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    [center]1.I love to read…it helps me escape…

    2.I’m tougher than I look. Small but terrible, as the saying goes…

    3.My boyfriend is my best friend, lover, confidante…he’s the only one who truly gets me…

    4.Makeup is my obsession…

    5.I’m a nice person, but I’m not fake. If I got something to say to you, I’ll say it to your face…

    6.I’m a dork-slash-perfectionist-slash-overachiever who gets depressed when I get a B. I believe that patience is a virtue and I just don’t understand slackers or quitters…

    7.Family is very important to me...

    8.I used to be a warm golden blonde…Eeek! :)

    9.I have a 110-lb dog who’s having an identity crisis because I call him “booboo� and “bearface� and “teddy� and “miko� and all sorts of nicknames. Poor guy doesn’t really know who he is now. Love him, though...slobber and all...

    10.I’m a hopeless romantic. I love sappy love stories and movies…

    11.I write short stories and poems. One of them ended up in Chicken Soup for the Soul and they sent me $200 bucks which I used to buy a Coach purse!

    12.But, I’m effin’ broke right now…so broke in fact that I'm thinking about [i]selling[/i] that Coach purse...

    13.I’m scared to death of roller-coasters…I googled “accidents at Disneyland� before my first trip there…

    14.The thought of tightlining gives me the shivers…

    15.I’m scared of ghosts although I’ve never seen one…

    16.Timbaland has the best beats!!

    17.It’s hard for me to trust people and let my guard down, but when I do so I’m very loyal…

    18.I hate it when people lie…I’d rather someone be tactless and blunt than to lie to my face. It’s such an insult…

    19.I’m a little crazy and unpredictable…

    20.I confess…I’m a bargain shopper![/center]
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    Movies, books, makeup, music, UFC and boxing, scrapbooking
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    Student at CSUEB
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    Any MAC e/s (I don't have much ATM) and brushes, NYX chrome e/s...and MAC postcards...not really a "product" but I want more!!!

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    The Notebook, 80s movies, Friday, Pretty Woman...all the chick flicks you can think of. Haha.
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    Pretty much anything...yes...even some country songs...JUST a few select ones though, not all...

    I listen to a LOT, I mean a LOT of 80s songs...I never get tired of them...I think the 80s had the best melodies, lyrics, and the most timeless beats...some old school 80s songs still sound "new" today.

