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    I'm just your average middle aged guy with non-average hobby...
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    Fashion, makeup .... Ice hockey......
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    Black Ford Ranger
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    The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Rocky Horror, anything Python or John Cleese...
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    Mainly Rock N Roll
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    Smashbox, L'oreal and L'Oreal HIP
  1. Karren

    Asking for help...

    That's typically hard to figure out..... You could track her down on Twitter or Facebook and ask her yourself? And if it's really for you, Cam... We won't tell! lol
  2. Karren


    A cream, gel, or liquid liner will give you a more defined line for sure.... If I line my lower lid i do it from the las to the water line.... also check out Wet-N-Wilds eye liner pencils... Ther are grreat and only $1 each.... I've got a ton of them.
  3. Karren


    and yours look fine to me....
  4. Karren


    I never really considered thin as being slutty? Lol
  5. Karren

    Eye Shapes - What do you have?

    I really can't tell!
  6. Karren

    Fragrance at Bedtime?

    I smell a lot like tooth paste... Does that count? Lol.
  7. Karren

    What do you do...

    I wrote Maybelline an email when they discontinued their Eye Express eye liner and got a nice reply which basically said "too frigging bad.... Thanks for using our products". Lol. Still have half a tube left!
  8. Yeah.... an older kid or my wife! lol
  9. Karren

    Before and After shot of Mature makeover!

    wow!! That's an amazing job!!
  10. Karren

    Hello, I'm Kate!

    Yeah!! Welcome Kate! Makeup's one of my many hobbies too!
  11. Karren

    2012 NFL Playoff thread!!

    Maybe one of the Cajun Storage Wars guys can come up and beat Dave up! lol
  12. Karren

    What Used to Scare You?

    I've passed people I know when out enfemme and they had no clue.. "We" don't look much alike! Lol.
  13. Karren

    How to hide my scar

    I'd go see a good dermatologist.... There's many ways to make them less scar-like... I've had some that I used Scar-Zone on right away and kept then out of the sun... and they faded over time... Here's some good information - http://scarsfix.com/removing-scars/
  14. Karren

    What Used to Scare You?

    Besides getting caught by my mother? Plucking my eyebrows too thin....
  15. Most boys know they aren't supposed to play with Barbies. Or borrow their sisters clothes!
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