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  1. I've never really done anything to my eyebrows... I've always flirted with the idea of getting them done professionally, but to be honest, my eyebrows are so fair and well behaved that all I need to do is pluck a few strays and pencil them in.
  2. Cupcake - I'm wearing it right now, and I love it. I also love Cosmetic Castastrophe though.
  3. Oooh, those are so pretty! I may have to consider spending more money I don't have lol
  4. I feel reassured by the fact that nobody else can imagine it. I'm going to assume the girl got something mixed up, and go about my life happy.
  5. That's what I thought - that surely they wouldn't discontinue it, considering everyone loves it! The girl who worked there said she was really upset about it, but maybe she misheard something somewhere along the lines. At least, I hope she did.
  6. I was in a MAC store in London the other day, buying my monthly supply of their Russian Red lipstick, and the MA told me that MAC were discontinuing it at the end of April/May (can't remember which). Has anyone else heard about this? Is anyone else absolutely devastated? It's my favourite red lipstick, I can't imagine why they'd want to discontinue it!
  7. Finally, a reason for the madness! (not that we didn't know this all along!)
  8. I used up my Clinique liquid foundation a week or two ago, and used up my MAC one today! (I also gave one to my little sis, because I have too many foundations. She loves it!) That's three down, two to go!
  9. Okay, I'm forbidding myself from buying the following things: New Foundation, until I use up my Clinique Almost Makeup Powder, Mac studio tech compact, Clinique Dewy Smooth foundation and Dior ForeverWear foundation. Because really, I love all of them, and there's no need for more. More green eyeshadow, until I use up my MAC Kelly Green sample and Swimming, and my barry M dazzle dust pot. In fact, no more powder, foundation or concealer until my current ones are gone. Good luck to me.
  10. I really like the Clinique one... It goes on so smooth and stays.
  11. I use it to sweep of fallen eyeshadow or excess powder, and to apply blush. I've had one for ages, and only recently found a use for it!
  12. MM, sounds good, thanks for posting. I'll have to try and find some goji berries!
  13. Has anyone got anything to say (good or bad) about the Weleda range? I'm trying to get a bit more 'natural' with my skin care products, and I like the look of their range. I'm thinking about buying the Weleda Skin Food, and Sea Buckthorne Body Oil. However, money is tight and I'd like to hear some reviews from a source I trust before splashing out! So, ever tried Weleda? Heard anything about them? Was it good, or bad? Thanks a million, all!
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