    I also listen to a lot of salsa--I love Marc Anthony, some old school stuff like Frankie Ruiz...merengue, reggaeton, bachata, anything produced by Timbaland, Alicia Keys--this woman writes her own songs and she can really sing!!
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    Love Story by Erich Segal, classics like Wuthering Heights and Lady Chatterley's Lover, The Da Vinci Code, Stephen King books, and romance novels.
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    NYX Cosmetics
  1. Angila...you're right it is interesting to read...it'd be more fun if those who don't believe would expand more on why they don't believe so we can get a good discussion going... Speaking of "fun" lol, anyone going to watch 2012 the movie on Friday? It's on Friday the 13th you guys!!! It's like Halloween all over again, lol.
  2. Originally Posted by bCreative Thanks la chinita! You've been a lot of help and I appreciate all the advice. Makes me feel better about this whole looking for a job thing. No problem! I know how it feels to keep trying and not getting any response back from the jobs I applied for. It can get very discouraging. I was always on the hunt...it was almost like a full-time job, lol. I get up in the morning and start putting applications in...searching job engines...typing up resumes, the whole deal. By the time I know it it's time to make dinner, haha. Thank goodness someone gave me a chance...it's just a job as a substitute, it's not full time and not regular, but hey, it's something. I'm sure someone will give you a chance too. Hang in there. Originally Posted by PrettyFlowers I am worried because it seems that the paper is not reporting any positive promises. The bank is saying it won't get better, but it is them who has the power to create this problem in the first place. Lay off notice was issued last spring, where I work, and now the seniors are being offered the retirement package. Meanwhile, they don't make a lot of money to retire early and live the life. You know? So now they may have to look for another job that should be going to others who have have to work for another 10 or 30 years to save for retirement. Wow...it's like a vicious cycle...the seniors have to look for a job, creating more competition for young adults trying to get into the job market...laying off workers may seem best for one particular company but it's not helping the economy.
  3. Originally Posted by dixiewolf People say that kind of stuff to me as well. I am 31, and people think I am in college. My fiancee is 6 years older, he looks his age though. Some people are kinda rude about asking my age, le sigh. However, I love to go to local fairs so they can guess my age, my mom and I always win, lol Wow you look so young! I did think you were a college student! Funny, some teenager at the gym asked my bf if he had a son...the guy was talking about my bf's brother! lol...we were like, so if he looked like he could be the father of a 16-yr old, then he must look like a predator next to lil old me!! haha...usually people think he's older than me but not THAT old.
  4. Originally Posted by bCreative *update* So it's been a week and two days since my interview with Macy's and applying to Bath & Body Works. Haven't heard back from neither of them, so today I called BBW and according to the manager so many people have applied there so it's taking them a while to go through all the applications and she told me that they would be calling if they wanted to interview me, and she said it might be in a couple of weeks! Of course I was thinking "A couple of weeks! I need a job now!" But I'm not ruling them out completely. As far as Macy's I don't know, I really felt like I screwed up on that interview so I don't think they will be calling. Still on the hunt! It does take a while to sort through so many applications...I remember while I was waiting to get interviewed at Kohl's a couple of people stopped by for applications. They never called me, by the way, lol. Even if you didn't do so well in the interview, that just serves as good experience. Maybe the next time you get interviewed, you won't be as nervous because you already know what not to do or what not to say. It also helps to do some preparation, maybe research possible questions online. I borrowed a book from the library-Job INterviews for Dummies- and it has REALLY helped. I mean REALLY helped me gain more confidence and strategy for interviews. Like the book said, an interview is like a play...the interviewer has a role and you have a role. In other words, you have to "wow" them with your act. You have to essentially not just "be yourself", but an extra confident, extra enthusiastic, extra passionate version of yourself. If you're not feeling it, you have to fake it at some degree, without being overdramatic. I read that book back to back, followed its advice, and it really helped me do better at interviews. Just don't give up hun...keep putting applications in. I was putting in several applications everyday, and not all of them even called back or acknowledged that my application was received. Trust me, you'll find a job, it'll just take some time with this sucky economy. Originally Posted by bCreative Someone laughed during your interview? That is very unprofessional and I wouldn't want to work for someone like that. I just turned in an application for Jo Ann's, so we'll see where that takes me. Good luck to you on that application! I agree it's very unprofessional to laugh at someone during an interview. It's appalling to me how some interviewers act. It's as if they're in a power trip. This one interview I went to had me waiting 30 minutes, then when she finally took me in, she took several more minutes checking a message on her phone! How unprofessional! And then, during the interview she was yawning, tapping the table, etc. If she was not interested in hearing what I have to say, she should at least be polite and just end the interview right there. Originally Posted by dixiewolf I'm sorry I have no money or job so I can sympathize. I have also screwed up on past interviews, big time, as in, I went home and cried b/c I messed up so bad. Once I was told the wrong time by the receptionist, so I showed up an hour late, thinking that was the time. That guy was so mad, he ragged on me the whole interview, about how I probably would never show up to work on time. I had someone laugh at me once too, I dont even know why. I was supposed to submit writing samples and she just laughed and laughed. They werent funny samples, and I had been told they were good. People are so weird sometimes. Life goes on though. Wow, how unprofessional! Like I said, it seems like they're on a power trip sometimes. I also screwed up really bad on past interviews...and to think that I actually prepared for it and everything. My nerves got the best of me, and I just went in with a defeated attitude. And as soon as I walked out of a room, I tripped on my heel on the stairs right outside the window! Needless to say, it was a really bad fall...my ankle was super swollen weeks after that. To this day it doesn't feel the same. I'll never forget that interview! But it has really helped me do better in the ones I had after that. I guess if you know how nervous you can get it'd be easier to prepare yourself for it and control the nerves.
