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  1. I have the Theodora palette. It's pretty. Lots of browns and a shimmery army green and a shimmery black and gold one. This is off memory as its at home. It has a super gorgeous deep red lippie that I am in love with and a black 24/7 liner. I am on the fence as the colors that it has that I don't already own I think I don't own for a reason.
  2. ...leave the house with disheveled hair and flawless makeup, or flawless hair and no makeup? leave with DECENT hair and no makeup (this is my everyday at work really, hahaha) BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE- can I leave without a well-moisturized and clean face. ...shop at MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life (hopefully we'll never have to choose!)? Sephora- not even a question. 90% of everything I own I can get at Sephora. ...go without liquid or powder foundation? I can go without powder foundation... but I can't go without powder bronzer ...never wear a smokey eye again, or never sport a strong lip again? I would have once said a strong lip, but that was when I was younger... now I am all over the smoky eye.
  3. This is my best story... I was in Target looking at nailpolish, and I was asking Maverick help me chose a color . He grabs a rather gorgeous blue one and says, "I like this one Mommy. It's beautiful like you..." I cried right there in Target. This was in June just before he turned 4, and it took a weeding for me to change my toe nail color to something other than that blue.
  4. I always tell my kid that friendships start with one word- "hi!", then follwoed with, "do yu want to play with me?" hahaha you can start by asking questions about the class, or if you have know questions, ask about what someone else thinks about the class or what might happen next week in class. THEN, while they are talking offer gifts... everyone likes gifts. like while you are talking about class, offer up a super yummy social-sized snack that everyone likes- like chex mix or a big bag of cherries. or you can appeal to others vanities... like approach someone and ask them where they got their super awesome necklace or where they get their nails / eyebrows done because they look so perfect...
  5. still love sonia kashuk's eye brushes... i go back to them every time. and dior's brushes for all things face related (foundation, blush, powder, bronzer). i've used others, but these are my lifelong loves.
  6. YAY!!! Of course I support all my LBGT's and CD's and DQ's!!!!!
  7. this summer, i've been using a highlighter base, an HD powder foundation/bronzer, and setting it with my HG Scott Barnes luminzer mist. it not only sets it for the day, but the wetness melts and blends it into my skin and keep it from looking like powder. the whole thing looks like shimmery glowy skin all day long without looking at all heavy and unnatural.
  8. i honestly loved everything... every color, every palette, everything is something i am totally coveting. love your entire stash!!! I have a super obsession with wanting to get my hands on korean and japanese makeup lines. so thanks for letting me know where you got yours!!!!
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