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  1. Sorry I have to say this, but in addition to the above comment, they're really dishonest too. They lied about the date my order was shipped out. eg. They told me it was shipped out on 15th but in actual fact was shipped out much later, like a week. So it made me think my order was lost. If they can lie about this, they can probably lie about shipping my order 3 times. But urgh whatever. Maybe they have improved. If you choose to buy from them, that's the risk you have to be willing to take.
  2. What's a really good foundation to wear when your skin is looking crappy and breaking out? I usually wear estee lauder doublewear and mufe face and body but I dont think I can at the moment.
  3. I think she's just using her name to sell the products. Because she's a good mu artist, it makes her products seem credible. I will not fall for that though.
  4. It will be hard finding eyeshadows as glittery and bright as archetype's but I think you'll be able to find foundations of a comparable quality. I think silk natural's similiar.
  5. Yes nothing could be worse than being lied to! I definitely wont be ordering from them again. No amount of cheap and good product can make up for the lack of customer service and poor business practices.
  6. I know!!! It's really dishonest of them to lie about shipping my order just so they didnt have to refund me. And they didnt lie once but TWICE!!!!
  7. They have really great coverage but I couldnt find a match.
  8. Guess what I received my order yesterday too. The postage label showed that it was shipped out n 28th Jan!!!! They even dare to tell me my order was already shipped out in dec/early jan when I asked for a refund. When I didnt receive my order, they said they would reship. WHat LIARS!!!!! They obviously didnt want to refund me. I was right. They never 'reship' the second time because they avoided my emails when I asked for the exact shipping date. Oh lo and behold, it was only shipped much later than they said it would. SO my order was never LOST or held up at customs, they just lied!!! omg Im so disgusted. I will never order from them. I dont want to give my business to this kind of company. Oh I was charged $6 for shipping when actual shipping was $2.90. Obviously they didnt refund the excess shipping. Adorned with grace took initiative to refund my excess shipping. That's good CS!!
  9. I never received anything shipping confirmation. Wow why would they say it was shipped 2 weeks before when it actually wasnt?
  10. Originally Posted by Lysette What a happy day - my haul finally arrived. I had already forgotten what I had ordered... Both parcels carry the postage stamp dating January 27, 2009. Guess you're right, goddess... Shipping confirmation gets e-mailed 2 weeks before the actual shipping takes place. The actual shipping on the other hand has been very swift - just 10 days to Estonia. Since I discovered TKB and their huge samples and DIY possibilities, I am actually not very sad about never ordering from Archetype again. I'll try to cook up my own foundation instead. did they tell you when they shipped it out? They said they shipped mine out a long time ago but they didnt tell me when.
  11. Right now, it's not the issue of international mails getting missing. It's probably not even mailed out at all!!! I mean they havent been replying my emails which is poor customer service. They're just running away from it.
  12. omg two times, they said they mailed out my order and that was few weeks ago! They haven even stopped replying me. They lied about mailing it out to this other girl in another forum. Im not surprised that they'll cheat us international customers because its easier to get away with it. really I have already stopped waiting for it and painfully accepted that my hard earned money is gone. I just hope people will be warned and not to get cheated by them.
  13. Originally Posted by vanja Agreed. I still haven't received anything (and I'm also in Northern Europe, BTW). It's easier to screw us as they don't have to provide proof that the package is actually sent. Isn't it funny how so many of us international customers are complaining about not receiving our orders? What a coincidence...not. Im sorry to hear that. Just because we're international customers, doesnt mean they can rip us off!!! Please help report to better business bureau then we all can get our money back.
  14. I think most orders are sent unregistered. Yea maybe because there's delivery confirmation for US orders so they only cheat the international customers. I've bought online many times and this rarely happens unless the company is really out to cheat. I guess archetype is somewhere there. haha.
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