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  1. Here are 2 more tutorials on pressing shadows: Nessasarymakeup.com: Tutorial: Pressing Pigments Shopaholic Stuff: Pressing Mineral Eye Shadows
  2. Either the silk mica or the boron. They will give different textures as well. The boron has more adhesion in it, and will give a smoother feel (greasy isn't the right word because that sounds like a bad thing, but kinda oily like that - but in a good way). The silk mica will take more to give the glow, doesn't add any adhesion (but if the foundation you're using already has good adhesion, that's no problem), but feels super soft, like silk would. But silk powder has no glow; just silk mica. It has no silk in it; it's just used for the description of the texture. You can order a sample (or even an ounce; it's very inexpensive) of both and see which one you like best.
  3. Originally Posted by simisimi100 hi Ashly! can I ask you something that not about the subject of ths topic? I need a grinder and I wonder if TKB have. do they? because I didn't see.. thank you so much and forgive me.. Are you talking about the hand grinders? I got an aluminum one off Ebay. Do a search on Ebay for Halfbakedgoods. He's halfbaked something - I "think" it was goods! It was under $5.
  4. Originally Posted by simisimi100 Hi Ashley and thank you for the answer. what do you think it will be the best for mixing in shaking? the mica or the boron? can you tell me about this materials please? Mica won't give you much adhesion, and to get it to shine, you'd need quite a bit. Then it'll end up lightening your eye shadow color. You'd want a large particle sized boron - like TKB's Boron Glow. The larger a particle is, the more sheer it is as well as has more shimmer to it. Boron also has adhesion properites that just plain mica doesn't. Oops- brain dead. You're asking about foundations, not eye shadows! Duh... now you'd want the smaller particle sized boron, unless you really want to GLOW big time! TKB's silk mica (not silk powder, but the silk mica) also gives a nice glow to it.
  5. I SWEAR by this soap for cleaning my brushes! I used to use Parian Spirit, but this is far better - it just sucks out the minerals and leaves your brush soft and smelling nice. Brushes dry pretty fast with it. I wouldn't clean my brushes with anything else!
  6. I agree - the cancer risk would be more likely for the manufacturers who are working with this stuff in pure form all day long for years at a time and not wearing a mask. Micronized titanium dioxide (and micronized zinc oxide) can be problematic for those with breathing problems to begin with (asthma, etc) since the particles are so tiny they tend to fly around much more, and probably remain in the air longer (I'm assuming they're pretty darn lightweight). But you'd have to be around titanium dioxide dust all day long before it would affect the average joe.
  7. UGH - I can't stand foundation samples in baggies. E/S are ok, since I apply most of them dry and it's easy to dip a shadow brush into a baggie, but I use a flat top foundation brush, and you have to tap out the powder for this. Here's what I use - I buy a box of hamburger patty sheets from Smart & Final (those 5x5 square sheets between hamburger patties). 1000 sheets are under $5. I tap my powders onto the sheet (even my full sizes in jars), which also gives me more room to swirl my brush than using a lid. When I'm done, just throw away the sheet, and use a fresh one the next day. It reduces any chance of cross-contamination, and I find it far less messy as well. The grout in my tile thanked me!
  8. Samples are usually loss leaders for MMU companies. The whole point of samples is to test the product and see if you like the texture, coverage, and shade for your skin. They're not meant to be enough that you'd not need to buy the full size for a long time (or even just keep buying samples and never a full size). It doesn't usually take more than a couple of applications for one to know whether it's going to work for you or not.
  9. I do it backwards. I apply my foundation normally, THEN warm the brush and buff my face. That way, you don't have to warm the brush as many times; one heat does the whole face and gives any glue that may have softened a chance to harden up again before I have to heat the brush. You still get the same effect, but there's less risk to harming the brush.
  10. Has anyone tried this? Synthetic Flat Top Kabuki? They also have FF's flat top too - I think that there must be a corner on the market for synthetic flat tops, but I'm intrigued by that flat top kabuki!
  11. Here's another review of them with a different discount: Nessasarymakeup.com: Purely Cosmetics! (www.purelycosmetics.com)
  12. Originally Posted by simisimi100 hi there.. I didnt try this brand yet.. but I think I will.. just a question please.. this is not Monave reseller? and did you try the under eyes cream? thank you so much Who are you asking - or better yet, which brand? I'm guessing you were asking me? I don't think they're a Monave reseller - I get it with the silk powder - Monave doesn't have silk. oops - forgot to answer you about the under eye cream. I haven't decided whether I like it or not. By itself, it doesn't give much coverage at all, but I like it to use under my color corrector. It keeps everything from settling into my lines.
  13. I'm a modified purist? I started out only wanting the super basic - mica, zinc, titanium dioxide and nothing else. I've let myself graduate to allowing other naturally derived ingredients like jojoba oil, boron and silica. Still not gonna go as far as parabens, bismuth or other fillers that are harmful.
  14. CS has a good eye shadow primer - it's called Eye Epoxy. You have to let it dry though, and being a klutz, I sometimes have problems spreading my shadow evenly using it. I have really good luck with their magnesium myristate - you can buy a sample for $1. I apply it VERY LIGHTLY with a fluff brush, then my shadow. Since you use so little, the teaspoon sample will last a long time. Coastal Scents: Magnesium Myristate
  15. I've tried a bazillion different brands, and though they may stay on my face all day (I wear Purely Cosmetics) and not rub off on my clothes, I've never found a single brand that doesn't come off on my cell phone. I think it might have something to do with the smooth, non-porus surfaces.

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