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  1. Originally Posted by sgoofi Miss Willow: I don't believe that there is a MMU in existence that doesn't have Tit. Dioxide. But you may want to try Monave's foundation concealer. I know that the tit. dioxide is very low with that specific foundation. It's mostly zinc oxide. Thanks, I'll check it out. Like you though I also can't handle much Kaolin (though for me its because my skin is so dry, and the Kaolin just dries it out more).
  2. Originally Posted by Lumiere Thank you Miss Willow! I hope you will be snatching up some of the new ones offered in the prebuy? Kim I'm certainly hoping to!
  3. Originally Posted by AngelaGM What is a voguette? By the way welcome to MUT! A member of the Australian Vogue forums - found here Beauty: Makeup - Vogue Australia Forums
  4. Originally Posted by GossamerTutu Ah I thought your username sounded familiar. Who are you on Vogue???
  5. I've been looking for something to regrow brows that fell out due to illness, and though most things I've read focus on lashes, castor oil was suggested for me. Being the cheapest as well, I'm about to give it a go. I'll let you know if it wors
  6. I'm 33 and my hair is almost at my waist. I refuse to cut it off just because of my age. I'm a teacher, and it seems to be the pattern that female teachers here go short in their 30's and 40's. stuff that! I'm going to be 80 with long hair! I honestly think its easier too - yeah, it can take longer to wash, but I don't have to style it lie I did the few times I've tried it short.
  7. I think it depends on your eye shape. I honestly have to pull out a bit (not taut, just slightly out) because my eyes are hooded and crease at the sides, so I'd never get to the outer edges if I didn't. But I do it gently so I donlt think I'm doing any damage - well, no more than when I laugh and I'm not stopping that either
  8. I use water or MAC's water-based Mixing Medium - though to be honest water works just as well for me. I put a drop into a lid or on my hand, then add the piggie to it to make a paste. I find this works better than just wetting the brush and putting it in the piggy, which not only may add water to your jar but doesn't mix properly so you get clumpy pigment on your lashline.
  9. I agree with the wet then dry method. Applying it wet maes it more vivid, longer lasting, and often just easier to apply. Then applying a dry layer over the top enhances the shimmer and sparkles. For the pale shades though, if you want to use them as an allover wash try them just dry - it will give you a sheerer effect.
  10. I now have 2 full-szie kabukis, a baby buki, and a couple of eye brushes from Lumiere - all synthetic (its all I use). The kabukis are by far the softest and densest synthetic kabukis I have found (and very similar to the FF kabukis but cheaper - thans Kim!). The first kabuki I got shed a fair bit on the first few applications, but after that has been absolutely perfect - and I've had it for almost 2 years. And as you can see Kim's CS is excellent. I can't recommend these brushes enough
  11. I also haven't found any MMU that doesn't break me out. I have extremely sensitive skin and am 'used' to reactions, so I can classify them from experience. The better MMU brands don't break me out immediately but after a week or two I develop a reaction that is similar to cystic acne, which to me suggests my skin isn't so much allergic to the problematic ingredient(s) but just can't tolerate constant use. I have narrowed the problems down to Titanium Dioxide. So at present I'm on the lookout for a MMU with either no or very little TiDO2 (less than 5%). If I find any I'll let you know
  12. Originally Posted by GossamerTutu Hey! Random question, but are you a voguette? I am indeed
  13. Hi everyone Another newbie to the forum signing on

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