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  1. I dunno why the cam made some pics blurry but here goes nothing anyways here ya go peeps sorry for the over load of pictures i liked them all
  2. i like that pink u used karren its really pretty and the lipstick what color and brand is the lipstick?
  3. im not entering the contest, but i felt like posting this pic up cause i like my eyeshadow colors its like a sunset hehe anyways i might post an actual entry sorry if i double posted
  4. FYI If U want to make ur eyes big all u have to do is put a lighter eyeliner inside of your eyes and have both top and bottom of ur lashes done as well as for the more drastic look just apply eyeliner at the bottom of ur eyes but just outside of ur eyes to make it bigger looking...
  5. hmm thats a crazy theme i highly doubt ill do this one seems sorta hard to do well i dont get it actually lol b4 and after of smokers?
  6. wow ur lucky u caught that on time, i know my rabbit always gives me scares he makes the weirdest sound effects sometimes it scares me cause i think he is choking so i have to rush him to the vet but usually he is just cleaning himself...im glad ur rats are okay =)
  7. congrats =) Hope ur wedding is beautiful u should put up pics of ur wedding i love wedding dresses
  8. I never liked myspace but I dont mind facebook, its more userfriendly =) Whoever feels the need to add me vida trad =)
  9. that looks preddy where can i get me one of those? I always make the toast pop 2 soon 2 make sure i dont burn it its a long process
  10. hehe i know that feeling me 2 i love this site
  11. my heat is blasted and when i get hot i just open a window for fresh air...but then again i live in an apartment and our heat is pretty crappy so i dunno what temp its actually at
  12. hmm i just keep buyin new burshes...but then again i dont use lip brushes or hmm foundation i dont even wear...i have like 3 burshes for my eyes but once it gets weird on me i chuck it out...it requires to much effort to actually clean them haha lazy i kno
  13. im not entering the contest but i just wanted to do the random make up =)
  14. Congrats =) Hopefully u like it!!! U know bank hours are always nice 2 cuz ull be off by 3 or so to go pick up the kids and pays way more sooo if u dont like ur job look into bank positions (call centers for visa or whatever as well)

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