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    Hi, I'm Michelle, mom to 2 boys. Makeup and Skincare are my passions hence why i'm here=)
  • My Interests
    Baking, Cooking, Playing the Piano, Designing my own Clothing, Online Reasearchs about mostly Safer Cosmetics, Skincare, Health Topics & most of all spending quality time with my family.
  • My Occupation
    My husband takes care of me so right now there's no need to work..lol
  • Country
  • My Favorite Movies
    Sound of Music, Home Alone.
  • Favorite Music
    Classical, Opera, Pop - basically anything with a good rhythm.
  • Favorite Books
    The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Recently I've have been using more organic cosmetics but prior to that decision I loved Mac, Loreal, Mary Kay and Rimmel.
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    Teriffic sense of humour.
  1. You can find me at two blog homes -- Vox and Blogspot. My blog is mainly about Green Awareness. All about Organics. Greengirlorganics? blog - Vox
  2. Wanna be my friend on Twitter? If so, here's my link. Michelle Singh (CanadianGoddess) on Twitter Thanks!
  3. Good luck..........i love watching makeup tutorials. It's always great to learn new makeup skills and tricks;o)
  4. For me it would be either eye liner or lipstick;o)
  5. You look lovely. Cute outfit
  6. gardenofwisdom.com is another great inexpensive option for products containing HA. At the moment i'm using their Honey HA Serum which is super amazing. Here's a link to their finished products.
  7. Originally Posted by Emily86 i just had a look at this page. it doesn't say Joppa is non-micronized.. so it means the ingredients ARE micronized? in that case, Lily Lolo (my current favourite brand) also uses micronized ingredients i can't tell which product is causing the skin problems, because i'm always testing out new foundations and finishing powders. but i'm definitely sure EDM makes me break out because i used that for a long time before realising there were other mineral companies out there. is there any chance this delphi forum information is wrong/incomplete?? i think i might email the people at Lily Lolo and ask. Your best bet would be to email the companies directly. Also, there's a thread somewhere here where i had specified who used micronized and who didn't but for the life of me i cannot find it
  8. Personally, i've been minimizing the use of MMU and my skin is much better also i feel than generally wearing makeup be it MMU or traditional interfere with the skin not being able to breathe properly. This is just my perspective though;o) I've decided to leave makeup for special occasions! Recently, i've just been spot concealing and out the door!

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