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  1. I love a good sale......my husband ruins my fun thoguh and says you would have saved more money if you hdan't bought it to begin with....sheesh
  2. wow nice to make little girls look up to politician's putting her in a mini skirt what about a sharp business suit to the knee?
  3. I get to wear my pretty sweaters and Halloween............thats about it...........I hate cold weather
  4. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday I deck the house out and everything....Im not sure what to do this year...I think my 6 yr old wants to be the joker so I may have my daighter be cat woman and my husband and I something fun!
  5. awe sweet gift! need a second wife?
  6. Mine would have to be ll cool j....this is how we do it.... I like my old school cheesy jams
  7. I would wear the first one I love dresses that show off the nice curves and it is elegant and hot...I went to my husband's last year and wore a black cocktail dress from cache and it went well....My husband wore nice dress slacks and shirt....all his friends said no ties so they didn't wear a tie its like they all got together and said tell your wife NO TIES.....His was dinner at the country club then dancing with a dj then we all went out to the ****son St ( the party street here with all the bars) til about 4 am... it was a blast...I hope you have a great time! I can't wait for mine in a few years...
  8. Im weird b/c I totally changed what I am attracted to awhile ago...I used to be totally into the rugged handsome guys...all manly ....and now I find myself checking out the pretty boys not too pretty as Celly said but pretty enough to want to stare at ....I guess since I married my rugged guy I like to window shop the other stores? I like them tall too usually and buff....not into super skinny or heftier guys...and I am a huge butt girl I like a nice firm shaped one but not too big..just right.... funny my husband has no butt......ok I feel mean and superficial now.......
  9. thats a great compliment.... I get them from time to time and if the people only knew my makeup obsession my husband he could careless unless its too 'heavy" then hes like YIKES and not ina good way
  10. I love fluerville diaper bags..... the mothership is a must if you have more than one kid....I have the pink stripe even thoguh mine are out of diapers I still use it for over night trips for the youngest one
  11. Im still mac obsessed but.........I only buy what I love from the collections....and try not to get into the hype and just buy b/c its le...............
  12. I was born and raised in Washington state so I like rainboots as long as its raining or has been raining of course
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