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  1. I always run into this problem too. No matter what the concealer it always creases under my eyes but then again I have extremely oily skin too. I've finally gave up and just make sure I apply the least amount of concealer under the line of my eyes and use a completely drier different concealer for my blemishes. I focus a lot more on highlighting the inner corners of my eyes to open them up and relying less on concealers.
  2. I've been looking for an ad everywhere online. They started giving them at my Ulta but when I got my bag the cashier took them out because her manager told her there had been a misprint on it. I'll end up buying something. I have my ten dollar certificate for my Bday month.
  3. All the time. Right now my beauty obsession is nail polish.
  4. High school was only a few years ago for me but I'd definitely be more involved in school than I was. I would take it much more seriously & had more fun instead of skipping class just waiting to get out.
  5. I'm absolutely buying this whole collection. I've seen the swatches & they all look gorgeous. I'm expecially excited about Jinx & Vesper.
  6. Exactly my thoughts. There are two or three UD pencils that I know for a fact I'll rebuy when I'm done because they really make my eyes stand out but in reality I'm probably never going to use up all those bright funky gorgeous colors. I'd rather pay for what I absolutely adore than get a massive set like this & have so much just sitting there collecting dust.
  7. Placed my order this morning, I got: Nars God Created Woman Eye Kit Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop Brush Cup (since I missed out on the MAC one) Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (I'm about to run out) Anastasia Brow Prep (running out & I personally believe you can never have too many tweezers lol) 4 samples I started with alot of stuff & then realized I really didn't need that much or that I already had similar products in my collection.
  8. I have oily skin & right now I've just purchased my third bottle of Urban Decay Naked liquid foundation. I do have to use oil controlling primer & moisturizer prior to using it for it to last but it's a great daily foundation for me, give medium to slightly full coverage, doesn't feel like I have foundation on, & best part is it's the only foundation that matches my skin almost spot on. It's hard to find something that doesn't look too pink or yellow or orange. I'm medium with neutral, olive, beige undertones that lean a little yellow.
  9. I have only one boy & thankfully he never felt the urge to destroy my stuff. He's proud of mommy's stuff & makes sure when we have company (his little cousins) & the girls "ooh" & "aah" at my collection, that he reminds them it's my stuff & not to touch anything lol. He's very protective of my beauty items & careful with my stuff if I ask him to hand me something.
  10. This one is old but I'm still in love with it, the Smashbox Photo Op Mega palette. I could do whole looks with it (it came with blush, highlighters, eyebrow powders, eyeliners, lipgloss/stick, & eyeshadows) I'm not a fan of smashbox at all but this set took me by surprise. It's compact & I can take just this palette & small face essentials (foundation, etc) for travel & I'm set for any occasion.
  11. Meh, I work insurance. I can't think of any particular story though there are many strange situations that arise from time to time. Before I used to work at a grocery store in not the greatest area & thats where most of my crazy stories would come from. One time, a person attempted to steal steak but was stopped right in front of the service desk I was working. The man took the pack of steak right out from underneath his shirt, took the meat out of the packaging, took a bite out of the raw meat, ate it, & left the rest of it on the counter & walked out. We didn't even report him because we were so in shock of what had happened lol.
  12. Barbies!! Love my barbies but I'm absolute favorite one was a simple Barbie: She came with a mini tube of perfume that I can still smell to this day & it reminds me of my childhood. I put a drop on her hair & I could smell it for years until I lost it.
  13. I guess I'm a hoarder then lol. I know I can use them for something but haven't had time to do anything with them yet.
  14. I did extremely well & only bought one, All Hail the Queen. I wasn't all that excited by what I saw there but this color immediately caught my attention.

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