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  1. I found some how to videos online...here's the link Video: How to apply eyeshadow from ExpertVillage
  2. Ok, so I've been putting vaseline on my face for about a week. At first I was only putting it on at night and wasn't noticing too big of a difference. So I tried putting it on night and morning and that made a huge difference. My make up goes on so much better. My skin is so much smoother. My new face washing routine is as follows. At night: Aveeno foam face wash, a very small amount of vaseline. In the morning: Aveeno bar, Noxzema Deep Clean Mask, a small amount of Face lotion, a very small amount of vaseline, then makeup. It's working GREAT for me so far. My skin is really soft and smooth. And my make up is still in great shape in the evening.
  3. I know a woman who is in her early 50s and has never married or had kids and still never wants to. She loves her life the way it is. She's successful, has lots of friends, family, nieces & nephews, and lots of activities going on in her life. She's done a lot of traveling and see a lot of things. She's going to retire early and travel. She's completely satisfied with her life as it is and has no regrets. I know another woman who had a couple of marriages in her twenties that failed miserably (no kids) and she found Mr. Right in her mid thirties and had three children in her late thirties to early forties. She's perfectly happy with her life too. They were both nice and settled, had great jobs, savings, etc. They built a $200k+ home. I think it's just about living your life the way you want. You don't have to marry and have kids to be successful or to "have a real life". I personally wish I would have waited a few more years. I got engaged, pregnant, and married all within a 3 month span at age 23. Dh and I were still getting on our feet. Now 3yrs later, we are still trying to get on our feet and I'm still in college. I love my daughter and wouldn't trade for the world, but I do wish I would have waited until I was at least 30 so I could have given her more in every aspect. (time wise, etc)
  4. hmmmm....I'm trying to think of something that would be just as effective as crunches, but I can't think of anything. I personally do bicycle crunches 2 -3 times a week. A lot of ppl have misconceptions about abs and think they have to do 100+ crunches to get a good work out. But they are like any other muscle group so 3 sets of 10 a few times a week are adequate. But if I had to choose outside of crunches/situps, I would go with Billy Blanks Flex video....anything video that focuses on the core really. Oh, and hanging leg raises work them really well too... =)
  5. I'm 5'3" but I wish I was like 5'7"
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