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    My friend says it best when she tells people that, "Quan is THAT guy!" Come on, don't act like you don't know.

    I'm a nut. Especially when you booze me up. Booze me up too much and I become a sleepy nut. I'm not as fun then, but some of my friends will disagree on that point and they have pictures to prove it. =(

    I'll do anything at least once, and at least once more if I like it!
  • My Interests
    Mountain Biking and Snowboarding.

    I really live for the winters. Nothing like bombing down a huge hill covered with frozen water with a stick strapped to your feet.
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    For Work: 2006 Mazda 3 Hatch
    For Play: 2000 Audi A4
  • My Favorite Movies
    Shawshank Redemption
    The Dark Knight
  • Favorite Music
    Pre-2000 Erasure
    Hip Hop
    Anything with a good beat!
  • Favorite Books
    The Giving Tree
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Makeup Forever
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I have really small feet and can fit into a 6.5 women's shoe. T_T
  1. I love MUFE Sens'Eyes remover something fierce! That stuff is great and takes everything off with ease. What I've been using more now is the Neutrogena Towelettes. It's super convenient and works really well. The nice thing about the packaging is that it has a resealable opening so that the wipes all don't dry out on you. MAC wipes, hmm???
  2. I was fearing the worst when I saw the word "mullet" in the title. They definitely need to change the name or something! Cute dress, though.
  3. I used to hate peppers in general, but bell peppers especially. Now, I love the spicy kick and in the case of bell peppers, the aroma and texture they provide to food.
  4. She definitely does look amazing! I've gotta say, though, the exception doesn't make the rule. If you can find more people who look like that because of a vegan diet, then you can sign me up! Otherwise, I'd have to say I'm extremely jealous of her genes.
  5. I like Makeup Forever's Sens'Eyes. That stuff works great! It'll take pretty much anything off without having to resort to a lot of scrubbing that'll leave my eyes all raw.
  6. ticki


    different looks
  7. I have ATT dsl and I pay about 30 a month for one of their faster lines of service. You don't have to carry a landline to have DSL service. It's just that the DSL service uses the phone line as a means of transmission. I think their starting rates are $15 a month for basic DSL. A perk is with the DSL service, you get access to ATT wifi hotspots as well. If you do any travelling or just like to hang out at Starbucks then it's pretty convenient. HTH
  8. Wow, what the heck!? Those shoes look like the same ones out of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video.
  9. With my job taking me all over the place, a GPS has been a huge time saver. Most times I don't even use it as I learn the roads over time, but it's a definite help when I need it. Also, google maps on my phone is crazy awesome. A lot of times, I'll just use that instead.
  10. Here's my advice to you. Go to a makeup counter or brand makeup store and talk to the makeup artists there and tell them your situation. They'll be more than glad to go over things with you and show you some tips and tricks that they know. Get to know some of them and they'll be a fountain of knowledge for you. A lot of MAC artists are lesson certified and for $100 they'll sit down with you for about an hour and do a look with you. They'll do one half of your face and let you do the other half. That way, you can see the type of brushes you may want to consider getting and they'll help you with your brush technique. IIRC that $100 goes to product purchase as well so it's not all just for the lesson. After that, it's all practice, practice, practice. Have fun and don't be scared to try new things!
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