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  1. Originally Posted by Karren Hey girlie!! What's up? Love your new avatar!! So if I remember you excaped from the evil frozen country to the north?? lol Haha YES, I forgot how funny you are Karren. Im back in maine. Loving it. Oh and everyone else, im doing good. Sorry it took so long to get back. Im not exactly full on 'back' as I am visiting hah. I can't make promises but I do miss everyone or else I wouldnt bother going to the site at all! I never have a day off so thats one of the reasons why I am MIA all the time. I started a job at goodwill last year around this time and it pays shit and wont give fulltime so I was working my old highschool job as well on top of goodwill and that pretty much left me working 6 days a week. The one day I got off I did not want to spend anywhere near the computer obviously. But im applying for a supervisors position at goodwill and hopefully I will get that, beause i'll be honest, I kick ass and am one of the best workers there haha. That will give me full time, benefits, better pay and two full days off a week! So...maybe more internet time! Hurray! Everyone please tell me .... something new and exciting in their lives. Ps. Im not in college right now, but thats not necessarily a bad thing anymore now because of the economy...so maybe I can feel a little less like a loser when people ask me how im doing in school and I say I don't go and only did one year out of two.
  2. Trying to navigate this site after not being on it for so long is pretty tricky! Just stopping by to say hello to anyone who I may have talked to on here when I used to post a lot. I still think about ya'll from time to time and miss this site but real life calls and mines been pretty awesome the past year. So I don't know if many will still remember me but hello anyways to everyone, and im curious as to what i've been missing this whole time. ...can anyone give me a quick fill in? Ps. I always log back in after a few months and think "ick!!" to my profile pictures and always have to switch to something more current, hah. Never satisfied I suppose.
  3. is it just me or does she look so much more manly now, in the face.
  4. Sounds like my dad. seriously. Every last bit of it. It's cause he's most likely depressed as hell with his life and has nothing to live for anymore - atleast thats whats wrong with my dad. Haha. (wait. thats not really funny) I wanna move out so bad too. If I had a full time job and a license I would so be out of here. But I don't have any of that so im stuck with my family. It sucks. I think once you become an adult living with your parents just doesnt work anymore. Too much issues.
  5. not styled my butt. you have perfect hair my love.
  6. I didn't know, because im such a loser and I don't talk to anyone on here anymore and this thread has made me realize it and be sad! Aww. Congrats
  7. I get creeped out when people start actually caring who looks at their profiles to be honest. I never bother to even look.
  8. I got an idea, play find the mustard stain on woodrow's shirt.
  9. You all kiss Andi's ass. haha. But yeah, I agree..that pic Celly sent was kinda fug.

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