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    I my name is Mares i am married with 4 children, 2 boys 19 & 20 & two girls 9 & 16, my eldest son is gay and i am proud of him, 2 Weimaraners and a Ridgeback, I live in Kent, but was born in South London, my eldest son is a Hair stylist in Sreatham/London, i speak a little Turkish as we have a house in Altinkum/Turkey, speak enough to make myself understood. I was born in Britain, but both my parents are Irish.
  • My Interests
    I adore dogs, especially Weimaraners, Ridgebacks, Vizla, Mastiff and all animals
  • My Occupation
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    I love Benefit, Mac, Chanel & Dior, cant live without Clarins Flash Balm, YSL Radiant Touch, benefit benetint/moonbeam, bad gal mascara, Mac Peacocky, Models Prefer eye brow definer, GHD hair straightners, beverley hills toothpaste.
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Car I Drive
    I Drive a Cherokee Jeep, but miss my Jaguar S Type alot, best car in the world to drive, but no good for the dogs
  • My Favorite Movies
    Any true life movie. Drama, Documentary`s
  • Favorite Books
    Never read a book, have tried several times, but find reading very boring, only read magazines, yes i know i am strange, so i am told by bookworms.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Mac, Benefit, Dior, Chanel, YSL
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I am a Leo star sign, I used to swim for my County.
  1. We have mainly front loading Washing Machines in England, but my Mother in Law own a Top Loader which she prefers, i always add more water to my machine through the soap dispenser drawer because the machines nowadays are water saving/energy ones which i cant stand, i must invest in a Miele or Bosch as they let loads of water into the machine.
  2. I am really surprised at how many people feel they dont fit in, maybe Cindy its because you are quite shy, you should try to be a little more assertive and start some general chit chat with people you find friendly. I actually tend to be the opposite, i make friends really easily but tend to put them deliberately at arms length, i dont know why i do this, because sometimes i feel like i am missing out, i have made quite a few friends at my Daughters new School and some of the them were going on a days shopping trip, they asked me to go and i said no thanks that i was busy, since then one lady in particular has told me to let her know when i am free so we can go shopping together as she doesent want to keep hassling me. I dont like leaving the dogs alone for too long, but really when i think about it i am just making excuses, dont know why, i do enjoy my own company, but i am always busy, never seem to get a minute to myself, then when i do get the chance to have a day out, i dont really want to.
  3. Originally Posted by kristinaah It is good to wear things that are flattering for your body's shape. (THIS INCLUDES BRAS! Find one that fits properly, it can make SUCH a difference.) This is so right, so many people walk around with the wrong size Bra on there are lots of big Fashion Houses that will measure you for free, so theres no excuse for it.
  4. Yes its a good job you are moving out, some people can be so selfish and dirty, i would be furious if i had to do the dishes all the time, i came home yesterday to find my Sink full of washing up, my son was too lazy to put them in the Dishwasher, i really hate untideness, there is no excuse for it, hope you have better luck in your new place
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