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  1. Thanks guys for your suggestions. I will try out Revlon ColorStay soon!
  2. I'm looking to get a new everyday foundation and want to keep it in the $20 and under range. I currently use the Chanel Matte Lumiere but I'm sick of wasting the costly foundation on days when I just go to work or run a few errands. I'm looking for something that gives medium coverage, and that lasts for several hours. It can be a drug store brand or department store brand. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  3. elizabeth adren... i wanted to buy a purchase with purchase gift set as a present for my sis but i couldn't find one item that was worth spending the 24.50 needed to buy the gift set, plus EVERYTIME i've tried getting help from the sales associates at elizabeth arden they've either been snooty or very uneducated about the products. I pretty much hate clinique and philosophy, I don't believe in most of their products so its much harder for me to rave about their "great products" to my customers. I feel kinda bad when customers ask me what i use and recommend because i use mainly mac/armani/dior/nars products which isn't what these customers really wanna hear.
  4. Originally Posted by bella1342 ^^^ The sculpt and shapes are great, I have both. I also have the lip erase, and that's good stuff too. Which shade of the sulpt and shape do you think works better? I'm an NC30 so im debating between the two. I like the dark shade better of Accentuate/Sculpt but I feel like the light side might be too pinkish and then I'm not sure if the light shade of the Bone Beige/Emphasis may be too light. I love this collection, every product is great!! I bought the black grease stick today, it makes just about any eyeshadow color look so much more vibrant and beautiful!!
  5. ive been wearing a different shade everytime i go to work, and i have to say perfectly undordinary is my fave "everyday color"! I love all of the colors, and they all look amazing on but the only reason why i don't think i'll buy one is because I'm left with glitter on my lips after the color wears off. I've sold a few so far, and it seems like sublime shine and perfectly unordinary have been selling the best out of all the colors.
  6. Hey Guys! I know I haven't had much time to post on the message boards around here lately but I thought I should share the news that I've been really excited about for the last few weeks. As I had mentioned before I have a bench position at Nordstrom which means I go from one cosmetic counter to the next depending on where I'm needed. For a few months I was just at Dior then I got switched to Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, and now I'm at MAC till the end of the month (i have no idea where I end up in october). I've been super excited about getting to work for the line that I love the most and it's been so fun and busy working at the MAC counter! It's been such a great experience to get to do makeovers for so many different types of people (I really didn't have the chance to do many make up appointments at Dior and Bobbi). It's such an awesome feeling when people are genuinely happy with the look I've done for them. Also, I interviewed for the PT position that they had open but so did one of the top sellers in the dept. and she ended up getting the position, she also has been at the company longer than I have so I'm sure our manager factored that in as well. I gotta admit I did cry a bit when i heard the bad news, and I was bummed for a few days because that's the brand that I'm most passionate about, but I figure if it's meant to be it'll happen eventually. I'm just so thankful that I have a job that I LOVE even without going to school to learn about makeup. It's fun being a bench because I learn about all the brands that I work at and I can sell all the brands that we carry and not feel tied down to one line in particular.
  7. i've never been so amazed in my life, woww you have just every color you can think of. I wish i were you hehe
  8. Hey guys, i just wanted to say thank you all so much for your ideas, and links!! VERY helpful!! For now, I'm trying to stock up on the cheaper stuff that I need, and buying stuff on clearance that I know I will use. I'm also buying a few of the more expensive products in shades that I think I need. I depotted a bunch of my mac eyeshadows and put them in a mac palette which is helping me to save space in my kit, and I even got two new eyeshadows for free because of my empties, every little bit helps. In response to the question that I overlooked, I havent gotten any gratis at nordstrom. We have to earn gratis by doing things such as selling 5+ items in one transaction on a certain day such as the first day of a sale. Oh btw, a model that I met last week asked to see photos of work that I've done before, and she liked them so I might be doing her makeup for a photoshoot soon. Wish me luck, this could be the big break I need to help me get started.
  9. Bella, thanks again for the link! And Sexy Sadie, I know I'm not prepared yet, that's why I've started this thread. I have enough eyeshadows and pigments to be prepared for eyeshadow looks, i'm just not sure exactly what I should have on hand for a full face look considering a lot of people like different looks, and shades.
  10. Originally Posted by LUVINBEAUTY BELLA1234 - "Lately for me, it glosses that are in tins or pots. I hate using a brush or sticking my finger in the pot. Like MAC Tendertones rock, I just wish they weren't in stupid pots. Glosses should be packaged in tubes. " OMG!! Me too! I hate things on my hands and having to use my fingers for tins or pots! HATE IT! Who wants to carry a lip brush with them everywhere? I totally agree with both of you!! i also don't like cardboard packaging, and lids that you have to unscrew and screw back on, i like to just flip up the top, it's faster. And oh yeah, any lipgloss with a sponge applicator instead of a brush applicator, i dont care how much i love the shade, i wont buy it if its sponge.
  11. I've been working in cosmetics at Nordstrom for the last few months, and I was thinking about eventually freelancing later on and would like to know what you guys think are must have items for every porfessional makeup artist to have in their makeup case? I have a lot of eyeshadows and pigments already in various shades, but I'm not sure exactly what else I need and just how much it would cost me. Would I really need to buy a ton of different shades of lipsticks, blushes, and foundation shades? If so, it may not be worth it to do makeup at home on the side. I'm not sure. One girl at work told me that a way to get a lot of foundation shades for "free" is to make testers of various foundation shades at work in the little pigment jars. Any other ideas? Any thoughts and opinions would be wonderful!
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