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  1. HI MUTers. well i thought seeing as i havent been active on this forum in such a long time i think a new introduction is needed. the past 5-6yrs has been a rough road. firstly ill start with...Hi im chantelle, im 28 and in a wife to Will who is 32 and we have 3 children,Caitlyn who is 9 in a few weeks(she is from a previous relationship), Aimee who is 3 yrs old and we have Elise who is 10.5 months old. we live in newcastle, australia. Which is 2 hours north of sydney. My husband and i have been married for almost 2 years and been together for almost 5. Im currently only just getting around to doing a makeup course to maybe do a side business to earn some more money and perhaps make it into something more. its taken me a long time due to health reasons and also having children, i wanted to spend as much time and focus on my children as i could. Also we have had issues with money the last couple of years. My husband got made redundant 2 years ago, he is a industrial electritian and relied on the production of the mines to gain work. the last 2 years he has been in and out of jobs and roughing it, until only recently, he got a job perm work, so no more job agencies, and he is now on a salary wage. its about time and its what we needed right now. ive had alot of scares the last few years in regards to my health but as of late i have been given the all clear and i can now re focus on my health and weight. i have been on a health kick all year and have currently lost 10.2kgs (22lbs) i still have another 15-20kgs(33-44lbs) to go but i know i will get there. im determined to get there before im 30 which is october 2016. all in all that is us in a nutshell, not alot to say but having kids and getting on the right path again in life.
  2. oh wow everyone looks great!! internetchick...hmm im thinking maybe a light pink or even a yellow as its all bright and then brown kinda down plays it iykwim? im loving the blues tho looks awesome
  3. yeh its very great line and im loving all the colours no dissapointment at all. and soo damn cheap (the aus dollar and US dollar where the same when i got this) it only cost me $150 with postage!! with these also u can use them for nail polish, lips etc also...well most of them anyways soo its endless on wat u can do. Quote: Originally Posted by perlanga Very cute kitty, but why Sanchez? Just curious? hahaha...sanchez is wat my bf named him...as in dirty sanchez...he has a sick sense of humour ...
  4. argh sorry about the other posts...had a glitch on my end
  5. ok so here is some swatches of what i have recieved Enjoy note : hand was prepped with eye shadow primer then a white creme base if u want pics of a certain colour again please let me know Description of colour of wat i can see...there is descriptions of the colours on the website but when i did this all colours where sold out...so my interpretation of them With flash all colours all colours without flash top row: sterling glitz - a white glitter strawberry cupcake - hot-medium pink with purple/blue reflects my belle - peachy pink after prom - pink/purple colour with silver reflects stiletto - matte purple summer skies - dark purple with blue and pink reflects tokyo - matte lilac shaded orchid - medium purple with blue reflects tattoo - blue/purple with purple reflects steller - dark purple with black/blue and reflects a diff angle 2nd row: sarcasm - a dirty/antique green with gold reflects shamrock - lime green with silver reflects radioactive - matte green jealousy - dark green with gold reflects? sex appeal - dark blue/green with purple reflects? hard to tell what it is lol royal assissin - dark plum with silver and green reflects circus - orange glitter..this is just awesome trophy wife - true gold ...very pretty lovers lane - royal deep red blueberry lush - light blue with silver reflects 3rd row: brown eyed girl - light brown/taupe with purple and silver reflects show off - antique brown/gold makin' a scene - true silver little black dress - black glitter
  6. ok so here is some swatches of what i have recieved Enjoy
  7. great tips there!!! ty for that article as for brushes i use a mix of antibaterial dish soap with baby shampoo or wash with water...as fro them drying they should be dry over night...u just squeeze the excess water out or dab on a towel and have them layed out on the towel with the brushes overhanging...and for the kabuki brush mould it to the shape u want and have it dry upside down if u have the stumpy one
  8. i agree their lipsticks are great..i also went to them for mascara for their magnifyeyes but i found the brush bristles break which is unfortunate as i loved it...
  9. Glamour doll eyes haul!! I did some swatches of these but im going to have to re do them in natural light as the flash washed out the pretty colours i also got another haul from Vampfangs and beautycarasoul.com so 3 hauls in 1 im showing lol... and the new addition (sanchez) he is 10 wks
  10. yeh i def get the guitar also...i mean u hve been wanting to learn for a while and u have a fone....id say save up for the fone and get the guitar while u can
  11. beautiful tat...and yes please on the tutorial
  12. oh wow thats awesome news hun!! Isnt it exciting when u have worked soo hard for something and now u can do something that u know u will love?! im working my way up also on a more pvt level ... soo happy for u !!
