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  3. We believe everyone has honest opinions. Also ladies please understand that new and innovative companies may grace the screen of some guru's but how do you think the companies such as MAC,Chanel etc.. also got started? not youtube but very similar ways in each generation. Just because there are new comers there is no need to push them away. Be brave and dare yourself to try something new you may like it, love it or hate it! Atleast when you talk about it you will be well informed from personal experience.
  4. Welcome to makeup talk you will find so many wonderful friends here with lots of incredible advise always.
  5. Bee Luscious Signature Quad Shadow
  6. Bee Luscious Bee Luscious Skincare
  7. This is just horrible and she is such a beautiful girl.
  8. It should have nothing to do with the polish you may just be susceptible to fungus. Ask your doctor about I think its Lamisil not sure its a prescription that clears up all problems with toe nails.
  9. Bee Luscious Spring 2009 Palette
  10. Bee Luscious Pop Art Palette
  11. I would be very skeptical to tell you the truth. MAC is too large to let their own brand be pimped out. It is different when you buy on ebay because many ladies actually buy more of collections to wait when it is no longer available they make their profit. Any of the large companies will not allow their brand to be available in that fashion. I am sorry but I truly believe they are all duped products.
  12. I liked #2 the best and I have a great suggestion for Michelle's makeup
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