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  1. I have tried so many self-tanners and have rotten luck with most (streaky, orangy, blotchy...even when i follow the directions to a tee!) The best that I have found so far is Malibu Tan. I found it at Walmart for about 6 bucks for a huge pump bottle. I like that you build your tan so you can tell if it is starting to look fake. Its supposed to take 7 days for the full effects but I stop at day 3 because i'm so white. It gives me plenty of color without looking fake. I havent had any problems with streaking or blotchiness. Good luck..everyone is different so its hard to tell what will work for you.
  2. Originally Posted by Orangeeyecrayon i would stop using the oriducts and clean your face as sugested, you may want to look at the ingredients it could just be that you are allergic to something in the face products, but it could also be that they both have the same active ingerdients and by using both you are using an extremely high amount of the product that it goes from being helpful to harmful Thanks Maybe after this is cleared up, I will do a patch test and see which one was the problem...and i'll try doing a test using both products (at once) to see if that was the reason. The rash has spread down to my chest now...very strange. Pure aloe plant has helped a ton!
  3. Originally Posted by magosienne The first thing i would do is gently but thoroughly cleanse my face, you don't want any leftover of the product causing the rash on your face. I would also suggest aloe vera, it's very soothing. If you have some at home, calamine lotion could be helpful too. If your skin's state hasn't improved, don't hesitate to consult a doctor. thanks so much. I already have a dr appt tomorrow for something else so I do plan on asking her to give me something for the rash. Its weird...it feels almost greasy now! The sides of my face are swollen. I do want to wash it because I keep touching it and i'm sure thats iritating it even more. I have an aloe plant so i'll try that, thanks. Ugh..I cant believe this. lol..I never thought a rash could be so traumatic but man when its on your face, its so upsetting!!!
  4. I started using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Deep Wrinkle Night Cream a week ago. I also started using Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Serum on the same day, hoping to exfoliate my skin, reduce the appearance of my fine lines (I am 40) and brighten up my face. A few days ago, I noticed an itchy patch at the very edge of my face in front of my left ear. Then it started on the other side and day before yesterday, I noticed some bumps on my face. The Neutrogena tube says you might experience some flaking and tingling so I figured it was just that. Yesterday was a whole new ball game. My entire neck it itching and all around my ears and even on my earlobes...I have this tiny red rash that burns and itches. My nose felt like sandpaper yesterday and now this morning, my chin feels like sandpaper and the area around my nose is extremely greasy! I dont know what to make it this! I've never had problems with acne. My skin has always been free from bumps and such. My only problem was a ton of freckles that makes my skin look dull. Does anyone know what I can put on my face to stop this rash-type thing? It really stings and I subconsciously touch it every few minutes because it bugs me and I cant get over how rough my skin feels. PLEASE tell me that it wont stay like this!!! Did I ruin my skin forever?
  5. I have freshlook colorblends in blue. My eyes are dark brown. I have no makeup in the contact pic so it looks like 2 different sets of eyes but they are both mine. I dont like the colored contacts...I couldnt see through them very well inside the house. Everything looked fuzzy....it was weird but they were fine for outdoors.
  6. valley


    I was just thinking...I wonder what would happen if a woman were to wear this fragrance to a men's football practice...come on, think about it...a bunch of guys working out..they are probably starving afterwards. This smell might be quite the attractive thing to them!
  7. Originally Posted by nursie do you like the sally girl e/s, ive never tried them the average rating they were given at MakeupAlley was a 4.7 out of 5 stars and 98% of the people who rated them said they would buy them again! I think I am going to get some and see if they are as good as people are saying. I really really love Sally Girl lip glosses...they are so awesome!
  8. Originally Posted by Kathy I'm not proud, I'll own that. I take my political beliefs very seriously. Believe it or not, I actually used to be a Republican until I hit my mid-twenties and realized I was not jiving with alot of what they believed. Hi Kathy! I was the same way...only in reverse. I was a Democrat and then became a Republican in my mid-20's when I realized the Dem's supported many things that go against my personal beliefs. So I changed parties, much to the dismay of my family and friends. You have to go with what your conscience prods you to do. No sense trying to force yourself to believe in something that goes against the grain of who you are.
