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  1. Does anyone else get raccoon eye within a couple of hours of putting on eyeliner? I'm not sure if it's the eyeliner I'm using, ( sephora brand ) or something else. One person told me it's genetics and there is nothing I can do about it? Does anyone know any way, ( or brands to use ) to reduce it? Thanks Colormeup
  2. So i posted my new shoes as a yay or nay. Here are the pics of my shoes along with a generic pic of the shoe. Lets see some fashion ideas on how to put together an outfit for these shoes.
  3. Cool idea, never thought about that. I'll make a post about that. Thnx
  4. That's the thing, I don't know how much I'll wear them. I like them, but I also tend to wear a lot of holister style shorts / jean. My tops are typically pinks and purples and I love light shimmery eye makeup. I thought it would match my purse well. Though I like the purse not for the studs but for the shimmer glitter and pink color. Here is my purse. And like you Amber, I'm 5'10".
  5. So I spent more than I had ever spent on this pair of shoes. 120 including tax! I fell in love with them because I thought they were cute, trendy and comfortable. Besides it's hard to find shoes in size 11 to begin with. When I showed them to my friends, I was told they look like bondage S&M shoes that scream sex. Certainly NOT what I wanted, and now bondage is all I see. I'm thinking of returning them. So what do you think?
  6. I'm the same way, except my closet isn't packed. I can go shopping for hours and come home with nothing. It's either the wrong color, doesn't fit quite right, or too expensive. One thing I found that has helped me was to not be too specific when I shop, something that is really hard for me to do. So when I see something and I think it's kind of cool, I buy it. Unlike before I would say to myself, Hmm.... I'll think about it and if I really really want it I'll come back later. I'm also trying to open myself up to new styles as I want to move away from just jeans and t-shirts.
  7. colormeup


    Originally Posted by pinksugar Doesn't American Apparel sell something like that? I can think of stores in Australia, but none in the US... be careful though, leggings are not a substitute for pants! I plan to wear a longer shirt, but I don't want it to be see through if it rides up a bit in the back. Just a curiosity, why are leggings not supposed to be pants when they make pants that as super spandexy? As for american apparel, their quality can be hit or miss, they tend to be expensive, not to mention there isn't one near me. I'm thinking something around 20 dollars?
  8. I have some good news Foundation always broke me out. ( though I had only used MAC ) So I decided to take the plunge and bout MUFE HD Foundation Primer ( color correcting ) and the MUFE HD Foundation. One word LOVE! No more breakouts, light weight and it looks flawless. Yes the two of them together costed close to 80 bucks with tax, but it was totally worth it. I don't see myself using anything else. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Colormeup
  9. Ok, I have never wanted a pair of cute shoes sooooo badly. Problem is I'm size 11. Feel my pain? Where does one buy size 11 cute shoes besides payless and norstroms 300 dollar shoes. ERRR it sucks they don't even make them, I swear its' some evil plot. Every time I go out I see cute shoes, I already know, I can't have them. end of rant
  10. So I had my halloween party last night. I'm glad to report that I had fun and was a total success. From the moment I arrived people were exclaiming how cute my dress was and taking pics with me. I had 3 guys ask me out. ( Well... more like they were strangers trying to find SOME reason to chat it up with me ) I also caught another girl looking at me with a serious case of envy. I'll write more later when I post some pics.
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