  5. Originally Posted by Karren Go do the haunted ghost tour over off Van Ness at the Queen Ann hotel.. Inexpensive and kind of a scarry romantic fun? Lol. I thought it was a blast.. How about going ice skating down by the Metreon? Sounds fun! We went to Pirates of Emerson a couple years back...is it like a haunted house, or is it a real haunted place? Ice skating sounds fun too...we both have never been. It'd be fun watching each other fall on our backs. Originally Posted by blueglitter what about stuff like gokarting or paintballing, fishing, hiking, do you have an imax near you? decorating can be fun, im not very good at this stuff lol Funny, he actually mentioned paintballing to me once...it'd be interesting to try! Although I'd be scared to get hit too much because I bruise easy, lol.
  6. LMAO, Seven! Actually we met in high school. I was a senior and he was a junior. To this day, I get teased that I like younger guys, haha. Even he teases me that he wasn't even 18 yet when I met him. Originally Posted by dixiewolf You are better than me. I cant ever remember when we met. I know the month, but date? Forget it.We have been together almost 8 years too. I dont have a good memory though, he can remember everything. We do nothing on our anniversary though. Perhaps when we marry, or not, I might forget that too. LOL you are too funny! I remember the exact date when we met because it was two days before my birthday. He asked for my number on a Monday and he waited til Wednesday to call. Some kind of guy thing where they're not supposed to call on that day they got the number or the day after. So when he finally called, it was my birthday. Honestly I'd forget most dates too, but back in high school I kept a diary and wrote things that happened on my daily planner, lol.
  7. Hi all! So my bf and I are going on our 9th year together this Friday and I really want to do something together that is romantic yet affordable. I've searched online and found some pretty good ideas...but most of them were kinda typical...walks on the beach, that kind of thing. I live in the Bay Area and I was wondering if any of you guys know of any places around here that would make a romantic but affordable date? Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
  8. Hmm I would say first, give it two weeks and if they still haven't called, then call them to follow up. If they don't call you back or give you the runaround, I'd give it another week. If you don't get anything by then, I'd call one last time, just to make sure...sometimes it takes a while to process papers. So overall, maybe 3-4 weeks. Usually you'd get a call before then if they wanna hire you. Just make sure you call to follow up so they know you're really interested.
  9. I would say 10 minutes is about average length of time. It depends on the position and the structure of the interview. I've went to interviews where it was around 10 minutes or even shorter because they had all their questions written out. Then for some of the more unstructured ones it could take 10 minutes or more depending on if the interviewer likes to talk, lol. Good for you for taking initiative on filling out another application! Don't give up hun!
  10. Originally Posted by magosienne I tend to respect the mayans as they were, if i remember correctly my high school history, the first to master astronomy, it makes their point sort of more valid in my eyes. This is a very good point. I think it's one of the reasons why the year 2012 has gotten so much attention because it's apparently an important date to the Mayans...it's amazing how they were able to master astronomy without modern tools we have today. They were so accurate about their predictions that it's unsettling. Originally Posted by daer0n check out what is on the show tonight (Oct 14) 10 pm - 2 am PT Interpreting 2012 Where can I access the show? I went to the site, but I didn't find any links to the actual radio show...is in on Itunes? any help would be appreciated!
  11. Originally Posted by daer0n I forgot to post A link to the cow story: Earthfiles.com Environment | Authorities Baffled in California and Switzerland As Cattle Fall Off Cliffs and Die this site is good for off beat news about the unexplained; UFO's, Crop circles, cattle mutilations so on, but it is also good for main stream news about space, pandemics (H1N1 for the time being) and different earth changes - volcanoes, earth quakes,hurricanes and floodings-. there is also a radio show that discusses these things called coast to coast am -this is where I first heard about Earthfiles and Richard C Hogland- I'm halfway through the Hoagland coast to coast movie/conference. This guy has some pretty interesting theories and predictions. When he mentioned his prediction about Obama's birthplace and how it was 19.5 on the globe...I was like, woah. Originally Posted by Tony-admin The end of the world in 2012 is Bush's fault. lol, I agree. Originally Posted by kitamad I think I need to stop watching apocalyptic movies... Is it just me or have there been more than usual out lately or due to be released soon? I noticed there's been more than usual out lately. Movies, documentaries, specials, and apparently, even shows.
  12. Originally Posted by StereoXGirl You can wear it with jeans as long as the jeans aren't too close in color to the jacket (that'll make it look like a denim suit. lol.). Lol...I'm cringing at the thought of a "denim suit". I've seen people do this, lol. I have some light gray jeans or black denim... would that work?
