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  1. Thank you ladies! I feel so welcomed :] I wanted to post a picture up.. but I need to have 10 posts.. so I'm working on that.. one more post to go!
  2. I never notice much of a difference when I use primers for face.. but for my eyes, definitely UDPP!!!
  3. Until this day, i've never tried Too Faced eye shadows even though I keep hearing over and over how great they are! I think WHORE may be my first eyeshadow from them! Thanks for the info!
  4. oh wow!! that is beautiful! well.. the colors are anyways.. Please try it out and show us how it turned out! can't wait to seeee
  5. LOL! wow all these stories are so funny! using a crayola MARKER to fill in your eyebrows?!! Lipstick as blush? OH dear! I've never felt that desperate before.. but I have had days when I felt so embarrassed b/c the ONE day I finally run into a cute/hot/sexy/steamy/wutever your choice of adjective guy.. im wearing absolutely no makeup.. my bangs are pinned down, my hair is frizzy.. I felt so ugly! I wanted to hide so he couldn't look at me :[ This is kind of random.. it's kind of the opposite of what people have been saying...but. anyways.. I remember in middle school, my friend gave me a GOLD mascara to try on.. and I wore it the next day.. (yes my lashes were gold.. what was i thinking, i know..) and my dad informed me that i had all this dust on my eyelashes and proceeded to take the "dust" off of my eyelashes... so in the end, i went to to school w/ NO gold eyelashes b/c my dad wiped all of it off w/ his fingers! (which might have been better.. now that i think about it.... xP )
  6. Hey everyone! I'm new, of course, that's why I'm here :wave: I'm fascinated by the wonders of makeup and I think it's another way to express yourself. This seems like such a great forum and hope to get to know you all better! About me: I'm 20 and I'm from the bay area of Californiaaa, so any of you ladies from the bay area, holla back! I'm currently attending University of the Pacific and I'm in the Pre-dentistry program.. and I shall be going to dental school the year after the next (if everything goes according to plan.. :icon_roll) umm.. what else to write? oh my favorite makeup products are from MAC, Smashbox, Urban Decay, and Everyday Minerals (for their foundations)! yes! i reached 10! so here is my picture: thanks for viewing!
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