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    I am 31, I'm married and I have 4 cats. I am sort of a newbie when it comes to make-up. It never occured to me all the fun stuff you could do with it until now!
    ~I am a proud introvert ~
    To learn more about introverts, read this:

    The little cutie on my avatar is not my son, but my nephew Isak.
  • My Interests
    Knitting, make-up, reading, swimming, cats, watching films and tv shows on dvd, listening to radio documentaries on podcast
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    It is toooo long, but some things I want are:
    Milani eyeshadows in Storm, Spice, Silver Bullet and Moonlight
    MAC e/s in Shimmermoss
    MAC Fluidline Rich Ground
    MAC Strobe Cream
    Stila e/s in Oasis, Viola, Poppy, Jezebel, Grace
    Stila Convertible Color for cheeks
    NYX e/s
    LilyLolo Mineral e/s
    MAC lipglass in Prrr and Lust
    MAC lipsticks
    Makeup Store eyeshadows
  • Country
  • Car I Drive
    I don't have a car
  • My Favorite Movies
    The Shining, Bound, Mulholland Drive, True Romance
  • Favorite Music
    Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin
  • Favorite Books
    The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, Before You Sleep by Linn Ullman. I also have a huge soft spot for Marian Keyes.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    MAC, Benefit, Stila
    Also, H&M makes killer lipglosses, and for only 2 USD!!
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I studied latin in college, and once studied so hard for an exam that I had nightmares about living in a dictionary.
  1. I am a vegetarian also. I try to eat vegan food most of the time but I am not always successful.
  2. I decided to get Fafi eyes #2 off e-bay - even with shipping costs it was cheaper than buying it in the store here. Hopefully I'll like it. I am also looking forward to Heatherette!
  3. Fafi has been out for a while in the US now and just came to Sweden. What did you all think of it? I went and had a look yesterday and I have to tell you I wasn't entierly transported. I got the light pink nail polish, and I wanted to look at Perky paint pot but MAC hadn't sent it to Sweden (this happens all the time with LE collections, we don't get all the products in the shops... no idea why). Fafi eyes #2 looked sort of nice but I am undecided. Those of you who got this quad, would you say it's worth it? PS. Sorry if this is covered in another thread, I did a search but I couldn't find one.
  4. Here in Sweden there is not so much difference between MAC and DS brands. (The makeup selection over all is quite poor - we don't have Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Stila, L'Oreal HIP, Jane, NYX, Milani...) So for me, the best choice with regards to both quality and price is MAC.
  5. I have some trios and some singles, and I love all of them As far as I can tell, there is no difference between singles and trios.
  6. Originally Posted by magosienne silly you, Karen ! of course you can wear bold e/s at 31 ! maybe try using one as eyeliner with a neutral e/s? . LOL! I have been thinking about treating myself to Urban Decays Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette, there are a lot of bright colours in there to practise with! Maybe I'll be free of my sillyness
  7. I wish I was brave enough to wear bright colours! But I am quite pale so I don't know how it would sit on me. Also, I am 31 and somehow feel too old for bold colours, although I know it's silly to think that way.
  8. Saints, I am glad you liked your gift! Mine arrived today, what a great way to end the week! Saints was my SS also and she gave me MAC eyeshadow in Bronze and Stila lipglaze in Passion Fruit. The lipgloss is yummy, I am wearing it today! Thank you so much Edda! I also got a card that said "merry christmas and a happy new year" in Icelandic which I thought was really cool because I've always wanted to learn Icelandic. PS. I'd take a photo of my new things but camera has completely given up on me. Sorry!
  9. Originally Posted by StereoXGirl If the US STILL refuses to adopt the Metric System, you'd better believe there's no way we're switching to Euros! lol! He he, I think switching to metric should a higher priority than switching to Euros, LOL! As far as the value of the dollar goes... For me personally, in a very small perspective, it's nice. I ordered Antiquitease palette from Ebay, and even though it was 10 dollars more than in regular stores, and I had to pay 6 dollars for shipping, it was still cheaper than getting it in the shops here. I have a friend who is working in the US for a short while and I asked her to pick me up some MAC things - it saved me 300 Swedish kronor (47 USD). In the long run though, can't the weak dollar have a negative effect on the global economy? I don't know much about economy, but that's a point that has been made in the press here.
  10. Originally Posted by Nox ^ Karen, I have also noticed that strange terminology also, "destroying enzymes". I think with heating foods, especially boiling them in water, you can leech nutrients out, but alot of the essential stuff is still there. It's much better than... not eating your vegetables at all. I don't know about the destroying enzymes argument, but I do know that heat definitely denatures proteins. Denaturing does lower the amount of useful protein the digestive tract can absorb, but I am not about to eat raw meat. I think we get along fine with the cooking. Oh, there are lots of good arguments to include raw food in your diet, but the "destroying enzymes" bit isn't one of them. Enzymes are proteins, and yes, proteins will be denatured in heat. They will also be denatured in high or low pH - the stomach has a pH of 1 or 2, so that will destroy proteins efficiently, even if you eat raw food. The stomach also contains pepsin, which breaks down the proteins. So, the proteins are basically "destroyed" before they reach the intestines, whether you heat your food or not.
  11. Originally Posted by Babette Pardoux 1.) Raw foods are better quality; therefore, you eat less to satisfy your nutritional needs. The heat of cooking depletes vitamins, damages proteins and fats, and destroys enzymes that benefit digestion. As your percentage of raw foods increases, you feel satisfied and have more energy on smaller meals because raw food has the best balance of water, nutrients, and fiber to meet your body's needs. The statement that heating up food "destroys enzymes" and therefore lowers the quality of the food is completely illogical. The whole point of the digestive system is to break down nutrients into their smallest particles and build new things with them. A human body has very little use for a plant enzyme. Also, if the enzymes and proteins aren't damaged through heating, the very low pH of the stomach will rapidly do the trick.
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