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    23 Years old I am married and have 2cats and one Boxer. I live in Appalachia. I used to teach ballroom dance, and also went to school for writing, acting, and singing.

    Also, here are the loves of my life:


    Evan, my kitty :) He is such a baby.


    Joy, my spoiled little princess. This is how she repays our love much of the time! LOL


    Syler, our BIG baby! He turns into a bigger baby everyday!

    And finally...


    Us! Oh wait, he blinked...


    Well...okay...at least he's laughing. :) (Sorry for all the chest hair gals! lol)
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    Pretty much makeup, all things internet, Youtube-ing, and the like.
  • My Occupation
    Homemaker :)
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Oh, it's long. You'll have to go look it up on the official page for all that. But much of it is *moisture* related, like:

    Hair Styling Products for thick, thirsty, bi-racial curly hair (also men's thick hair products would be appreciated!)

    Hair Treatments just for me (the thick, curly stuff)

    Facial Moisturizers for extra dry, sensitive skin (but sometimes oily and sensitive for my husband)

    Body Lotions and Creams just for me (hubby will use whatever is around! thank goodness its g
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    White Lexus ES 4-door sedan
  • My Favorite Movies
    No favorites
  • Favorite Music
    No favorites here, either, but I really can't stand zydeco.
  • Favorite Books
    Don't read much lately, unless it's on my computer monitor or on a product label. ;)
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Aveda and The Body Shop
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    The meaning of my entire name kind of makes me sound like a witch doctor.
  1. Small and large round and square rhinestones. More than half left on two sheets. Wishlist please.
  2. Well, I haven't been around much lately, but I think I'm gonna try it
  3. I didn't really care fore the conditioner I tried in that line. I thought it was very oily and didn't detangle my hair at all; but my hair is natural, bi-racial, and very thick.
  4. Originally Posted by Retro-Violet the only thing ive noticed that has helped any, is avdea's curly hair line. its a little pricey, but worth the money. plus it smells awsome. I agree that this is a great line too. Their thicker styling agent in the line is like a balm in a squat navy blue sueeze bottle (but be careful, squeeze a little too much, and you've wasted it!) and is absolutely wonderful for unruly wild, thick curls, and I use it. However, it is pricey (18 dollars an item!) and definitely NOT in the drugstore range...
  5. Wow, Aquilah, beautiful! That MAC Sundressing is definitely going on my wishlist! And your lashes look stunning! Did you curl them before you applied the Avon Uplifting, or no? I've heard good and bad things about it, and have been on the fence about it myself, so I'm curious as to how you like it and use it.
  6. Thankyou everybunny I actually was up watching all the episodes of Lost: Season 3 on DVD to catch up for the next season with my husband when I did this, so when we were through (we actually finished it, yay!), I just went to bed, in a daze since by then it was 7 am, lol, and didn't even wash it off from having it on for hours (I know, I know). but lo and behold, I wake up later on today around 2pm (we are rockstars haha) and the eye makeup is still exactly the way I left it! This stuff is great! The costume shop where I got it also had Ben Nye cream color stuff for your eyes, but it had mineral oil and petrolatum as main ingredients, and I know me and my skin, and I just *couldn't* buy it, I just wouldn't use it, I don't use that type of stuff normally, and I couldn't bring myself to even for great results like dramatic styles. I'm so happy I found this stuff. Yes, it's water soluble, so if you get caught out in the rain, well, that's it, or if you cry, or if you eat something (this can also be used on the lips, it's great for a lovely matte look, but only some colors, same goes for the eyes), but the ingredients are wayyyyyy gentler and even include aloe at the *top* of the list. If that's not good for you, I don't know what is. Oh! And empiricalbeauty, I love your look today! Your braids are beautiful! One day I have to get some put in! Entipy, I love that green, is it the green that has the foil to it, or the other shadow, or all of it?
