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  1. Your loss, I value my skin and I have no problem spending the money for a good quality.
  2. What do you mean doesn't have a reputaion of high end? MAC for example has always been expensive even when they first started ( I am a former MAC client). Advertising does not always mean a product is good just that they are spending money to convince the public it is good.On the other hand a company that has a good history behind it look at their history page they have been around forever. I will state here as a bee luscios user its the BEST FREAKING PRODUCT TO EVER BE ON THE MARKET!!!!! and its a definite MUST TRY, cause it will blow your minds!!!!!!!! BTW they advertise with MUT so I assume MUT would not let just any company advertise. Peace out
  3. H A P P Y B I R T H Da Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I agree with everyone on this thread and I have started recommending bee luscious cosmetics because they gave me the most amazing customer service and quality products I have not had not one complaint. Lets check out this company together and keep them in business too!
  5. Missed these products: Mineral Illuminator :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC Loose Mineral Blush Powder :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC Loose Mineral Bronzer :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC Mineral Blush Pressed Compact :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15 :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC Mineral Foundation Pressed Powder SPF 8 :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC Mineral Sheer Radiance :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC Safari Mineral Bronzer :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC Colour Tides Mineral Shimmering Powder :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC Zebra Print Mineral Matte Bronzer :: Cosmetics :: Bee Royal Products LLC All the awesome mineral products at bee luscious I LOVE THEM!
  6. I have not seen much on bee luscious cosmetics, I see them on many other boards getting huge reviews on yahoo and such. I honestly tried the products and can say WOW really awesome quality.I finally bought when I saw the banner here on MUT and was skeptical at first but really WOW is an understatement. Everything I have tried as always impressed me on performance and results and the best part when I wear bee luscious I get compliments from strangers and lots of guys at work and even grocery shopping I have been asked what I wear because my skin is so radiant. Check bee luscious out they are the bomb!
  7. Hi Mandilly, its great you gave so much info,this way we can all help and jump right in. I used Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover and had reactions to both,my dermatologist explained to me that mineral makeup products such as these contain BISMUTH,this is a natural lead form and arsenic,the company can get away with saying its all natural because it occurs within minerals but is extremely bad for your skin it causes irritations and breakouts in many people and or itchiness. It does in fact build up and clog pores. I also tried a few other brands with no real amazing results. I did however try the brand advertised right here on MUT bee luscious cosmetics. I started with their retexturizing primer and liquid powder mineral foundation which has been truly amazing. My skin has maintained hydrated as well as a flawless look and the coverage is medium with a great feel and even. I have been trying more and more products and the quality is really there. I really recommend you looking into this name brand, it made me feel reassured when seeing it on this board and the results well were AWESOME! The mineral powders also seem to be cakey and dry out your skin yet the recommendation is always add lotion for that I rather stick to a liquid since they are openly saying make this into a liquid.
  8. bee luscious cosmetics makes an awesome lip exfoliator it has been awesome for me and the vibran C lip therapy is great with it. Very soft lips.
  9. Yes its cheating and a total betrayal. If you are kissing someone its because your not in love with you partner, the most beautiful thing in this world is the love between a man and a woman something that has to be respected and not fluffed off by modern excuses. If your not in love then break it off and then its free game other wise its CHEATING!
  10. I hate Carmex it peeled my horribly and I did like Burts Bees but because my ips were so peeled it clumped a lot. I did use Vaseline but mother told me Vaseline was not good for you either who knows anymore. But I ordered about 2 weeks ago the lip exfoliating treatment by that bee luscious company and so far its great I especially like the vibran C moisturizer and the liptox healed the worse parts fast.
  11. Your an awesome friend!! For that much money I suggest getting her a makeup kit that has everything she needs. I wrote a review on the deluxe makeup kit I bought from the company bee luscious cosmetics,its AWESOME you get so much makeup from eyeshadows,blush,powder,brushes,lipstick and a ton more its 200 bucks I gave it to myself for Christmas and so loving it. Its a great buy and the quality is better than the department stores. Have a great Christmas!

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