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    So, heres a whole bunch of stuff about me:

    - I turned 23 recently. Which scares me. I swear I was 17 yesterday!!

    - My family are completely disfunctional and I wouldnt have it any other way.

    - I'm having a premature midlife crisis and really wanna get out there, travel and see the world in 2008. Its hard cos i dont have the support or backing of any of my friends and family (whenever i mention it to anyone they say something negative. "you wont like it", "you cant afford it", "its too dangerous") but i just wanna do it cos i know i'll regret it if i dont.

    - I think I'm a little bit psychic. No really, stop laughing. Sometimes i just "get feelings" about things and then it happens. its weird.

    - I fall in love very quickly. Not easily - I have a lot of boxes that need to be ticked before i'll want him, but if i meet someone special who does tick all those boxes, i'm in love in a matter of days.

    - On 4 July 2007 I almost died - it wasnt my time. someone was looking out for me. Thank you.

    - I have a big heart and it gets bruised easily.

    - I can see things clearer when i'm not involved. situations seem very obvious to me when its happening to someone else, but when its me its a different matter. Basically, i should take my own advice sometimes.

    - its only really been this year that i really got to know myself. and i learned it from a man. he taught me so much about myself and from being with him, i learned to less than three myself. I rock! hehe

    - i'd rather be told to F**k off than ignored

    - I sing into my hairbrush and dance around in my underwear

    - I hate drama. But i have so much drama. If it can happen to someone, it will almost certainly happen to me!

    - I was born with a cleft lip and have suffered from BDD for pretty much my whole life and I really feel like its put my life on hold. Im 23 now and feel like I've missed out on soooo much - dating, socialising, partying etc etc