  13. Originally Posted by daer0n What you are reffering to is called "Time wave zero" or 'novelty theory' and you are right it has to do with the i ching. I believe that Greg Braden incorrectly calls it "Zero point energy" (I have also heard 'God energy' because it is the quantam physical energy of the vacum.....i.e. it is there when nothing is there) here is a qoute from wikipedia: His theory (Terence Mckenna) is pretty interesting, and seems pretty sound if you listen to people like Richard C hogland (he has a good movie on video.google called "The hyper dimensional election of Barack Obama" that you can parallel) or David Wilcock (he also has a few ideas that parallel both Richard C and Terence Mckenna) if you are interested in 'watching the patterns' here are two good websites to follow: Stan Deyo Live USGS Ian Lungold was pretty great. However his dates are wrong due to the 'correlation problem' there are all kinds of sites that go over the debate here are few: 2012: JENKINS / CALLEMAN DEBATE but maybe that is what is meant by 'no one will know' because of the confusion over the start date so on. I really just wish more people would be able to open their eyes to see something is happening, I personally believe that if more people 'got it' the transition would be much smoother. I mean think about it as simply as a person giving you a great big poop eating grin, it becomes infectious and makes you want to smile too, imagine that on a universal scale, it would be AWESOME. Thanks for all the links, Nury! This is getting even more interesting to me...which goes back to my earlier point: the more I find out about this phenomenon, the more information there is that I have yet to know. I definitely need to check out these websites, especially the one with the patterns. Sounds really interesting. I agree with you that I wish people would be more open to see that something is happening. Nowadays people are so resistant to these possibilities--and I call them "possibilities" because I'm no psychic, I'm not claiming that I know it's gonna happen or not. It's easier not to worry about it because we've got our own little things to worry about, like what to cook for dinner, or when the economy's gonna get better. I do think that the word is spreading, and more people are starting to look it up for themselves and find out answers for themselves. That's a good start. Originally Posted by daer0n There are a lot of things to point out, that are happening nowadays, not only unusual weather which is being pointed out by the meteorologists on the news, calling it 'crazy wheater' and wondering what is going on, and if global warming has anything to do with such events, there is also a couple of other strange events such as the whales beaching themselves, as well as the dolphins, the death/disappearance of the bees, and cows suiciding, a huge mass of salmon not coming back to their 'homes' and disappearing as well, not to mention the crop circles that we've been having in England, Italy, Germany and Canada, if you really look at the complexity of the geometries that have been drawn by whomever is making them, you will know that they have NOT been created by humans, and not buy what the media says about a couple drunk guys flattening down the crops with a piece of wood...surreal, they would have to be so gifted to be able to do that in the middle of the night with a piece of wood, drunk, to get these humongous geometries drawn perfectly in the dark..no? I would say to all the people that are keeping an open mind and paying attention to all the things that are happening in our planet and the cosmos to keep doing so without being afraid to be called a nut, crazy, or whatever they want to call it, there is a reason why things happen, there is a reason why you are interested in these things and why you are paying attention, we all have an instinct, we all have a sixth sense, or, what many people would like to call 'the guardian angel'. I prefer to call it a higher collective consciousness that advises you, protects you and guides you all the time. Check out some of the documentaries by David Wilcock, Gregg Braden, Richard C. Hoagland, Project Camelot, Dr. J.J Hurtak, Lynne McTaggart, & John Hogue on google video or youtube, they are extremely informative, and i am sure you will find them very interesting and mind blowing as well. Oh and as a suggestion, watch the Celestine Prophecy movie, it is awesome. Pay attention to your dreams and listen to them, also tell your family to do so when having dreams about these events, a lot of people will go to fortune tellers and mediums to find out about these things, but most of the time they are just fakes, we all possess the ability to see these things and do not need a crystal ball to be able to see them either, we should not rely on others to tell us about the future, past or present of our lives, we all possess and innate ability to see it for ourselves; thank God we are not living in the age of the Inquisition because many people back then were being burnt at the stake for talking about these things And lastly, we should all have in mind that Apocalypse means Revelation [in greek], NOT disaster. Wow, I didn't know about the whales beaching themselves, or the cows suiciding...that's so weird and unnatural. I mean, why would a cow kill herself? There's definitely something out of whack there. It reminds me of the movie The Happening, where the bees were disappearing and no one knew why. Even scientists are baffled by these events. To me, it's very humbling to know that we're at the mercy of nature, no matter how high-tech our lives have become. My cousins whose house was flooded came home only to find that people are missing, their belongings either swept by the current, or ruined, and their beloved dog buried in mud. There was nothing they could do. It's definitely hard to even discuss this topic with friends or family because most of them are so eager to dismiss the whole thing. Maybe they don't think I'm crazy, but that the idea is crazy. My whole thing is that I'm not saying I know it's gonna happen...it just fascinates me because I can feel that something is going on, and I like finding out more about it and making my own opinions and finding answers to my questions. As a student I've always been the one whose always asking "why"? lol. Maybe because I'm an only child, I don't know, lol. Anyway, growing up I've learned not to believe everything they teach us in school and everything we read in textbooks. I'm gonna have a busy time on youtube!! I can't wait to watch the documentaries you recommended as well as the Celestine Prophecy.

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