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  1. I recently started managing a beauty blog site where my daughter and I are hoping to host inspirational success stories & more online makeover contests. We will be giving away more free samples for contest sign-ups if anyone is interested. I'm looking forward to checking out these blogs! Everyone's welcome to check out our site and we appreciate any participation, opinions or feedback... we are newbies to the blogging arena! If you like what you see please feel free to share our link and posts with others!




  2. Girl you are fierce with the makeup! What college are you applying to? it looks like you don't even need to be in a school..lol. But anyways, I was looking for some makeup schools but just didnt know which ones were worth the price..if you know what I mean. Best of luck to you huns and keep up the excellent work! Oh, BTW I voted for you too.
  3. Wow, thanxs for your post Johnnie! Im not vegan because I love dairy, but I actually have decided to go vegetarian (today marks one week!). I have gone without meat before and did it for about 2 months...then starting back eating meat..now I am back to doing without. I mainly made the decision to go without eating meat for personal reasons. I mean there are so many benefits you receive along with cutting out meat of your diet. The transition for me wasn't hard and I still cook non vegetarian meals for my family. So, it works well with me and for me. Not everyone can do it..I will say that. I absolutely looove the way I feel without eating meat...I am already starting to see results with my weight and my skin is much clearer too! I do remember watching a vid on peta and it brought me to tears..literally and know that eventually I with go vegan but for now I am sticking to doing just without meat. Congrats everyone who has made the decision to go vegan/vegetarian! Love the support you guys are giving too. Chelle
  4. Girl, you rocked that look and I love how you used drugstore brands to complete the look! Great job! Chelle
  5. Hi, An option for a wearbale orange lip would be to try Covergirl's new line of glosses called ShineBlast in Fire (see pic below). It has a nice golden shimmer added to it to really make the orange "glow" on your lips. You can also read here @ Beaut.ie How To: Do Orange Lips at Beaut.ie – The Irish Beauty Blog Cosmetics, Makeup, Skincare, Reviews, News and Previews on cool ways to wear the orange lip. MUT Ladies: Cool and inspiring lips! Im lovin it! Chelle Fifth from the left, ShineBlast in Fire
  6. Hi, If you want to spend a little more than average on one, Urban Decay has a line of glitter liners called Heavy Metal ranging from baby blues to silvers. They can be found at Ulta stores. I have used glitter liners from the local beauty supply stores and they worked fairly well. Therefore, I dont know the very best brand to use. But, Urban Decay is commonly known for their liners and shadows so I would def. try them out. Hope this helps! Chelle
  7. I think there's def. drawbacks when it comes to cheaper mu brands, but for the most part they all offer great things that benefit everyone. For example, ELF is a great cheapo brand..I love their lip glosses but thats about it. LA Colors does extremely well when it comes to eyeshadows (when used with a good eye primer). So for me the two brands may not have the "total package", but you can take from their line whatever suits you best. Chelle
  8. So currently, I'm interested into exploring the world of mineral makeup. I've encountered minerals before and the experience was defintely one not to forget (in a very bad way). I ended up looking "ashy" and did not feel like ever bothering with minerals again. I have an olive skin tone with yellow undertones and wanted to know if any of the darker skinned girls ever tried mineral foundation? How did you like it? Chelle
  9. Well I was waiting for my Coastal Scents e/s palette but I got it the other weekend (love it, btw!!) but I just ordered some e.l.f products (like $24 worth) and I just got an email stating that the products were shipped today, so I can't wait to get them. I ordered a bunch of lipglosses and blushes..the two I can not live without!
  10. Colors (from l to r) Off With Her Red!, Mad as a Hatter, Thanks so Muchness, and Absolutely Alice! Price: $8.50/ea. Price for the mini polishes: $12.50 Starting January 31, 2010 Ulta stores everywhere will be flooded with nail polish fanatics (including me). These are limited edition colors made specifically for the Alice in Wonderland movie coming to theaters soon. For me, I am always trying to find polishes with smaller brushes on them because I have a tiny nail bed, so I will more than likely pick up the mini polishes. Sorry if the pics came out different colors (the 'mad as a hatter' color looks purple in the first pic and brown in the second)
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