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    My name is Megan. I live in beautiful South Carolina, and I've been married to my dear hubby (& best friend) Brad for 2 years. I love makeup and all things beauty! Mineral makeup is my bff~!

    Frugal as I am, its important that I find products that don't substitute quality for a smaller price tag. I'm all about beauty on a budget. :
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    Makeup, Web Design, Photography, Photo Editing, Halo 3
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    My goal is to be a successful Freelance Makeup Artist... and maybe one day work for MAC!
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    bareminerals multi-tasking bisque
    benefit bad gal lash
    MAC Mineralize Loose Powder Foundation
    Lancome Hypnose
    Milani eyeshadows
    pure luxe eyeshadows and eraser
    pure luxe cream eraser
    diorshow mascara
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    '01 Ford Explorer Sport
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    Narnia, Napoleon Dynamite, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Breakfast at Tiffany's, A Cinderella Story, A Walk to Remember, Good Burger, Rocket Man, Fat Albert, The Princess Bride, Ace Ventura, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Harry Potter, Brother Bear, Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men
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    Audio Adrenaline, Cake, Coldplay, Daft Punk, Elvis Presley, Family Force 5, Froggymix, Hawk Nelson, Hellogoodbye, JACOBS THEORY, Jeremy Camp, John Mayer, Jump5, The Killers, KJ~52,Mandy Moore, Maroon5, The Monkees, Nate Sallie, Newsboys, Phil Collins, Relient K, Skillet, Switchfoot, Tait, tobyMac, Tyler Hilton, Watashi Wa, and so many more.
  • Favorite Books
    The Bible, The Twilight Saga, The Hiding Place, Harry Potter, Little House on the Prairie
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    Joelle Minerals
    Wet n' Wild Tinted Moisturizer
    Maybelline Pure Foundation
    Ocean Mist Cosmetics
    Joppa Minerals

    Milani - Luminous
    Flirt! - Dapple Apple and Pink Tutu
    Ocean Mist Cosmetics - Sea Fan
    Joppa Minerals - Anastasia

    Bonnebell tinted lip balm - vanilla swirl
    Milani - amaretto
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I actually met my fiance back in 5th grade. He transferred but didn't stay long, so we didn't get a chance to become friends. He later came back and joined our church's youth band. Who would've thought that 8 years later we'd be getting married? =)
  1. Unfortunately, it doesnt offer Esthetics. I'm kind of wary of taking it though, because I really dont want to do the waxing that it will involve... hahaha. I know that without a Cosmetology license, I can't work in a Salon and do makeup, but... as a freelance makeup artist, could I have my own boutique and do makeup, as well as sell my own makeup? Or would I need an Esthetics/Cosmo license to do that? But its like.. as soon as I get to school, I don't feel like I belong there. I just don't enjoy doing most of the stuff. I know it would probably be more beneficial for me to stay.... but I just don't think my heart is in it. And that's what our instructor tells us every day.. "If you don't have a passion for it, you will be miserable..." I have experience in graphic design, and I plan on getting a job in that field... while doing freelancing on the side, building my portfolio, and earning money for the makeup artist school. Any tips on building a portfolio?
  2. I also really love Benefit's Erase Paste! I've never really been able to cover my under eye circles well until I tried it!
  3. Nice idea.. but it looks... cheap to me. I guess maybe I've been disappointed by one too many color workshops palettes at Christmas time... haha.
  4. All their foundations have been too dark for me. Their mascaras too runny... I had one lipstick by them I liked.. "birthday suit". Haven't really tried anything else of theirs other than a black eyeliner pencil.
  5. Have you ever heard of model in a bottle? In Cosmo school, we had an educator from TIGI Bedhead cosmetics come in and he actually mentioned this. He said he and a friend did an experiment... they bought a bottle of model in a bottle and compared it to a basic hairspray and the ingredients were virtually identical. So he was like... just use hairspray! LOL. I've actually only done it once... on Halloween to make my greasepaint stay... and it worked. My makeup lasted all day. I did, however get a break on my chin and cheek. :/
  6. That really stinks.. The only stippling brush I've tried is the one from FLIRT! cosmetics @ Kohl's. I've had it for awhile, and I don't know if they still have it anymore or not. I think I paid around $9 for it? Anyway, it gets the job done for me. Its a great multitasker.... liquid foundation, loose mineral powder foundation, blush... etc
  7. Sooo I've been in Cosmetology school for about 3 months now. I'm going to a really reputable school (Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology) in South Carolina and the tuition is well.. up there, so it required a loan + grants I have reached the 300 hour mark, and have realized that I'm not really into cutting hair and doing nails... I really just love makeup.. that is where my passion lies. I've kind of got to the point where its not enjoyable for me anymore. I'm just wondering if its a waste of my money to continue going, if I'm not gonna love being in a salon cutting hair. I'd much rather be a freelance makeup artist or work at a makeup counter like MAC. Anyway... I found a Makeup Artistry school nearby (Global Beauty) and was thinking of going that route instead. It however, does not accept financial aid, so I would have to get a job and save up first before going there, while start working on my freelancing makeup portfolio,. My dilemma is wondering whether having my Cosmetology license will make a different or not. I feel like continuing school might just be a waste of time and money.. If I quit, my plan is to work + save up so I can go take the Professional Makeup Artist Certification class all the while building my portfolio. I'm just looking for opinions!
  8. I have the original motorola droid. I like it most of the time... aside from the fact that the case I have on it makes it seem like a brick, but it protects it when I drop it... hahaha
  9. Hello beauty junkies I am in Cosmetology school, and I want to build me up a great makeup kit, cause I'm thinking I might focus more on makeup than hair when I graduate. Anyway, our school-issued kits came with a great amount of makeup, but it is lacking in brushes. I want to be professional, and have a decent amount of brushes. I plan on buying a cute little brush belt once I get my collection up! ^.^ So I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for brushes for all types of makeup: foundation (liquid, powder, mineral), finishing powder, blush, contouring, concealer, and especially brushes for the eyes. What types of brushes do you use where? I want recs for various price ranges.. I don't have a lot of money to spend, but I'm willing to pay more for quality brushes that really make a difference. What are your essential brushes? Also, if there are any other products (makeup, skincare, etc) that you think would go great in my kit... please share! =)
  10. I have this and love it! My tube is almost gone, and I have a coupon for Lanacaine's version. I wonder how it compares?
  11. Oooh, I'm really looking forward to this collection! I missed out on Hello Kitty, so maybe I can get some stuffs from this collection. Too cute!
  12. Hi MUT'ers!! Some of you may or may not remember me. My name is Megan, and I had my username changed from citre. I've been MIA because I haven't had internet but now I've got it back, so here I am, with a fresh start and a new username! I'm enrolled to start Cosmetology classes August 16th, so I'm looking forward to gaining those experiences and sharing them here! See everyone around!!
  13. Lately my skin has been blah using my moisturizer (Collective Wellbeing Weightless Moisturizer) paired with Earthen Glow Minerals Cover Me Glow Foundation. I can't remember what moisturizer I used a couple of years ago that always made me skin look so lovely with whatever foundation I used. So now I'm trying out St. Ive's Collagen Elastin facial moisturizer and see how it works. Its got rave reviews on Epinions and several other websites, so I'm hoping to have good luck with it.
  14. When I wear Rimmel's Birthday suit, it looks similar to that. Also you might try Revlon Super Lustrous in Just Enough Buff.

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