  7. Well, I guess I'm the first! My FOTD today is nothing great, I just wanted to show my new Mehron colors I got. They are similar to Kryolan in that they only work wet, but they are not paste-like at all, definitely more watercolor-like. The only way they can be worked with is when you mix them with water, and this is green, green mixed with black, and green mixed with white. I really like these "paints." They are so much fun! I hope to do many more FOTDs and some future DTBs with them and to get better at applying them, too! They are very versatile. Here is everything I used: Face: Origins Halo Effect Instant illuminator for face Madeleine Mono Facecolor in Tan- 4 L'Oreal HIP Powder Bronzer MAC Powder Blush in Fleurry Sparkle Gel Glitter Makeup for Face and Body Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder in Light/Medium Eyes: Origins Halo Effect Instant illuminator for face Madeleine Mono Facecolor in Tan- 4 L'Oreal HIP Powder Bronzer MAC Powder Blush in Fleurry Sparkle Gel Glitter Makeup for Face and Body Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder in Light/Medium Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Basic Palette using Green, Black, and White Estee Lauder Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in 03 Soft Black MAC Fibre Rich Lash in Whole Brown Lips: Blistex Fruit Smoothies in Melon Medley Origins Halo Effect Instant illuminator for face Madeleine Mono Facecolor in Tan- 4 L'Oreal HIP Powder Bronzer MAC Powder Blush in Fleurry Sparkle Gel Glitter Makeup for Face and Body Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder in Light/Medium Maybelline shiny-licious in 80 cola-float Alright, here we go!
  8. I have very thick, tight, curly hair, not too frizz prone if I moisturize it regularly, but always very full, VERY big hair! lol My favorite drugstore finds are these: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Smooth Shine Anti-Frizz Cream Dove Curl & Sculpt Defining Mousse Suave Professionals Freeze Hold Finishing Spray John Frieda brilliant brunette Light Reflecting Moisturizing Conditioner Pantene Pro-V Treatment Intensive Curl Hydrating Mask
  9. Originally Posted by monniej i always comb through these threads over and over to see if i missed anything and this time i picked up on utmostrose's comments about aveda products, specifically the sap moss nurishing concentrate and the fact that she didn't have any breakage when she used it. when i visited the aveda site i found that they have a new line of products called "be curly". has anyone checked these out? i've never tried aveda products so i wondered how they would perform on our hair. i've included a link. let me know what you think, ladies. thanks! monnie Aveda - official site - shop hair care - be curly Hey Monnie! (I've always wanted to say that, hehe ) I'm flattered you picked up on my comment about the Sap Moss, it *is* great! As for the Be Curly line, I have tried the Curl Balm from the line, not the lotion, but the thicker styling creme in the squat navy blue sueeze bottle. It is a great pre-styling, moisturizer for thick hard-to style curls and kinks and really spreads well. The only problem I have is with the opening, which is a tad too large for the slithly runny formual which you have to be quick not to let it all drip out of. Other than that, its great!
  10. OMG, my stash is huge!!! LOL, I don't have the time yet right now to even do one of those stash threads, (well, I would if it was just the makeup *I* was using, but not if it included everything I was swapping too, plus bathroom stuff, wow, don't get me started on bathroom products!) But Aprill, you said they are *supposed* to get an email. Do you mean thwy don't always, or that they definitely do, and I should just chalk it up to when I write "let me know either way" they just don't care enough to write back "no thanks" so I don't have to keep guessing and waiting? lol, *not*
  11. I try to contact people through the swap messaging system, but never get replies on this site. Do you ladies? I don't know if my messages are getting received and they are being ignored, or if they are not going through at all. Do you know if the form really works, or if PMing about the swap item works better?
  12. Well, I picked Frost Princess, because even though these other choices sound like fun, I don't celebrate Christmas, like probably other members on here. I know the contest would extend to past that time for those who celebrate, but for those of us who don't, well, it just extends past December 25th :/ Sorry.

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