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  1. I just bought some at a loreal sale for $2.00 My usually mineral powder foundation is about $25.00 I find the coverage to be good but I definetly don't use the brush that they provide I find that it is way to stiff and prickly
  2. I have read here that Nivea is said to be very similar to Creme De La Mer. I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative to the Creme De La Mer Gel which has a lighter texture that the regular cream. Does anyone know?
  3. I haven't won either and I have one a day Large double double
  4. Do anyone know what would be comparable to the creme de la mer moisterizing gel cream?
  5. I just recieved the following email
  6. Wait till the end of the quarter and you get to redeem for an additional $50.00. 75,000 points for $200 of merchanise
  7. SO i finally found the Coconut oil and I used it last night like Emperical beauty suggested. After washing my face I rubbed it onto my wet skin. I used maybe the size of a pea and first it felt a bit greasy but by the time I was ready for bed I believe it was all absorbed into the skin. This morning after my shower I used it on my body. I think I could have used more but I am really not into the coconut smell. I am happy to say that the smell disapated and I am just left with soft skin. How much should I use for my face in the evening. Do you think I used to much? Do you use it in target areas thicker? ie around the eyes
  8. Mine are 5 and I have just started them now. Kids are funny, My twins wipe themselves at school and have been for two years but at home they revert back to baby mode
  9. I recently purchased the smashbox jetset liner. I had seen on home shopping that you can line your inner rim of your eyes and it stays put. I have been wearing it for three days now, first off I do not find it to have a gel like consistency it seems to be clumpy and thick I tried lining my inner rims for two days and I had horrible irritation with my contact lens on. Today I just lined my outer eye area only on the top and I am starting to notice that it is flaking off and getting into my eye and causing irritation. Is this normal ? Anyone else experience this?
  10. cracka


    I know I should not have picked at it. I think it was on of those cystic ones because it feels like there is omething there but nothing comes out. Pink sugar how do you take these tablets. "I'm also using a product from the health food shop, silica tablets. They're supposed to stop pimples and boils from forming. It's definately made the big blind pimple I had get smaller!"
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    I have a HUGE pimple on my chin that I picked and now it is very red and nasty looking. I tried an asprin mask on Saturday followed by ACV but I think that inflammed it. I tried another aspirin mask last night followed by the mask with honey and baking soda. I went to bed with honey on it and a bandaid What else can I do to reduce the inflamation and promote the healing?

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