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  1. Update: MAC Quick Frost Pigment MAC Silversmith Mineralized Eye Shadow Duo ALL SOLD MAC Revved-Up Pigment on hold
  2. Updated: Unboxed Iris Accents Softsparkle Eye Pencil Unboxed Mint & Olive Softsparkele Eye Pencil Boxed Warm Ice Sheerspark Pressed Powder All Sold
  3. Updated: Mancatcher Eye Shadow Pot Time & Space Eye Shadow Pot Magnetic Fields Eye Shadow Pot Raven Kohl Eye Pencil All **$SOLD$
  4. Updated: added smoking eyes quad from smoke signals - unboxed MAC
  5. UPDATE: MAC Royal Assets Eye Shadow - $20 ea 1. Smokey Eyes 2. Warm Eyes $SOLD
  6. Updated: Her Fancy Lipstick Shitaki Lipstick Gilty Kiss Lipstick Firespot Eye Shadow Glamour Check! Eye Shadow Northern Light Mineralize Skinfish Royal Asset Lip Palette in Warm Lips Unboxed Evening Aura Eye Shadow Unboxed Flirt & Tease Sheertone Shimmer Blush Unboxed Bold & Brazen Eye Shadow Unboxed Stylistics Soft Pout Lipstick All $$$ SOLD
  7. Update High Top Lipstick Sunmetal Lipstick Honey Moon Lipstick Archetype Lipstick Masque Lipstick Backlit 3D Lipglass Energy 3D Lipglass Lightswitch 3D Lipglass All $SOLD$
  8. Update: Gold Spill Mineralize Skinfinish and Pandamonium Quad are SOLD
  9. Hello! Thank you for visiting In Preparation for the next chapter of my life, being a New Mom (yay), I am selling my makeup collection (MAC & a few Urban Decay). All items are lightly used and are ALL in the Original BOX. Used anywhere from one to four times (yes, really). I had a big OCD/infatuation with makeup that went nowhere but my wallet lol Items: · All in Original Box · Lightly Used (anywhere from one to four times) · All Authentic · If interested in anything I will gladly take detailed pictures for you (including the bottom of the item) · There are a few Unboxed Items but they are separated (Bottom of Post) · Please PM me with any questions/offers Shipping: · Starts at $3 (for one item) in the US. international shipping tbd · Will Calculate based on weight for every additional item · Tracking Number is included in price for US sales only · Ship via USPS Bubble Wrap Envelope Returns: · No Returns Accepted · Sold As Is · Seller not Responsible for Shipping Payments: Only accepts PayPal SWAP: There is only ONE item I am interested in finding and will swap for and that is the MAC Colour 4 Eyeshadow Quad from the Spring Colour Forecast Collection. (This has Manilla Paper, Flip, Aztec Brick & Creole Beauty eyeshadow). This is my absolute favorite quad!! eBay Store (look at feedback! clwkerric) If you are interested in Brand New Items – I have 5 listings left on my eBay store and you can also read my Feedback. eBay user: clwkerric Brand New Items listed in eBay Store: · MAC Quick Frost Pigment **$Sold · MAC Revved-Up Pigment (on hold as of 2/3/15) · MAC Pastorale Pigment · MAC Silversmith Mineralized Eye Shadow Duo **$Sold · MAC Hot Contrast Mineralized Eye Shadow Duo MAC Boxed (lightly used) MAC Lipglass - $8 ea 1. White Magic (McQueen Collection) 2. Cultured 3. C-Thru 4. Orange-Descence 5. Prize Petal 6. First Bloom MAC Lipstick (Satin) - $8 ea 1. Masque (McQueen Collection) **$SOLD MAC 3D Glass Lip Gloss - $6 ea 1. Energy **$SOLD 2. Synched Up 3. Algorithm 4. In 3D 5. Backlit **$SOLD 6. Lightswitch **$SOLD MAC Lipstick (Frost) - $8 ea 1. Honey Moon (Moonbathe Collection) **$SOLD 2. Sunmetal (Moonbathe Collection) **$SOLD 3. Propogate 4. Strange Hybrid MAC Lipstick (Lustre) - $8 ea 1. Archetype (McQueen Collection) **$SOLD 2. Vanity’s Child 3. Brew 4. Guilty Kiss **$SOLD MAC Lipstick (Glaze) - $8 ea 1. High Top (Fafi Collection). **$SOLD 2. Her Fancy **$SOLD 3. Shitaki ******$SOLD MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow - $10 ea 1. By Jupiter 2. Lovestone MAC Eye Shadow - $8 ea 1. Magnetic Fields (Neo Sci Fi Collection) ****$SOLD 2. Time & Space (Neo Sci Fi Collection) ***$SOLD 3. Mancatcher (Waternymph Collection?) ***$SOLD 4. Glamour Check! ****$SOLD 5. Firespot (Moonbathe Collection) ******$SOLD MAC Powder Blush - $15 1. Honour MAC Beauty Powder Loose - $20 1. Drizzlegold MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - $20 ea 1. Northern Light **$SOLD 2. Gold Spill. *****SOLD!!!!! MAC Eye Shadow Quad 1. Pandamonium - $5 ****SOLD!!!!! MAC Shadesticks - $10 ea 1. Beige-ing 2. Pink Couture 3. Silverbleu 4. Sharkskin MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil - $6 ea 1. Raven ***$SOLD 2. Jealous MAC Holiday Collections Royal Assets Eye Shadow - $20 ea 1. Smokey Eyes ****$SOLD 2. Warm Eyes *******$SOLD Royal Assets Lip Pallet - $10 ea 1. Tan Lips 2. Warm Lips ******$SOLD Sheerspark Pressed Powder - $10 1. Warm Ice **$SOLD Urban Decay Boxed (lightly used) Urban Decay Eye Shadow - $5 1. Urb ******************************************************************************** UNBOXED ITEMS 1. Unboxed