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  1. Teenage_Kicks

    A question for those from the UK...

    We call them crisps. Lol. This is sooo confusing.
  2. Teenage_Kicks

    A question for those from the UK...

    Lol. We call 'french fries' chips. And i love chips with mayo!
  3. Teenage_Kicks

    A question for those from the UK...

    I've lived in England all my life and have never heard of the word cookie meaning prostitute, lol. As for the cookies and the biscuits. We call cookies what the first picture you posted is. A cookie for us is a biscuit with chocolate chips in it. And biscuits, biscuits are just flat biscuit things...lol that was crappy, like these.. they dont have to have chocolate on them. And what yout call biscuits...they look sort of like our scones to me.
  4. Eeeeeeeeeep! I need help. What is the best way? Other than bleaching. Or laser treatment. My hair is black and my skin is medium-ish. Alsooooooooo, i want to use an epiltor for my legs and underarms. any tips for that? Is it really painful?
  5. Teenage_Kicks


  6. Teenage_Kicks

    20 Responses to Telemarketers

    haha, i could use those! Our phone line is supposed to be x directory so they cant get our number but they manage to call anyway.
  7. Teenage_Kicks

    Hilarious Pictures For You!

  8. Teenage_Kicks

    ABC's of Harry Potter.....

  9. Teenage_Kicks

    The Tampon Game

    how to lose a tampon in 10 days
  10. Teenage_Kicks

    Credit Cards--- Priceless!

    Ha! Stupid
  11. Teenage_Kicks

    Photoshop Anyone?

    Hahaha. Creepy though :S
  12. Teenage_Kicks

    15 Pieces Of Advice For Woman :)

    Hahaa. they're good.
  13. Teenage_Kicks


    Hey everybody, I'm new I'm 15. And from England.
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