  13. lovely looks everyone...so dissapointed i missed out on the last few D2B's but i only just got my haul that i needed for it lol....next one maybe
  14. well luckily my daughter isnt near this stage of chatting to people on the internet but yes i monitor what she can and cant do, if ur worried then u should set up there own login on ur computer(make them a diff user) and then u can set restrictions on what they do by doing this...u can also buy programs to help with wat u dont want them looking at. hope this helps somewhat
  15. i have very little mac but the items i do own are mainly face products or some eyeshadows...other then thats its not something i go to everyday in my collection... i have many diff brands in my collection and i must say every makeup company is favorites for something diff, like mac is known for the MSF or shadows and coast scents for the cheap alternative burshes and bright pigmented colours and invovative ideas, then u have revlon for the face and lip products etc etc...the list goes on but i must say i do prefer alot of other companies over MAC if i can find a cheaper alternative that has no reaction to my sensitive skin then its def a keeper
  16. i have to agree i havent found another ge liner compared to macs!! also if u prefer to use pencil on the waterline try using a kohl eye pencil, the creamy ones, and then pat black eyeshadow on top of it to seal the liner... as a brush u can use a small angle brush or u can use a thin liner brush where the actual brush its slightly on an angle....i use the destiny angled brush from coastal scents...or the angle brow definer brush...and for putting the eyeshadow over my pencil on the water line i use the destiny mini detail brush.... I recommend these brushes if ur experimenting with diff brush sizes and uses and they are very cheap also
  17. yeh she doesnt look herself iykwim.... nice lip colour looks like it was mixed together with other colours to achieve this tho...
  18. heya girls like the title i have been really busy and have missed catching up with all the topics lol....ill eventually get around to them lol the last 2 weeks have been none stop and im at that point i just wanna sit down and do nothing lol Ive had to enrol my daughter into big school this year, she is no longer my baby...kindergarten is what she starts next year, ive also joined the gym, enrolled into school to do a community services course or mental health, also signed my daughter Cait to do swimming lessons so she can join lifegaurd (nippers), been having a few issues with bf but nothing too serious, i also got my license finally after being on my Learners for a while lol... ive been trying to get some makeup looks together it all written down for my idea and my stuff from vampfangs arrived a few days late for the vampire D2B but ill still get around to it hopefully, also have an idea on wta to do for the night sky D2B also but weather or not if i get to do it is another thing argh... ive also had some probs within my fam as my cousin is having problems with her 15 yr old and she is at breaking point, her other son was involved in a recent murder, he was a witness to a friend of his who did it...so he i looking at either some jail time or juvinile detention... so yeh thats whats been going on in the last 2 weeks lol...im missing my time out here on MUT but right now i thought id do a quick update before i have to go clean this darn house cause my roomies kids have trashed the crap out of it and she doesnt know ..but i think she is too lazy to clean up after her kids or do the dishes arrgghhh..sorry lil rant lol... Talk to you all soon Mwah
  19. oo all entries have turned out fabulous....ive been soo darn busy lately with my daughters events here that ive forgotten to come and check up on entries and do my own i love the looks and the diff inspiration from all of them...well done ladies
  20. ok so i have this brush and i agree crap...even tho it is 8 bucks please dont waste ur money!!! i have the 187 and 188 and the cs one and they are nothing alike!! ive heard the sonia ones work great and are a cheap alternative same with sigma!! as for cleaning ur brushes ive always gone to enkoremakeup on utube... Deoderizing brushes 1/4 cup of distilled water 1/2tsp fabric softner 1tsp white vineger 1/4 tsp baking soda small container ..fill container to cover bristles ..max 5 mins of soaking ..squeeze all fluids and tap excess on towel then wash brushes as usual Brush cleaner 1 cup of distilled water 1/4 cup of alcohol 1/2 spoon of dish soap 1/2 spoon of baby shampoo 1 spoon of leave in hair conditioner(liquid of course) wash as u normally would...also another tip...if uve used gel based item dont forget to wash olive oil to help clean it off then use the method above Hope this helps some ppl
  21. i def give credit to boujois there water proof one is amazing...i have very watery eyes also so i just seal it with some eyeshadow... i also like Victoria secrets thats is also cheap, i have recently found a japanese brand make and omg im in love and im yet to try it!! ill be doing a review on it in the next month or 2 on there 24hr long lasting eyebrow pen ....K-Palette supplies their stuff....just look it up herd nothing but great reviews on it
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