There's no way to open the battery compartment, and who knows how long the built-in battery is gonna last? The manual said to discard the product after 90 days or if battery runs out before that. This is a blatantly shameless design to force people to spend money on a brand new product regularly when they could have easily designed a reusable one. Well, I am not about to spend $14.95 every 90 days, so there!
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