  9. Originally Posted by purpleRain That was exactly what I was wondering! I am using differin and want to use a selftanner. I did use a tanner instead of the differin for a few night and didn't see any problems. But still I want to know more... I kept searching for answers after I posted this thread and I did come across one Q&A section in the Washington Post found here: Skin Creams: What's Worth It? - washingtonpost.com Here is what one reader asked, and the reply that she got: Quote: Washington, D.C.: I was wondering about those moisturizers that allow you to self tan. I use a Retin-A product and metrolotion on my face. Can I still use a self-tanner like these? Do they actually work? Rachel Herschenfeld: Self tanners do work, and can be used along with the products you mention. Self tanners contain dihydroxyacetone, which binds to skin proteins to produce its color. This is really the only safe way to tan. Also, it provides a tiny bit of sun protection, but not enough to replace sunscreen. But so far, this is the only place that I have seen that says its ok to use the 2 products together. I wish there was more information because i'd use a self-tanner on my face in a heartbeat. My freckles make my face so uneven. I even have them on my eyelids and over my upper lip. I want a darker skin tone to help them blend in better and I really want to go without a foundation. Its very hard to apply a second coat of sunscreen when you are outside when your face has foundation on it! I almost thought about stopping the Retinol and waiting until the fall to use it. I was kinda thinking this way.....if the Retinol does not cause an interaction with the self-tanner and only causes it to fade, then I can just reapply it (the self-tanner) as often as I want to keep my color. The Retinol should still be doing its job to stimulate skin cell turnover. All the self-tanner should do is just color those skin new cells evenly. Also, the reader asked about Retin-A, which is a lot stronger than Retinol..so if Retin-A can be used along with a self-tanner then Retinol should be even safer. My only concern this entire time was that the chemicals might react and either cancel each other out or cause a reaction of some sort. But according to this beauty expert for the Washington Times....the products can be used together. so I think i'm going to take a leap of faith here and try the self-tanner today and see how it looks tomorrow after I have used my nighttime product with the Retinol in it. Wish me luck! I'll let you know periodically if I have any problems. If you happen to try it to, let me know how it works for you. Maybe we can help some other woman put her mind to rest about it too. Originally Posted by Andi I use Differin at night, and follow with self tanner afterwards (like 10min after the Differin), and I never had any problems with streaking or burning. The only time my skin burns a bit is when I don´t wait long enough after I did a glycolic acid peel (40%), but even that is bearable. I think my tan fades faster, but I don´t care Thanks for speaking up, Andi! I almost missed your post! *looks around for the little blushing gif thingie*
  10. Originally Posted by pretty_pink13 Personally, I wouldn't...retinol and other anti aging stuff are designed to exfoliate the skin and renew to reveal the skin underneath, so the results? Your sunless tan will fade faster this also goes for AHA's, BHA's and any acne products. thank you. I was kinda assuming the same thing but thought i'd ask anyways. I wouldnt mind the tan color fading faster..I just dont want the chemicals reacting and causing streaking or burning. I guess I am better off to not take the chance!
  11. the article says that she does shower, but only for one minute and then it takes 2 hours for her hives to go away and that its very painful for her. How tragic..she's such a pretty girl too. I do know that they have a dry shampoo in hospitals for people who are bed-ridden. Maybe thats how she keeps her hair clean, at least. I wouldnt be surprised if she used an oil of some sort to "wash off" basic dirt. I'm sorry but if water gave me hives then i'd live on sponge baths and baby wipes! She's a brave girl!
  12. I bought some Neutrogena Healthy Skin Visibly Even Night Concentrate yesterday. It says that it has Retinol & essential soy to even skin tone and that it helps regenerate the skin while you sleep. There's also vitamin c in it. The instructions say that it might cause a bit of redness, tingling and flaking (which did not happen to me). On the same shopping trip, I bought some Malibu Hemp self-tanner Golden Bronze with CoQ10 (the reviews for this are like a 4.3 out of 5 stars, by 37 people so far!) My main worry is that I am going to use the tanner on my face during the day and then that night, as soon as I put the night cream on, its going to make the fake tan on my face all streaky. Or worse...the chemicals will react and burn. So if anyone knows if these two can be used together, please let me know!
  13. valley


    I like their products but hate the shipping prices. I wanted to try the bath bombs so badly but didnt want to buy a bunch of them incase I didnt like them. To buy ONE $4.85 butterball bath bomb on its own, they charge $10.76 to ship it. I wrote to them to complain and they wrote back encouraging me to just buy more products to make it cost-effective for me. Their promotions consist of free shipping if you buy $85 worth of stuff, which bugs me because if they can offer free shipping if you buy so much, why cant they afford to lower the shipping if you just buy one or two? Anyhow...I did break down and spend a hundred dollars at Christmastime. I love love love the creamy candy bath melt and the melting marshmallow moments bath melt. I also love the candy cane and the creamy candy bubble bars. They smell good enough to eat. The butterball bath bomb is also wonderful. The blue skies and fluffy white clouds, dreamtime bath melt (each about 1 ounce!), and the all that jas and backberry bath bombs were not to my liking. imo, the products are good but are way overpriced...especially after doing some research and finding out that you can make the same exact thing at home for about a buck, which I learned how to do! Now I can have a nice bath treatment without having to spend a lot of money. But if I had money to burn, I would like to try the dusting powders, solid hair shampoos and I would stock up on those creamy candy bath melts...oh my...they make your skin feel like silk!!!
  14. Originally Posted by jaybe I too am 39 but tbh I always forget how old I am. I wear whatever mu I like. I've always gone for edgey looks so if I started adopting the natural look now people would wonder what was wrong with me not to mention that I wouldn't feel true to myself. I have noticed that black eyeliner under the eye is particularly aging so I go for a plum or brown shade now. Also some older women make the mistake of wearing a matt foundation which draws attention to lines and imperfections. Easy on the powder too. I think glitter and pearl eyeshadows look fine for evening as long as you don't have deep lines. I think women of our generation look much younger for longer, than did our mother's generation, so we don't have to adopt the same rules that they did. Thank you jaybe! That was very helpful! I didnt know that black eyeliner under the eye was an aging look. I might just try a plum color and see how it looks.
  15. I have used the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. It looks cakey on me. I also tried Sally Hansen's spray on airbrush foundation...not the right shade and the coverage is too light for me. But its close to what I am looking for. Mineral makeup makes my fine lines stand out. (I will be 40 in June, btw) I am having more of a problem with finding the right color than anything. I just ordered 5 bottles of Cover Girl clean makeup (the fragrance free kind) to see if I can match my shade. Once I find out what shade I use, I will try some of the other foundations mentioned. I have a ton of freckles that get worse in the summertime. I need a good coverage foundation. I've tried Stilla tinted moisturizer and while its a good moisturizer, the coverage doesnt do it for me. I'm so glad to see this thread!!! Good luck finding a good foundation...please let us know when you find it!
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