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  1. Hello ladies, I have a dilemma. I have very long naturally medium brown hair. Back in September I used a box dye "Loreal Paris Feria Power Reds" color to get a beautiful deep red hair colour. As red is very hard to keep and Christmas is coming I decided to go back to brunette. It is my daughters first Christmas and I would like to get some nice photos of us. I knew I needed an ash toned brown to counter act the red, so I bought 2 boxes of "Loreal Paris Superior Preference #15 Antigua" Medium Ash Brown. It was very close to my natural colour (I had about 2 inches of root growth) The red had turned a brassy copper colour before I used the brown dye so I figured it had faded enough. Well I used both boxes, waited the 25 minutes and rinsed. My hair is still very very red, it didn't cover it at all, but it did lighten my roots to an almost orangey light tan colour!!! What happened! Why on earth did it lighten my roots! I double checked the box and it should have definitely darkened them if not matched them! Help! Christmas is nearly here and it is very important I have a proper hair colour!! What can I do? A salon is expensive I have not got the money for it right now, at all.
  2. Thank you! So do you think using MP flashlightening would be the best option? I'm sure I will need the 40v to achieve the very pale/almost platinum blonde, it's 6-7 levels difference from my dark hair now. The vampire red is what I was leaning towards, after the hot pink. If I add black into the pink and blonde mix, what would be the easiest way to turn the black blonde in order to color it red?
  3. katana

    Pink hair?

  4. Hello fairest of all! Your the perfect person to talk to about pink hair, and I have a few questions for you! I have been wantin to go pink for ages, and I'm finally ready to do it. (I did need to wait a little while before such a drastic change since I couldn't do it while pregnant and I wanted my little one to be able to be old enough to recognize me once I did color it) I currently have quite long brunette hair. I have root growth to ear level that is quite dark and the rest is highlighted from my last dye job back in august 2011. I will post a pic of my hair right now in its current state in natural bright sunlight. (edit: My iPhone won't let me I will post it from my laptop) I plan to go a deep/semi bright blood red after the pink. (pics to follow) Right now I was going to bleach half my hair using manic panic flash lightening 40v, and color it with manic panic pink. I know it's temporary and will fade fast. Not sure how well it will fade on bleached hair though. Why did you say to stay away from manic panic? Is it because it fades too fast? I don't have the funds for a salon visit, and there is no Sallys around here. The only pink color I can find is manic panic. (online shopping is not an option) Do you have any experience with MP Flash lightening? I was going to use the MP virgin snow toner over top if needed. Once it fades and I'm done with the pink, will I easily Be able to color it red? Again I was thinking of using manic panic for this. I will have black in my hair along with the pink that will be harder to color red and I havent quite figured out what to do about that yet. I want to cause the least amount of damage bleaching, obviously, but I know any amount will damage to a degree. I was previously blonde (in my avatar photo) but grew out my hair because after years of bleaching the breakage was getting bad. My sister currently uses manic panic ultra violet, but I haven't been able to ask her opinion as she is busy moving at the moment. I will upload the photos in the following post.
  5. Once you hair is that damaged and dry there really is nothing you can do about it. Luckily your only 14 and hair grows back. You have plenty of time to grow out and experiment with your hair in the coming years. In the mean time, STOP coloring and dying your hair! It will only make it worse. Using olive oil treatments on your hair is good. (good for your scalp too) use a good conditioner for dry, damaged and color treated hair. Don't flat iron, curl or blow dry as the heat will cause more damage and split ends. Get a good trim, or even a short cut and let it grow out. If your natural color is a brown or black and the root growth is too contrasting to your color now, then dye the rest of your hair closer to your natural color using a temporary or semi permenant vegetable based dye that is free of chemicals and damaging ingredients. I suggest manic panic which is actually good for your hair and will condition it. It is very safe, wont damage your hair and can be left on for hours (even over night) they make some pretty wild colors but they also make more natural shades. Also try to only wash your hair 1-2 times a week and get a few inches of root growth before coloring again. Don't worry too much as hair will grow back and it isn't ruined forever.
  6. "Since Katana has not been around to host the Dare To Be challenges I'll start a new one. I apologize to anyone from any older ones as I'm basically starting from the ground up on this until we find a more permanent leader to take this over." My apologies, I gave birth a few weeks ago and have been busy recovering and tending to my newborn. I have been running the dare to be for a couple of years now and will be available to do so again shortly. There was no voting poll for the previous challenge as there was only one entry. The past few challenges have only received one entry (I think members tend to be busy outdoors during the summer months) and therefore the interest in new challenges has been quite slim. Hopefully more members begin to enter and I will be back again soon. Good luck ladies!
  7. Our new theme is Dare To Be - Dessert Inspired Winner of Dare To Be - A Fantasy Creature- FireHeadCutie Remember! **If you are planning on entering this challenge, please post your entry in this thread and then PM me with your choice of theme should you win the challenge. If you do not PM me with your choice, your entry will not be included in the voting poll. I will do my best to remind anyone should they forget.** Entry deadline for Dare to Be Challenges will be at 6pm Eastern Time on the last day of the challenge. (2 weeks time) Please have your entry posted and pm sent to me, prior to this date/time Thank You! XO Here are some inspirational pics, feel free to add your own to this thread, For those who would like to enter, Please Note: Entries must be specifically created for this challenge. Recycled images are not allowed. Please review the rest of the rules here. As before, no photoshopping is allowed. This includes the lightening and darkening of images. Only cropping and resizing images is allowed. Remember!!! If you are planning on entering this challenge, please post your entry in this thread and then PM me with your choice of theme should you win the challenge. If you do not PM me with your choice, your entry will not be included in the voting poll. I will do my best to remind anyone should they forget. For those whose entries include more than one pic: Please indicate in your post with the images which one you would like for voting. Otherwise, the first image will be chosen automatically. Have FuN and EnJoY the contest Everyone! Good Luck!
  8. Dare To Be - Dessert Inspired (May 12 - May 26 2012)
  9. Vote For Your Favorite - DTB - Niagara Detroit

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