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    I'm 25 years old & a mother of a beautiful one year old daughter named Audrianna, i currently live in Northern california with my Fiance of almost 3 years.. I've always been into make-up but im more of a collector than anything..
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    Going to the beach, Piercing, tattoos, shopping & going to the movies
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    Stay @ home mom
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    MAC everything!!
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    2000 Honda civic SI
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    Dirty dancing!!!
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    Freestyle & 90's and early '00's R&B..
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    Anything by Jane greene
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Cover girl, Karma cosmetics, MAC, NYX, Bare-minerals, Neutrogena
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    I'm scared of vampires & i've been using Cover girl "MINK" ES since 2000
  1. My daughter's fever broke after about 4 day's and she has sprouted about 4 teeth and a few that are hiding in the back under her gums, im so glad that headache is over with, she was like a nightmare child, now she i sback to her playful loving elf, she borke out in a rash after the fever broke and i was concerned it was either chicken pox or roseola, i called my ped. right away and they said it's normal so she went a week without normal food and she lived on eggs and fruit loops.. thaks for the advice, i can't wait for this whole teething to be over..
  2. Yea i'm still breaking out really bad more on my right cheek and chin area, I'm pretty sure it's the make up it self, the brushes are pretty ruff, and i apply very little cause it can look to heavy if you apply to much, I just bought it and have alot left kinda bumbed out it didn't work for me but i'd rather have clear skin.. thanks for the help, i also started with sheer coverage i never broke out from it, but i didn't like how it applied..
  3. I don't think it is fair for her to have told your mom, my best friend used to go to a planned parenthood, (she was 22) and the women at the receptionist desk knew her family and her mother the most, so she told her mom she saw her and that she went for a pregnancy test, her mom actually kicked her out, but it turned out she was only getting one so she could get on BC but she failed to mention that to her mom.. It isn't legal, it's just not her business if you wanted your mom to know you would have told her yourself..
  4. SKIN TYPE: Dry & lately acne prone CLEANSER: Clearasil warming facial scrub TONER: None MOISTURISER: Vaseline moisture locking EYE CREAM: None FACIAL WASH: (For my eye's only) Dove sensitive skin EXFOLIATOR: clearasil warming facial scrub ACNE TREATMENT: Proactive when i actually have some MASK: None
  5. Ok so my one year old daughter has been teething off and on since she was 10 months, well this is the first time she has ran a fever for 2 days straight, all she does is look very sad and he body is burning up when you touch her, she even went to bed last night at 7pm.. Yesturday morning all i was able to get her to eat was a banana and a little cup of cherri-os.. at lunch & night i tried feeding her all of her normal foods but she refused to take even one bite, and when i gave her a bath which she usually LOVES she just sat in the tub fussing and looking very sleepy.. She woke up around 1:30am and i heard her little tummy rumbling and it broke my heart i had to force a few bit's of bread in her mouth just to make her eat something, and i'd say she ate about a slice, i have definitly been keeping her hydrated with lot's of fluids, but again this morning all she ate was a few cherri-os and thats it, it's now noon and she wont eat lunch, i'm hopeing this is normal b/c this has never happened to her before..
  6. I wish i had long naturally blonde hair I wish my hair was naturally straight, not stringy straight but flat iron straight I wish my hair had volume in all the right places I wish i wore bangs well I wish i could just flip my hair and it looked like i just stepped out of a salon!!
  7. I can honestly say when i read this, it felt like i was reading something i would write.. I'm in the same situation and i can understand how easy it is for people to tell you there opinions of what you should do, but in your heart it's easier to say what we want, than to do what is right.. I don't know why guy's think it's ok to treat women with so little respect, I am a mother, and i always saw how my mom was treated by men and i never wanted to put my daughter through the same situations, all you can do is be strong for her.. When things get hard and your being name called, just walk away, ignore him and show him what he say's is just stupidity coming from his mouth, alot of people have told me why don't you just leave, you don't deserve to live in a verbally abusive relationship, but like i said it's easyer to hear what we should do than to act on it.. you can only decide what is best for you and your child and hope in the end you realize you deserve better in life if he's not willing to change..

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