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  1. I don't care what anyone says about MUFE HD powder...I like it. It totally gives me that "dim/good lighting" effect.
  2. MAC cleanse off oil is a favorite of mine. Super expensive, wish I knew of a drugstore dupe that was equally efficient. But I used to only use that at night, it was amazing at removing everything. I'm not sure it would actually do anything to prevent the oiliness during the day though. I'm probably more oily than the OP though. Cetaphil only for extremely oily ladies I guess/
  3. OP I love your hair...it's gawwjus Nars Albatross/Nars Laguna highlighter/contour same old, same old.
  4. The most important question is..... Which cleanser are you using to wash your face in the morning? Cetaphil for oily skin has literally...literally changed my life since I first started using it many years back. It's gentle, but very strong. My skin is super oily. In fact everything about me including my scalp is oily. The right cleanser makes a world of a difference underneath the proper makeup. Revlon Colorstay foundation is the only one that I can rely on to stay on all day.
  5. Clarifying shampoo was the answer for my scalp problems (dandruff, oily scalp, damaged hair, fallout)
  6. I'm on the hunt for a man and this fits me perfectly then. See funny thing is, I was reading some reviews for it online and specifically remember this one male saying, "It's an old lady perfume, I would NEVER find this attractive on a girl." Body chemistry mixing with the scent makes a huge difference.
  7. Here's the backstory on my "signature scent". Up until Chanel, I wore LaCoste's Inspiration in my teens after a French girl I knew commented that it was so pretty and then to D&G's "marshmellowy" scent Pour Femme, which I still love but it doesn't last very long. A family member of mine had a one time sale on Chanel perfume where she works so I had her pick up a bottle of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. Never tried it before didn't know what it smelled like. Received it from her, sniffed the free sample it came with. HATED it. Smelled so heavy and scented in the bottle. Never used it. Then, went on vacation for a week. Took this with me as a, "I paid $50 for this, going to use it at least once thing. Will try to make it work" The first time I wear it, that day, a guy is walking about 8 feet from me, early 30s, pretty suave. Says aloud, "Miss, that scent, WHAT is that scent, WHAT are you wearing? It smells SO good. I have to walk behind you just to smell it." (yes, half pervy thing to say but whatever, we were in a crowded lot). I tell him "Chanel" and I'm smitten that entire day as a man has never complimented me on my perfume before only women. So...there it is. Lasts long and makes me feel good. Love that scent too. Only had a free sample from around Xmas.
  8. .....eyeshadows....mascara....liner...anything eye related. As a girl with big eyes, I try to focus on that area the most. Don't even worry about lips.
  9. So, I receive loads of compliments on my lashes as well, which might seem pretty standard for someone who wears mascara but considering I'm half Chinese and half sparse hairs, I consider it a HUGE feat. lol. (and yes, I do take that long to get ready and it's totally worth every second) my tips and tricks 1.curl my lashes (of course) 2. Start off by apply an inexpensive but buildable drugstore mascara (CG voluminous for me) to build volume and length. Do about a coat of that, wiggle waggle application method like you mentioned. Really grip the base of the lashes. 3. WAIT UNTIL EACH COAT DRIES BEFORE APPLYING THE NEXT. Even if I have to fan or blow on it to quicken it up. (doing my other makeup to wait) 4. Go in for the kill with a heavy duty thickening mascara, Benefit's They're Real mascara. 5. Layering different mascaras gives you the ultimate doll eyed look For my bottom lashes, if I have left over product from when applying to the top, I'll use it, but I also keep nearly empty bottles of my mascara to either separate out the top lashes if they've clumped together or for the bottom lashes, since I don't like too much product there.
  10. I get this expression all the time from people since I was little up until now, but most of the time I think they just feel sorry for me and offering this up as a condolence of some sorts. lol
  11. I'm not liking the search feature on these boards either. I was trying to search for some common, common threads but having no luck. My HG Makeup Products Foundation= Revlon ColorStay Brows = MAC Espresso E/S Eyeshadows= MAC Honey Lust, Cork, Soft Brown, Woodwinked Liner= MAC Fluidline Gel Mascara= Drugstore = CG Voluminous, High End= Benefit's Are they Real? Highlighter= Nars Albatross
  12. Makeupalley. But I generally try to phase out all the 'extreme' reviews, meaning if I read enough positives and factor that in with the number of reviews in total, it's a sure fire bet. I rarely do samples. Girl doesn't have time for that lol. I go in for the kill with the full price.
  13. On the topic of pale skin, a lady one time at Macys insisted I use bleaching cream for my freckles. I mean, this was when I was....17? Do people actually still use bleaching cream? My skin isn't damaged, these are genetics in the works =\ Self acceptance. Something I'm generally coming to terms with.

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