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  1. Hi everyone! So I recently went to the local MAC counter and got matched with a shade for MAC Studio Fix Powder. Apparently, my match is NC40. Although, I'm not totally convinced I should use MAC foundation again since I have oily and super bad, acne prone skin. I was wondering if anyone else uses, or have used, MAC foundations in NC40 and knows of any alternative foundations in shades similar to NC40. Thanks to everyone in advance for responding! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Originally Posted by ashbee i don't know if u wanna try this...but it works for me...due to my really painful crampings during my period my dr. prescribed "the pill" and i don't really have much of a break out problem..but get very annoyed but the 2-4 i get once in a while....anywayz..it was working i ended up with A pimple here and there..but then i stopped using it..and had a lot more then my usual amount...which was really bad cuz i got a problem of sitting there and picking the shit outta them..lol.... well..then i cut a lemon (yes lemon) in half..squished the juice outta on half and put it all over my face...it burned like shit where the pimples were..left it on for about 10-15 minutes (the burning goes away after a while)...then washed it of with water...i do that about 2-3 times a week..and barely ever break out anymore...and my skin has a glow to it now...before i need to use sum moisturizer cuz it's like -20 here and it get dry cheeks..but those are gone too now...i dunno try it ..if it doesn't work..wat's to lose? a $1.00 worth of lemon that's all..lol but if u wanna try something 'medical' then the birth control pill worked for sum of my friends..and me but i stopped taking it..so i got more.. thanks for the response ashbee. wow, lemon.. hmmm, i might try that. clear skin is total worth a bit of stinging. i'm actually on "the pill" right now but i don't think it's done anything for my acne. =( maybe i'm just not as lucky as other women who are on the pill and experienced amazing results. Originally Posted by makeup_obsessed I too have been battling oily, acne prone skin probably since I was 10 or 11 years old. Today, my skin is just about perfect, thanks to Clean and Clear shine control cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer (the green line). My HG!!! oddly enough, i haven't given the clean and clear shine control line a try. i tried the original morning burst cleanser but i had zero results. i think that prevented me from trying the morning burst shine control cleanser. i'll consider giving it a try after i'm done with my current cleanser. thanks for responding.
  3. Originally Posted by Jennyjean What about proactive? I used it and it worked wonders and same with my boyfriend. I have heard a few people say it didnt work for them but with me, i started seeing results within a few days!! Let us know what you decide on!!! Always good to know!! I no longer have too bad of issues with acne so i stopped using proactive however i still do get pretty oily!!! Good luck on finding your product!!! I have used Proactiv about two years ago. It was before their 30-day trail kit came out, so I had a full 2 month kit. I used it but it didn't do much for me. My boyfriend is convinced that it's a miracle worker though (too bad he can't afford to keep using it though). My best friend uses it too. I would give it another try but I think I've become allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide. I'll definitely let you know what I find that can tone down oily skin.
  4. Originally Posted by Framboise Have you tried going to a doctor? I've met the acne problem about 17 and suffered for about 2 years. Then I went to a doctor, the first prescription was doing okay but I started breaking out again. Then the doctor gave me a little less light prescription and thank God my acne is under control. It hasn't fully healed yet, but hopefully it will. I used antibiotics for the first 2 weeks of the treatment btw. The right antibiotics surely help with acne. Oh and, doctor told me to use a soap to clean my face before applying my medication. That made me leave my 3 steps care(which was actually 2 steps because the moisturiser gave me break outs every time I used it). I bought a soap called "Imex"(It says it helps with acne treatment on it) from the pharmacist/drug store for about 10$ and it did a much better job than any cosmetic cleanser I've ever used at controlling the oil on my face. So, the bottom line is, I wouldn't recommend and trust cosmetics for acne, even though I am a cosmetic junkie myself. Originally Posted by magosienne My absolute HG cleanser is aleppo soap, but i don't know if it's easy to find in the U.S. I buy mine in a healthfood store. If you haven't done it yet, get a doctor's opinion, maybe consult a derm. The one line of products that seemed to work for me was Visibly Clear from Neutrogena, especially the 2 in 1 cleanser but even that after a while, wasn't as effective for my skin. Thanks for the responses. I've been wanting to go to a dermatologist for ages (I think I started bugging my mother to take me to a derm when I was in the 8th grade), but unfortunately, my health insurance doesn't cover derm visit and I lack the money for derm visits, prescriptions, etc. I don't think my college health center has a dermatologist either. =/ I've been thinking about switching to a soap-form cleanser just to try something different. I'll see if I can find Imex and Aleppo where I live. Thanks again. Originally Posted by katnahat OCM. IMO, I don't think anything works better. thanks for the response. I've read about OCM but I am lost as to what oils to use. what oils would you recommend for oily, acne-prone skin?
  5. I've been battling with my oily, acne-prone skin for what seems like ages. I've been bouncing from one product to the next (don't worry, I use up the entire tube before giving up on the product), but I have yet to find any product that keeps my acne to a minimum and reduces my skin's excessive oil production. Can anyone recommend any facial cleansers, facial masks, acne treatments, etc that will help me with either my acne or my excessive oil? I'd prefer products that can be bought a local drugstores since it's really convenient, but I am willing to do almost anything for clear, beautiful skin. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Originally Posted by saitoyf Good news! I had email to kim asking her when is the pre buy brushes.She send back to me & said it will be after they reopen their shop which will be on the 1st Nov.Horray Horray!!!Well she might said is 1st Nov, but if subject to change , don't find me!! haha I can't wait! I'm getting my first paycheck from work soon so I am definitely going to put in an order.. or two =D
  7. i really do hope they have a pre-sale! i need a backup kabuki since my kabuki takes so long to dry, especially now that i live in SF and the weather is cool almost every single day! i would like a fiber optic and flat top brush too.
  8. (sorry if this is in the wrong forum) Does anyone know whether or not Lumiere will have another Pre-Buy Brush Sale? or any other brush sale?
  9. oh my gosh *drools* i can't wait for more information! i've been dying to get my hands on a MAC holiday brush set for agesss!
  10. i hope this is true! i will totally break my no-buy promise (to my boyfriend and everyone on Vox) for hello kitty mac!
  11. I've tried their foundation, finishing powder and blush. with a primer, this stuff has really good lasting power, especially for the price! i absolutely LOVE the finishing powder. it just blends the foundation right into the skin and makes the skin look so smooth. i'm not loving the blush as much because i picked shades that look a bit orange on me but that's just me. hope you like enjoy your samples! i know i am! =)
  12. Does anyone know the difference between the two (other than the bristle color)?
  13. in terms of practicality (for me that is) i'd choose the MAC because it has both a blush brush (i can't do blush without an angled or duo fiber brush) AND a powder brush (the duo fiber is a multi-tasker. but I've heard that the SE edition of the MAC brushes aren't as soft and well-made as their full size counterparts. So go for the Trish. the kit is slightly more expensive but you get get a set for the entire face and it's more likely to be higher quality than the MAC.
  14. the BE store in one of the San Francisco malls does makeovers for free. and they sell BE stuff only.
  15. I've decided to go with tinted moisturizers for the summer instead of my usual mmu. But my question is: do tinted moisturizers need to be set with powder?

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