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    Chinese borned in the Philippines.

    Immigrated to the US when I was 14.

    Proficient in Tagalog and Mandarin with passable Fukien and Cantonese.
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    Reading, Swimming, and Shopping online.
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    Credit Associate
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    Eyeshadows that stay all day and no creases.
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    Have a driver licence but has not driven since I passed my driving test.
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    Like many of them but no particular favorite.
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    Constant Change by Jose Marie Chan
    Season in the Sun
  • Favorite Books
    Chinese novels (Romance and Martial Arts).
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Lumiere Foundation
    Body Shop Lipstick
    Clinique Lipliner
    Lancome Maquicomplete Concealer
  1. I have Lumiere's flat top and Uglogirl flat top (supposedly the same as FF long handled flat top). I agree with you I like the way Lumiere's Flat Top brush staying in place. The Uglogirl's brush kind of splay out. I usually use the Uglogirl's brush though because the brush is wider than Lumiere's. Definitely wish Lumiere comes out with wider flat top brush.
  2. Have not tried any MMU that has Bismuth, so can't tell. But just by some people's reaction to it, I think it's better for me not to try it at all since I'm prone to acne.
  3. Not too crazy about meow foundation, but the feliner is terrific. I only tried the FF formulation and find it too opaque. It is likely that I didn't find the correct color, but there are too many choices and find it a little daunting to continue the search.
  4. You may want to put the concealer after foundation. I find that sometimes I accidentally wipe off the concealer when I apply the foundation.
  5. Although you will not know, I will say though that it is the same with traditional cosmetic industry since it is not highly regulated, unless, of course, it is one of the product that requires approval (ie. sunscreen which must go through some testing).
  6. You sure you want to wear foundation? You have such a good skin already.
  7. I second the cream eyeshadow. I have an oily eyelid, too, and use Almay cream to powder eyeshadow (which has unfortunately been discontinued, but I still have some) as a base. It helps MMU eyeshadow stays longer.
  8. Tried Signature, but could not find a color match. Sorry, can't help.
  9. I don't expect to use different foundation color for change in season. I usually keep away from direct sunlight (in the office/home most of the time).
  10. Type of skin: Oily Type of moisturizer: Paula Choice's 2% BHA lotion and Olay Complete SPF 15 (morning); Lac Hydrin (evening) Type of application: Flocked sponge to dot MMU on problem areas (i.e. hyper pigmentation, pores) then Kabuki brush to blend. Step of application: 1.) Wash face (Cetaphil daily facial cleanser) 2.) 2.5% Benzoyl peroxide (Dan Kern) 3.) Moisturize (BHA and sunscreen in the morning; Lac-Hydrin in the evening) 4.) Silk powder as primer 5.) MMU foundation (Lumiere VV and Luminesse mixed) 6.) Blush 7.) Silk powder as finishing 8.) Eye shadow / Eyeliner / Mascara 9.) Clinique quickliner for lips / Lipstick Total time: 30 minutes
  11. I second the eyeshadow. Meow included the Catastrophic feliner free when I ordered foundation samples. It's great.
  12. Originally Posted by paperclip Hello there! I don't have enough posts to see what you wrote after "KT Naturals also has good..." ?? Could you possibly tell me what shade you wear in Lumiere VV and FF, and what you wear in KT Naturals? You do look fairer than I am though Thanks! I wear Light Medium Golden in VV and Light Golden in Luminesse (I'm light but not as light as indicated in my avatar). I can wear both KT Naturals' Medium Warm and Medium Natural. Medium Warm is a tad more yellow and Medium Natural is a little pinky. Mixing them though give me the best match. Rephrasing what I said about KT Natural: The Company is rated highly by forum members of mineral makeup mania. By the way, KT Naturals 4 samples kit is free. You just pay shipping.
  13. I use Lumiere's silk powder and have not noticed any adverse reaction.
  14. I use Lumiere VV and Luminesse and love the coverage, too. I find KT Naturals coverage comparable to Lumiere. KT Naturals also has good reviews in another forum (mineral makeup mania).
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