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    I am a fifty - nine year old Irish/ African/ Spanish l am a mother & grandmother . My # 1 desire is a better world for my children and grandchildren.
  • My Interests
    Praying for World Peace, taking care of my daughter & granddaughter.
  • My Occupation
    Retired School Teacher
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    It is so long that I do not know where to start. Have Lipstick - Will Travel !
  • Country
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    I never learned how to drive.
  • My Favorite Movies
    Romantic films from the classic era.
  • Favorite Music
    I am open to all kinds, but classical is my favorite.
  • Favorite Books
    Non - Fiction, History.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Revlon,Prestige Velvet Lipstick, and Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner (Pro - V )Cindy Crawford Products. I highly recommend Dove Beauty Body Wash. It is great !
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I love to talk and meet new friends.
  1. Kim all your pics are fab. Love you in the black gown.
  2. You do not have to be a leftist and think that we are not getting the true 9 -1 - 1 story. I wonder if Tony thinks it is so crazy to believe that FDR had prior knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor ?
  3. Chris Matthews has admitted that he voted twice both George Bush ( 43 ) for President. Cafferty is the only liberal at CNN, and he at one time he chanted the manta "liberal = socialist = communist" bunk, on his old business show @CNN The GOP has turned itself into a" Leninnist " - a party which must follow the " party line ", in the communist party world the " term demcratic centrism " was used, that meant you followed the " party line " or you were out,if you agreed with it or not.
  4. Name calling and cheap tricks will not win this election for the GOP, whose Sec. of the Treasury wants to hand $700 billion over to the banks with NO accountability. Please no more unitary style of government with all the power in the hands of the executive branch of government.
  5. I have three halter neck one piece suits.
  6. Originally Posted by StereoXGirl What would be hypocrisy is if she would have told her daughter to get an abortion. Since she is pro-life. Just because her daughter chose to keep the baby does not in any way mean that she condones her daughter's behavior (i.e. having unprotected teenage sex). I dont recommend having an abortion for any woman, and I wasn't calling her mother a hypocrite. I was calling the rightwing media and their supporters hypocrites. " Go and sin no more " Jesus said.
  7. If one of Obama's daughters were pregnant and unwed the media wingnuts would call for his ( Barack's ) replacement on the ticket and that if he didnt quit the ticket he would be giving a very bad example to our nations teenagers by condoning his daughters sexual behavior.If its a GOP'er it Ok and shows that her mother is very caring, by not forcing her daughter to have an abortion.Politics is so sickening. Hypocrisy abounds, and that is not just by the politicians.
  8. Nope ! I started to wear makeup at age 12 !
  9. I don't care for it. She needs to wear it longer and brighter in my opinion. She could also do with a change of wardrobe ( is that a pantsuit she is wearing - ? ) and a differnt style in her eyewear . A more rounded frame would be a big inprovement, with her current choice of glasses her face is being hidden and hiding her eyes, which do not make her attractive, the proper eyewear and eyemakeup up will be a big improvement. which should do not add to an attractive face IMHO. She needs to pick a darker shade of facial makeup.By darker I mean redder. I believe that she should be made to look younger, more feminine, and attractive.
  10. Cleanse Moisturizer Foundation Concealer Eye Shadow Mascera Powder Blush Lipstick
  11. Congratulations ! May you have a lifetime of love together.
  12. I like shearcover base perfecter, foundation, mascara, highlighter and lip gloss. I use Revlon Berry Red and Prestige (Velvet ) lipstick. I love Cindy Crawford moisturizer & her Decollete & Neck Creme.
  13. Thank you ladies for your kind welcome back. I love MUT !

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