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    I am a student in my first year of college.
    A California native.
    Not sure yet what I want to be when this is all over with. Hopefully I'll figure it out before graduation time.
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    Making money, spending money on clothes, jewelry, and makeup. Eating, and spending time with my friends and my boyfriend.
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    Shiny lipgloss
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    scary movie
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    hip hop, rock,
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    only read what I have to
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    Pure Luxe
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    I floss once a month
  1. Gee ladies I bought some cream eye liner from EGMinerals (Sakura Jima). It works so good. Ususally mineral liners smear after awhile but this one doesn't. This is a must try.
  2. EGM is the best I've used so far from first sampling so many. I use both Cover Me and Youthful Glow. Cover Me is heavier and matte but looks so natural. Joppa I didn't like it was to drying and powdery Lauress is very nice and would be second best on the list.
  3. I like EGM YGlow. Not drying at all. I want to try the liquid too.
  4. I never had a foundation go darker but some get weird looking over the day = coming apart or lighter. I love both foundations from EGM that I have. YGlow is what I'm wearing now but I also love CMe. Excellent!
  5. I agree sampling from so many become addictive. It did for me. I had to stop for awhile. Then I ordered more again. Over time I've been able to sift through and find the ones that I really like. I think that some of the first one's I tried are good but some of the newer ones are better. Maybe to watch for sales and buy samples then is a better way to test and try.
  6. I never wore glow powder before mostly because I didn't know how to apply it. I went for a makeover at MAC over a month ago. It cost me $50 but we had to do it for a wedding I'm in. When she applied the shimmer glow on my cheekbones it totally sold me on glow powder. The thing is I broke out from the makeup (yes I bought some- had to). Anyway so I'm looking for glow powder info that matches some of MAC's. Also any eyeshadows and blushes that match MAC's. I know Silk Natural's makes dupes but Silk Powder breaks me out and makes me itch. I really want anything close to MAC's Bright Future and Tempting eye shadows Gold Deposit Mineralize Skin Finish Intenso and Grand Duo Mineralize Blush Duos
  7. Boron Nitride and Magnesium Stearate break me out. Bismuth OxyCo makes me itch. Foundations that don't cause me any problems usually have less in them. Ones that never cause me problems are EGM, Cory's, Monave. I like EGM best and usually wear Cory's only sometimes now in winter.
  8. I definitely agree. I love their lip squeezies and they've just added more new colors. The lip brushes are excellent too but the lip kits are the way to go if you get the 6 piecer but I would really agree with MAV and go with the lip brush tubes and lip squeezies!
  9. EGMINERALS for sure. If they don't have it email them and they probably do have it cause that happened to me and I've got 2 dead on matches from them in full sizes. Love them.
  10. Now I have full sizes in Youthful glow and Cover me and a full size in the liquid. I'm now ordering loads of blushes and eyeshadows while the 20% sale is still on! I love for brown eyes and their eyeshadows are the best just like the foundations Waya Sandbar Milan Sante Fe Back Drop Black Hills Gold Freedom Tunnel Bali gold Cali Cali Gold Montezumas Treasure Lost and Found Sheer Passion All that Final Approach
  11. I've had excellent customer service with EGMINERALS. I had good service with EDM, Lumiere, and no CS with Monave. I was just ignored.
  12. They have a great starter pack and the price can't be beat
  13. I did love EDM's and Lumiere's flawless but have switched over to Earthen Glow Minerals Botanical Silk and love it.
  14. Maybe if you change your skincare regimine. I know that I get different foundation results based upon my skincare regimine. Especially the moisturizer that I'm using at the time.
  15. I ordered twice from Earthen Glow Minerals and loved the lip glosses and finishing powders (Botanical Silk and Manhattan lip brush) Very pigmented and lasts long like a lipstick with a little gloss. Also I found a perfect match with one foundation but not with the one I really liked the coverage on, Cover It. So they sent me a free sample, they had sent free samples with every order but when I asked them after the second order what foundation would be best for my color they sent me a reply saying, "If after you've placed an order with us for foundation and have not secured a match we will gladly work with you to secure a suitable match at no cost to you." A few days later I had my perfect match in an envelope and now I'm getting a full size. It seems that they have lots of foundations from other clients in Inventory that they don't put online because of so many already online but if you still need other colors they'll pull from stock and send to you, if you've already ordered. I really think that's a great customer service policy and wanted to share it.

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