MAC Ablaze Powder Blush - $13 2. Unboxed MAC Flirt & Tease Sheertone Shimmer Blush (Never been used or swatched) - $15 ******$SOLD 3. Unboxed MAC Evening Aura Eye Shadow -$8 *****$SOLD 4. Unboxed MAC Bold & Brazen (Starflash) Eye Shadow - $8 ******$SOLD 5. Unboxed MAC Lie Low Pro Longwear Eye Shadow (Never been Used or swatched) - $15 6. Unboxed MAC Stylistics Lipstick in Soft Pout - $9 ******$SOLD 7. Unboxed MAC Iris Accents Softsparkle Eye Pencil - $5 **$ SOLD 8. Unboxed MAC Mint & Olive Softsparkle Eye Pencil - $5 **$ SOLD 9. Unboxed MAC Goldenair Softsparkle Eye Pencil - $5 10. Unboxed Urban Decay Polyester Bride Eye Shadow - $5 11. Unboxed MAC Smoking Eyes Quad (Smoke Signals) - $20 *********************************************************************************** Please PM me with any questions or offers
  10. lol... That is really cute. I found a toolbox just like it that I wanted to get but it was a balck "Husky". This one is very cute! I'm not a fan of pink but I could possibly change my mind looking at this!
  11. Originally Posted by bella1342 Kerri!! OMG I know!!! I ordered EVERY shadow today. I've been so excited about starflash all summer. I don't think I'll be buying anything else from MAC until next year (with the exception of the petticoat and so ceylon...because I don't have those...) so I allowed myself to splurge on these. I just ordered them all too... I figure if I don't like them, MAC's great at returning! I also picked up two feline pencils, because thats my HG pencil. They do not smudge on me at all. You know what... all I keep thinking about how glamour check reminds me of beautyburst too! LOL! I was thinking of you... hehe! That one will definitely have to go back. I saw your thread at spec about your new kittens. Yay, I'm so happy for you!! How is the Pink Air lustre glass? I didn't buy any of those... I miss you here... I'm going to have to hunt you down over there I guess. I would LOVE to tell you about Pink Air.. but I haven't gotten my package yet I got 2 day delivery... I really don't know what I was thinking NOT getting 1 day!? So I tracked my package today and it will be delivered tomorrow. As soon as I saw a swatch of Glamour Check! I immediately thought of you too! lol, I'm kind of stumped though on that one. I hear a lot of great reviews about how gorgeous the color is. I see you got your package, was it anything like the Beautyburst? (Obviously better texture) My kitties are amazing!!! How is your new bundle of love? I'm sure fantastic!! I will try to get back over here more I've just been glued to some of the other threads over there..LOL. But yes, I'm not very concerned about too many more collections this year. Of course I like some of the piggies that are coming out in August. Also, I'm looking forward to Sharkskin being repromoted with Gold Fever. And all the talk of dazzleglasses re-releasing or coming back has gotten me shook-up! I LOVE THOSE DARN THINGS!!!
  12. Originally Posted by bella1342 MAC will probably launch this on their site Monday... like they usually do. I am having a hard time deciding what I want. I know I want two feline pencils... because it's my hg. From swatches I like 8 or 9 shadows though... and I can't get all of them. Top Hat, Smoke and Diamonds, and Sunset B. are definites. I guess I'll have to make a trip to my Macy's soon to figure out the rest. OMG, Nicole! I'm so excited for this collection!! I've made the mistake of going on spec and I've been lured into loving almost everything from this collection. Have you made it to see any of them yet? I ended up getting everything from this collection but the 2 blues because I have parrot & Sea/Sky.. IMO they are the same to me.. not really, but those are beautiful blues so I can live without the ones from starflash. AND i didn't get glamour check (reminds me too much of that poop collor Beautyburst from Barbie that we couldn't get rid of!) and I didn't get Bold/Brazen. I also picked up Pink Air/White Top & Boss Brown/Slave to Pink!! WOO HOO! I can't wait for my package!!
  13. Great TUT... thanks for posting. I will be doing this soon!
  14. finally it starts tonight!!! Woo Hoo!!!
  15. Originally Posted by StereoXGirl Did you go into International Plaza today? I was at the MAC store there a little before 11 am. No, I was down at the Tyrone Mall... We couldn't use the pro discount on any of the Holiday collections so I just went to the closest counter near me. I"ll prob be going to International Plaza either today or tomorrow for some little odd and ends things I wanted
  16. Originally Posted by puncturedskirt It is a bit boring.. Girls talking crap, nothing new. I just like seeing the photoshoots. Me too, that's the only part I like. I hope Heather wins!

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