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  1. I like the coat, but maybe with some sky high black heels, a waist belt over it and hair pulled back.
  2. she is super lame and boring! the fit of the dress on the chest area is awful and that flower..wtf?
  3. I hope everything turns out well. This is my advice, I have been married for 4 years: -I do agree with Nanzi that your comment "what am I doing wrong, so I can fix" is not helping the situation. I personally learned that the hard way. You should try your best to not come out sounding needy. Trust me, I know deep down you honestly wish you could only have the answer to that question then you'd have something to fix. But as soon as you fix that it will be something else wrong. -This may sound awful, but STOP telling him about your problems. I know you want someone to be able to come home and tell everything that sucked about your day to. But tell it to a girlfriend or write it down! If you write it down maybe you'll notice how negative it sounds and you'll regret having ever said such negative things to your significant other. -The fastest way to repair your relationship I think is just stop talking about problems. And have fun! Your problems are something you'll have to deal with yourself, it is nice to vent to someone, but if it's costing your relationship and you want your relationship then you need to stop. I feel like those are the things you can do, you have to also think that maybe he is the one that is not working out anymore. You can love him, but have fun being yourself and that's how you can attract happiness from him or anyone else. Good luck! I hope my slice of advice can help a little.
  4. Here is mine! 1. Black is BORING! 2.Black purses are even more boring! Why not a pop color like red or blue? 3.I love vintage accessories, specially belts and necklaces 4.Pencil skirts really work for me, with a crazy top 5.Good hair is a huge part of how you present yourself, I like my hair wavy and bedhead-ish, never pin straight! 6.I like basic clean makeup and tons of crazy accessories 7. If it's a night out and I wear a LBD I HAVE to make it funky somehow to keep from looking like a clone 8. I love to fashionably and correctly mix prints! 9. I love to layer, but it's kind of impossible in South Florida weather 10. My only investment pieces are shoes, ued to be handbags, but it started to annoy me how they go out of style so quickly. I hope I have a kindred spirit out there!!!!
  5. she's trying too hard to be a hipsters. she should've started with something a little less drastic. So her attempts wouldn't be so obvious.
  6. Thank you for posting. The beauty of discussions is there can be totally a point made against those foods. I have studied a lot about animal products and personally I feel there are even better things you can eat instead of dairy yogurt and milk.
  7. I used to really hate my name (Maria). It's def the most common name in the world....but I'm coming to terms with it...
  8. ewwwwwwwwww i never thought she was a beauty...but please go back to blonde...i cant believe she leaves the house every morning

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