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  1. Just got details of my credit card number being stolen and the offender tried to use my card in the UK then call my bank to reinstate card after it was cancelled due to suspected fraud. For the record, the ONLY charge this particular card has had in about 6 months is GB. There is no denying where it was jeopardized !! Irritating!
  2. I get the same things too and it is ingrown hairs..tiny little guys ! If I squeeze one (yuck I know ! ) a little hair will pop up and I can grab/tweeze it...this causes scarring though so don't do that : ) what I have had success with is shaving from thigh to ankle...they will start to go away because shaving with the direction of hair growth keeps the hair from being pulled back and trimmed too short then growing into skin...clear as mud lol ?? hope that makes sense..
  3. I have used it for years and love it...it's super cheap. Just be sure to use a light hand when removing it from the eyes...some people say it can clog tear ducts and such but I have not had a problem...I have noticed a dramatic difference in my eyelashes since I switched from the remover wipes though..they fall out ALOT less and are very thick and seem stronger/healthier...could just be my imagination but they do definitely fall out less.
  4. I am love love loving the new fragrance by Ed Hardy Love and Luck..not the pink bottle but the white one with the geisha on it..I smelled it on a girl and HAD to have it...lasting an eternity on my skin as well
  5. juicy couture's viva la juicy seemed to last a while on me..angel by t. mugler lasts forever..burberry's tender touch..
  6. this is great..I don't want to shampoo ever again! My hair has NEVER grown so fast...
  7. Seems like I wait all day to do my best thinking in bed..or worst... I have to learn to tune myself out so I can get some zzzz's!!!!
  8. Originally Posted by MusicNMakeup Jenifer Aniston and Britney Spears both use castor oil on the ends before going to bed. I do, too,....it really helps. Is castor oil hard to get out when washing? I have recently become obsessed with the No Poo method and wonder if this would be ok to try out?
  9. in the mug shots..check out the first girls eyebrows..nice!
  10. Love your jewelry (necklace) hanger...what is the design on the cork board in the background looks very interesting!?!
  11. I have been using dove for sens skin for like 6 months now...will never switch..it balanced out my skin (very oily) and I do not have the stiff dry face feeling after washing...great stuff..so cheap..and lasts forever!
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