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  1. I'm a resident of Canada but will be in the US for a while, and on the off chance I win the prize would be shipped to a US address. Am I eligible? If so, my favourite eye shadow palette at the moment is the Tarte Showstopper. I can't pick one for all time, but it's definitely the one I keep finding myself going back to lately.
  2. I just went ahead and cancelled my subscription, and I'm kinda sad. I'm still enjoying Ipsy. It's just that between the international shipping cost and the low value of the Canadian dollar, I've paid nearly $23 for the past few bags and it's just really not worth it.
  3. My bag's status has been stuck at "Shipment Data Uploaded" since August 8th. I'm kind of wanting to complain but I'm not sure Ipsy can do anything at this point, if it's a problem with the shipper.
  4. Awesome, thanks. I was thinking it looked dark, but I wasn't sure. It'll be too dark for me, then.
  5. I just grabbed the Hey Honey serum and one of the dude shadows, but I'm trying to figure out what shade the Pixi bronzer is in. I really liked the one I got from Ipsy a while back, but I dropped it while travelling and it shattered. But when I click on the item I get an error Anyone know what shade it is?
  6. So this is kind of an aside, but does anyone else hear/read Jor'el and think of Superman's father? It seems like a weird association for a perfume company to want to make. Like, I assume it wasn't intentional but didn't they do any brand name research?
  7. I got this bag too. I finally finished off the Pixi bronzer I got from Ipsy last year, so I'm quite pleased with the Tarte. I don't really wear a lot of bronzer, so one deluxe sample a year seems to work well for me XD Pretty ambivalent about everything else this month. I still don't understand salt sprays, I think my hair is just too short and too straight to benefit from them at all. I'm one of the lucky ones who's never had a bad BaB experience so I'm sort of naively optimistic about the balm. I have 600+ bottles of nail polish and usually give myself LED gel manis at this point, so the polish is not terribly exciting but will probably get used. Eh. I think at this point I'm just plodding along until I can use my points. I don't hate my bags, but they're just not as exciting as they used to be and with the Canadian dollar in the toilet they're not really worth the investment anymore.
  8. They're relatively unreliable. A few of the products we received from them were fine (an eyeshadow quad went out a while ago that seemed to be quite well-received), but some were not great (a product called the One Stick, which was theoretically good for lips/cheeks/eyes/highlighter but was chalky and stiff and hard to work with), and one in particular (a mascara) was very problematic for a lot of people. Some of the ones that went out had a very strong chemical smell and irritated the eyes of those who used it. I was lucky enough not to receive an iffy one, but I was in the minority.
  9. They claim not to send out dupes. If you accidentally get a duplicate, you can contact IpsyCare and they'll send you another item.
  10. Not sure if anyone is curious at this point since the videos and new photos sort of take the mystery out of it, but I think these are the items: Be a Bombshell Lip Balm City Color HD Finishing Powder Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick Jo'rel Parker Classico perfume Crown Brush Tweezers (no pink ones listed on their site) Crown Brush Dual-ended fibre shadow brush
  11. I really like the bag! So far none of the items really jump out at me, I'm just hoping for no dry shampoo.
  12. Hahah I had the exact same though. I even tried to swatch the tip on the back of my hand, and was like "wtf it has no pigmentation!" and then I realised what was going on. So you're not alone.
  13. They've already processed payments for this month, so if you subscribed today they won't charge you until July, and you'll get the July bag (assuming you're off the wait-list).
  14. I got the exact same bag, and I haven't had primers selected like... ever. I've actually got decent hopes for the JCat lip thing though - I got the Wonder Lip Paint from them a while ago and it was actually really nice. I also like the gel liner I got from them. The eye crayon also looks like it could be promising. I'm just still quite disappointed about the primer.
  15. I just got an email offering me an early sneak peek, but don't bother doing it - it's just the primer or melted lipstick one, nothing we haven't seen.

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