    - Music is my life

    - im a big big big believer in fate and destiny and i truly believe that EVERYTHING - like every single thing - happens for a reason.
  • My Interests
    Body piercings, dancing, singing, travel, laughing til it hurts, driving at night, celebrity gossip (sad but true! im addicted!), spiritualism, I hear he's not very cool in America - and he's almost completely unknown in the UK - but I have suddenly, out of nowhere, developed a massively inappropriate crush on Stephen Colletti...!?
  • My Occupation
    student nurse/ carer
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • My Favorite Movies
    The Notebook, Free Willy, Practical Magic, Flight of the Navigator,
  • Favorite Music
    Timbaland, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Shayne Ward, Pussycat Dolls, Westlife, Jessica Simpson,
  • Favorite Books
    The Secret, The Power of Now - life changing books!
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Mac, Urban Decay, Too Faced
  1. I believe it. I think its different from Y2K because people based that on computers not being able to cope with changing from 99 to 00 and everything technological going into meltdown. I think its different when its come from Prophets who have been so accurate about so many things in the past. I dont believe its the end of the world though. I believe that as the bible says it will be the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT. I think Jesus is coming back in 2012 and heaven and earth will combine making a new world completely unlike anything any of us have known before. But I respect other peoples beliefs too and can see why most people find it difficult to believe.
  2. Hi everyone havent been around here for like a year i think so hello first of all! Secondly please feel free to move this thread cos im pretty sure im putting it in the wrong place and thirdly, does anyone know where i could buy dolce & gabbana rosary beads ? Other than a d&G store cos my nearest one is 500 miles away... I've already been ripped off big-time on ebay and my bf really wants these beads, and more to the point, I REALLY want to get them for him.... thanks for any help xxxxxx
  3. I think Megan Fox is stunning. I'm not surprised Britney made the list tbh she has beautiful features and really big beautiful eyes and her smile is gorgeous. She just needs to tidy herself up.
  4. aww thats so sweet that you put so much thought into getting him something he'd REALLY love and he'll remember forever! Can you adopt me please? haha x
  5. I was kinda disappointed when my sister told me she was having a boy. Its all girls on our side of the family so it was a bit weird. Actually it wasnt so much that I was disappointed its just that I was so sure she would have a girl it was a bit like "seriously?! a BOY??" and definitely took some getting used to cos I'd been hoping for another girl in the family. But now he's here I cant get enough of him! Hes the most gorgeous little thing ever! So I'm sure you're SO just needs to get his head around it and like others have said once the baby is here he's gonna love her so much! She'll be a real little daddy's girl in no time. xx ps I also know someone who was told she was almost certainly having a girl because they couldnt see any little boy bits but it turned out he was just lying kind of funny and hiding them. He also had a lovely pink nursery and looked so cute in his little pink sleep suit and pink cardigan the first few days in the hospital lol.
  6. I love Jessica Simpson, not so keen on Ashlee since that video came out of her drunk at McDonalds I think it was? Being a d*ck to the girl that worked there.
  7. Yeah Nicole left him when he started getting heavily into Scientology. Can't think why (!) About Tom and Katie, its probably not true but I dont think you'd be able to find one person who would be shocked if it was true. They're never gonna last. She was caught up in "Tom Cruise" awe and he is having some kind of mid-life crisis (hopefully. or else hes just cracked!) Like ag10v I'm pretty open to peoples religions and wouldnt want to bash what people believe but scientology is more of a brainwashing cult than anything else.
  8. I dont have a problem with CD's but I think I would have a problem if I was married and then suddenly out of nowhere my husband announced he wants to CD. Your wife must've got the shock of her life! Its gotta be hurtful to feel like the person you are married to has been hiding who they really are the whole time. But I'm sure there is a way around it and she'll come to terms with it, I dont see how she would be able to if you continued lying to her and keeping her in the dark about how you feel though. If you talk to her and explain how you feel about her and that it just feels like "you", and makes you happy i'm sure she'll be cool with it eventually.
  9. lol i love jessica but she looks like she doesnt really get it.
  10. aww just me who loves perez then? lol. although it was really mean when he posted the venue for beyonce and jay z's wedding yesterday. apparently loads of fans turned up? i know he doesnt like beyonce but that was nasty. as for the john mayer thing, he passed a lie detector test so i'm thinking its true?! but then they asked him if he was only speaking out about it for publicity, he said no, and the test said he was lying. so i dunno. Whats going on with Jessica Simpson too? If my boyfriend started kissing another guy the last thing i would do is rub his crotch! I'd be tying it in knots lol.
  11. I would leave because I think its the kind of situation where you're not happy and it just gets worse and worse the longer you stay there and you end up totally miserable. But look for a new job before you leave, could you maybe look around to see if anywhere is taking on summer temps? That way it would be agreed beforehand that you would be leaving after the summer and you won't look unreliable.
  12. For Gods sake I'm pretty sure we'll be safe enough if he's in the country for a couple of days. Don't let him move here or anything but lets be honest we've got a lot of violent and disruptive people in the UK anyway *cough* Naomi *cough* I cant believe he got banned from entering the country because of a fight. Fair enough arrest him, do him for ABH and assaulting a police officer, but banned from entering the country? Thats just so extreme.
  13. take the pictures into your hairdresser and get them to cut loads of layers into it. and i think it would look pretty funky if you got blonde flashes put through it so it'd show through kinda like the second picture. When you're styling it whack in loads of volumising mousse and then blowdry it upside down using a paddel brush to get it straight, back comb and tease the hell outta it. i LOVE hair like that and wish i'd been more creative at like 17/18 cos now i'm 23 and a bit too old for it
  14. I think you look hot! When I was waiting for a bus last week there was a girl with hair that same shade of pink and I couldnt stop looking at it cos it was so damn funky! I wish I could carry it off but i would just look like a wally lol. I love how you mixed it up with the blue.
  15. im not sure about kids. I love kids and babies but realistically i just think i am way too selfish to be able to do it 24/7 for at least 18 years. I love my nieces and nephew and spend as much time with them as possible but I dont know how my sisters do it somedays. I mean going to the supermarket is an expedition for my sister. It takes her like 30 mins just to leave the house! I dont think I could give up my life like that, it would be too much of a shock to the system. Although I cant imagine there is anything in the world that will make you feel more love and pride and I almost dont wanna miss out on that cos I think it would be really fulfilling. If I do decide to have kids its not gonna be til i'm like 35 at least and I hate the pressure on people to be married and settled down with a husband, mortgage and kids by the time you're 30.

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