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  1. I am looking for a super full coverage, highly concentrated liquid foundation or concealer, that I can mix into my moisturizer. I will be diluting it down, so it is best if it is highly concentrated. I plan on being able to adjust the level of coverage depending on the ratio of it to my moisturizer. Seems like these are poplular: Estee Lauder DW Maximum foundation, Vichy Dermablend foundation, Coverblend concealer, Amazing Concealer (too $$) KA Sensual Skin Enhancer (no thanks, mineral oil and too $$). Any more I should look into? thanks.
  2. I used to actually like Earthen Glow's (who knows if it was even mineral makeup) because it had a smooth, creamy, almost moist/wet feeling when I rubbed it between my fingers, and it had very full coverage. Other minerals often feel extremely dry and chalky on my fingers. Do any companies that are currently in business offer anything like what I am looking for? and for a good reasonable price? thanks
  3. hi. I have been white blonde for several years now and my hair is still pretty healthy and in fact, continues to grow. Most bleached hair suffers from a lot of breakage but I am growing mine long. It is already armpit length. I now have someone help me bleach my hair (my roots) every 3 weeks at home. The salon started and did the initial bleaching and for about 2 yrs. I have done it on my own ever since because I can do as good a job and was always bringing my own products in and telling her what not to do. Now I just have them trim my hair. They can't believe how healthy my bleached hair is. But it is actually because I don't do all the stuff they say and I avoid their products. First of all, I have always used sulfate free and silicone free products. This last year I have been only conditioner washing (vo5 conditioners). Except when rinsing the bleach out. I use a sulfate free shampoo (trader joes). Every 2 wks and before each root bleaching I do a protein treatment(sally gvp kpak) followed by a deep conditioning balm mask(sallys gvp matrix balm). I use a heat cap and then usually sleep in it. I also do oil masks. I always apply organic virgin coconut oil an hour or two before my root touch-up. Coconut oil and avocado oils are the only oils that can actually absorb into the hair. I don't heat style too much but when I do, I use a leave in spray that has an evaporating silicone, clyclomethicone (sallys miracle 7). All other silicones, will protect from heat, but will coat the hair and prevent all the conditioning from being able to absorb and then to remove the silicone a clarifying shampoo must be used and that just leads to drying the hair out. So it is just a vicious cycle that should be avoided. For me, if my hair is strong and hydrated heat doesn't affect it. If I need to tone, I use shimmerlights purple conditioner. I also wash it in a ph restoring foaming solution which neutralizes residual bleach and closes the cuticle. hope this helps you with some ideas.
  4. essentialwholesale.com has bulk mineral makeup bases. I don't know if that's what your looking for.
  5. I guess this company is gone for good and perhaps that's best since they were dishonest. Personally I had good experience with them and they always responded to my emails. I loved the Cover Me foundation. I had it in the shade Veronica. I thought it was going to be a good replacement for my Aromaleigh Glissade in 1N, since that has too be discontinued. Any recs for other brands with similar coverage (I don't require full coverage, but do enjoy the look, but I probably wouldn't mind something slightly less heavy) ??? In particular I really liked EG creamy feel, and the coverage and wear was great. I have tried Meow full coverage foundation (frisky sphynx is a pretty good match. I can also wear frisky siamese. I am a mac NW20). While I do like their undereye concealer and their foundation will do okay if that's the best I can manage to find, but I did notice it is kind of dry/chalky textured and not as smooth and creamy as EG. It also isn't totally matte and I can see tiny sparkles. Any recs? thanks.
  6. they have some stick and cream concealers. I have never heard of them.
  7. I like buying from just one company. it makes things easier. I would like to find a cream concealer for under eyes and either a liquid foundation or liquid concealer to use on the face. And then if I need more coverage I can go over it all with powder foundation. I was loving EGM since they had all of those formulations and was a reasonable price. But now I don't know where to turn to. thanks
  8. my favorite one KMF Alpha & Aloe oil/fragrance free. It could be used on face or body and caused no clogs or irritation. Unfortunately, its discontinued. I think they are still going to make the small (4oz) version of it but it is vanilla frangrance. It might work ok, but I dont like fragranced stuff. I might just have to use it since all the other ingredients are the same ( i guess, I havent checked). I like natural/organic products/ingredients. I feel like they are better for you. I dont know what to look for next and I am scared to try something new. It was so perfect for me and everything I look for in a moisturizer. Plus a huge amount for the $. Help please...i know...i getting desperate...lol thanks though.
  9. i tried it. I liked it. It def. lengthens and I didnt really get any thickening, but thats okay with me
  10. ooo thats pretty, thanks for posting
  11. so pretty and bright! cant wait, thanks for posting
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