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  1. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!!
  2. I only have a few people IRL that I consider "real" or "close" friends. I used to make friends really easily but after some bad experiences, I was starting to feel that as I got older, the desire to really get to know people faded. I was really surprised that I made so many friends, so quickly here in Korea. It has definitely started to renew my faith in people. I don't really do online friends. I have one friend that I met online through MuT. She is one of my dearest friends, knows more about me than most people, and helped me through some rough times just by being there, not judging me and telling me the truth when no one else would. She is definitely a "real friend". My brain just thinks I got lucky and is still extremely weary of online relationships.
  3. I use the Silcon Mix products. Specifically the shampoo, conditioning mask, and the leave-in conditioner. I 've been using them for about 5 months now and I am very pleased with the results. I had really dry damaged hair and in a short period of time, my hair went back to being healthy and a texture I haven't seen in almost 10 years.
  4. I used to post a lot and I tried to put some thought into my posts. I used to post in the games threads to up my post count. A lot of times I find that I get to a thread a little late and someone has already pretty much said what I was going to say, so I don't feel the need to repeat the sentiment. Right before I stopped posting I felt like I was a thread killer! Lots of threads where I was the last to post!
  5. I miss not having to pay any bills... More recently, I miss being able to shop for shoes in my size.
  6. I bought the Missha Vita+ BB Cream yesterday. I've only used it twice so I don't know if it has helped my skin but I do love what I see so far. It's a perfect foundation replacement for me for the summer. It gave me the appearance of an even skintone and feels great. There are tons of Missha stores/counters where I live. I only paid $11.00, the most expensive Missha BB Cream I saw was $18.00. If anyone wants a CP, let me know.
  7. Okay, yesterday was a holiday here so, no work! Which meant I was able to make it into Seoul to check out this brand. They have a huge selection of products, the MA's were really friendly and spoke a little English, and I watched them do a makeover on a girl and the end results were spectacular! For a department store brand the prices were really really low. I got 3 eyeshadows, 1 lipgloss, and a gel eyeliner for 29,500KRW($28US). And like every cosmetics counter or store I've been to in Korea, they gave me a bunch of samples of serums and BB cream and foundations. 2 Marbling Eyeshadows -Cats Eye: A pretty blue green -Gold Coast: A Warm gold shimmer Eye Love Gel Liner -Gray Glitz: Charcoal gray with silver glitter Banila Kiss Lip Gloss -Watermelon Candy (I'm pretty sure that's the name but it was written in Korean): A pretty hot pink The colors were gorgeous and the shadows are very highly pigmented. They have a very pretty shimmer to them too. I wore Gold Coast last night without any primer and I didn't have any problems with creasing and it lasted all night. The texture of the lipgloss reminds me of MAC lipgellees only with a fruity fragrance. I haven't tried the gel liner yet, so I'll review that one later. On to the pics... gold coast gold coast(flash) gold coast(no flash) cat's eye(flash) cat's eye(no flash) If anyone wants a CP, or wants me to try any of the other products from this or any other Korean brand let me know!!
  8. Thanks Ashley!!! I keep getting tons of samples from Missha and Forencos but I never knew what it was for.
  9. I used a couple of the Mixed Chicks products about two years ago. It made my hair feel really soft but I've used other products that were much better for my curls. Right now I use products from a Dominican line called Silicon Mix and they've completely transformed my hair. The Biracial Hair Site seemed to have some really good techniques. I never thought to leave in the actual conditioner instead of using a seperate 'leave-in conditioner'
  10. Originally Posted by Ashley dcole - have you always lived in korea? I don't remember you living there at all! I've lived here for three months. I love it. The original plan was to stay for one year but I think I might stay longer.
  11. I just realized that I don't own a fork. I cut up some watermelon chunks this morning and just went to grab a late night snack only to find that I don't have a single fork. I do, however, have 75 pairs of chopsticks. I honestly can't remember the last time I used a fork.
  12. I haven't seen this brand yet. The site says they have a store in Myeong-dong which is one of my favorite parts of Seoul. I will try to check it out this weekend and report back.
  13. Wow congrats!!! I guess I have missed a lot!! Congrats hot mama!
  14. HA! Sunflowers brings back memories. I used to love that stuff. It's crazy to think it's still around!
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