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  1. My goal length right now is waist length. I have wavy hair and am now 1 inch from waist. Yay!
  2. I have rather sensitive skin. No problems with silk dust, I love mine soooo much!
  3. I've got a Meow sealant and really love it for wet lining. The line stays put all day long. I do have to use slightly more pigments than I usually do because it dilutes it out a little. But used with enough pigments, it makes a nice, strong line. I heard that Milan Gelle Drops don't dilute the pigments out, so it might be better.
  4. For me, I have no problems with sable, but my face turns lobster red and starts itching everytime I use my goat hair kabuki, which is a shame as it's a lovely, soft kabuki.
  5. I bought a set a couple of months ago, and no kidding it reached in 3 days! It was posted from Hong Kong. I only got payment confirmation, no shipping notification. I heard that there's a problem with their email filter, so maybe try emailing from their online form? If they have one? I didn't email so I'm not sure how quickly they respond. I like my brushes, really soft. But the 2 pure squirrel big brushes started smelling bad after the first wash. I tried washing with different cleansers and shampoos and still they smell bad. They smell like some wet animal...It might be a squirrel thing, or it might be an a'squirrel thing.
  6. pebo, I wear it over foundation. After applying Meow or EDM's foundation, the coverage is there but it just doesn't look right until I top it off with the silk dust. It's now an absolute essential for me!
  7. I had that problem too, but I realised that from day to day, I forget how the others look like so they all look suitable. Then I started taking photographs after I put on the samples. I take them 15 minutes after application, by the window and without flashes. On my computer screen, I realised they look quite different after all! So even though all of the seem to match, I can compare them side by side and choose one that I like the most. Try that!
  8. I've never washed my new brushes, but now I think I need to...
  9. ruby, as iceboi said it goes on translucent so don't worry about major colour changes. It just smoothes out everything and looks really great! But there is a slight smell that many have commented about on MUA. I didn't notice it the first few times I opened the jar, it only started to have that smell when the powder started to clump a bit, so I guess it could be a humidity thing. Humidity is about 70-80% on average here. The smell goes away very quickly, so it's very tolerable. iceboi, you just reminded me! I have to remember to try that sunscreen powder in my next order...
  10. Boron nitride may offer some solar protection according to this piece of research: Softouch Boron Nitride Powder Quote: "TiO2 is a higher absorber of UV but has little effect in the IR range. It is concluded that combining BN and TiO2 can give a more effective solar protection than by the use of TiO2 alone."
  11. I use the silk dust over my foundation. But I've read somewhere that some people do use it under as a primer. Yup, the reason why I chose the tinted one is to avoid the whitening effect. I use quite alot of silk dust each time (extremely oily face), and I don't find that the tinted one changes my foundation colour at all. It just seems to smooth it out. I've tried it over Meow's FF Naughty Chartreux and EDM's warm Medium Beige + Light. But light winged butter is more yellow right? The tinted silk dust looks neutral to me, but not very yellow.
  12. EDM's silk dust? The tinted silk dust works well for me.
  13. Using aloe vera gel with just a drop of cleanser helps with my super oily skin. The aloe vera gel cleanses surprisingly well. You do have to remove your makeup with a cleansing oil or something before that though. Works great for mornings when you don't need to remove makeup!
  14. I use cleansing oil to remove e/s and mascara. Then I use my normal cleanser to clean the rest of my makeup off my face, I do a very quick run of the cleanser over my eyelids to remove any oil that's left. Very quickly though as I don't want to dry out my eyes with too much cleanser.

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